Pensacola Post-Trib Bible Prophecy Conference

(This conference was held in October of 2002)

Conference Speakers:

Tim Warner 'The Last Trumpet'
Pastor Mark Glodfelter, (850)484-8272
Billy Hall
Gavin Finley M.D. 'The Endtime Pilgrim'

From left Gavin Finley, Tim Warner,
Billy Hall and Mark Glodfelter.


Friday, Oct. 11
Special meeting for post-tribbers.
5:00PM - Introduction
5:30PM - Prayer meeting
6:00PM - Tim Warner - The
importance of a unified systematic
theology for post-tribbers.
7:00PM Refreshments and fellowship.

Saturday, Oct. 12
8:30AM - Billy Hall - The Kingdom of God
10:00AM - Open discussion
10:15AM - Break

10:30AM - Tim Warner
- Biblical Dispensationalism
12:00 - Open discussion
12:30PM - Lunch Break

2:00PM - Mark Glodfelter
- Exposition of 2 Thessalonians 2
3:00PM - Open Discussion
3:15PM - Break

3:30PM - Tim Warner
- The Olivet Discourse, the Founda-
tion of All New Testament Prophecy
4:30PM - Open Discussion
5:00PM - Dinner Break

6:30PM - Gavin Finley
- Blood Covenant Christianity
- a devotional journey
through the scriptures.

7:30PM - Questions from the audience.
- Close with prayer.