America, the UK, Russia, Germany,
and France, in Bible Prophecy.

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America, the UK, Russia, Germany, and France in Bible Prophecy

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America, the UK, Russia, Germany, and France in Bible Prophecy

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America, the UK, Russia, Germany, and France in Bible Prophecy

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America in Bible Prophecy

A devotional/exhortational essay
by Gavin Finley MD


In the conversations relating to Bible prophecy one question comes up very frequently.
Is America in Bible prophecy? Is it to be found anywhere in the pages of Holy Scripture?

The fact is, there are a number of references to the USA in Bible prophecy. The one we look at in this article and the YouTube, PowerPoint, and PDF of that PowerPoint above happens to emerge from the unsealing of a previously sealed prophecy. That prophecy is sitting there in Daniel 7 verse 7.

This prophecy in Daniel 7 could have been unsealed well before now. The true meaning could have been deciphered half a century ago. At that time the iconic imagery of the modern superpowers were beginning to take on a more distinct character. With a bit of diligent Berean inquiry into the Aramaic wording of Daniel 7:7 the second vital clue was sitting there in the Aramaic waiting for someone to make the discovery. All that was needed was for someone to take a look at the Aramaic word which has been translated into our English as "before".

This mistake in translation of the word "qodam" as the ambiguous word "before" was the big untold story. This was connected to the well recognized icons of modern nations. Yes, this identification was something barely able to be discerned before the 20th Century. But now there is no excuse.

So we begin by opening the Hebrew lexicon and with our examination of a single word in Daniel 7:7, the word "before". Sadly, this is an ambiguous word, poorly translated from the Aramaic word "qodam". The word "before can have two meanings. But the Aramaic word "qodam" has only one meaning. The word "before" can mean "existing in a previous time". It can also mean, "in the presence of". A quick accessing of Brown-Driver-Briggs or the Blue Letter Bible tells us the real story. The word "qodam" means "in the presence of" or "in front of".

So according to most of our Bible translators, Bible commentators and Bible prophecy teachers Daniel 7 has been said to be just a repeat of Daniel 2. That is, the first three beasts are said to be "in a previous time" to the fourth beast of the end-time New World Order. But when we do our homework we discover that this is the WRONG MEANING!

There in Daniel 2 God lays out the history of ancient Gentile empires then stretching out to the modern era, declaring the end-time story before it happens.

So is Daniel chapter 7 just a recap of Daniel 2? Absolutely not. And why not? Because of one Aramaic word, the word “qodam” in Daniel 7 verse 7. The word “qodam” has almost invariably been translated as “before”. This is a word that can have two meanings. It can mean, “before” as in the sense of “preceding in time”. And it can mean “before” as in “in the presence of”.

So which is it? Well, it is the latter. And that, dear saints, changes everything. This forces us to conclude that Daniel 7 is a much narrower closer-in time focus, namely the 21st Century. And the first three beasts of Daniel 7?

So as we look into the beasts of does Daniel 7 what is the Holy Spirit telling us? Does Daniel 7 lay out more recent world history, even the history of prominent Western Gentile national superpowers, prominent nations that have already emerged into history in the modern era?
Yes, it does.

See the PDF of the PowerPoint and the PowerPoint itself by clicking the image links above. They take a minute or so to load. But when they are downloaded on your computer or tablet or phone you will see a PowerPoint presentation with its narration interspersed with the slides. I am fully convince that this is the very best way to tell a Biblical story, bar none.

Here too is THIS LINK to a radio program with Pastor Carl Gallups on WEBY 1330 in Milton, Florida.
In this interview we address the issue of America in Bible prophecy and issues of the responsibility of Christian believers in the end-time witness.

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