Daniel's Vision
of the Ram
and He-Goat

A study by Gavin Finley MD
Feb. 2013

Something old, . . and something new.
Daniel's vision from Daniel chapter 8.


Some Bible prophecies cut across more than one time period, even when those events are separated by thousands of years. Daniel 8 is a case in point. It tells of the little horn first appearing on the scene of history back in the Greek era. Then it and goes on to talk about the little horn in the end-time drama. Daniel's later vision in Daniel 11 expands on the same story. Daniel got this info back in 550 B.C. during the Babylonian era. The saga begins with a history two of the four Greek kingdoms to emerge after the death of Alexander the Great in 323 B.C.. Precisely as Daniel states, Alexander's kingdom did not go to his posterity. The Greek Empire was divided among his four generals.

The King of the North and the King of the South, (north and south of Israel/the Med), began their warring in the ensuing centuries. They were the Seleucids in the north and the Ptolemies down in Egypt in the south. It was Antiochus, the ruler in the north, who erupted into history with the abominable destroying spirit of Antichrist. Returning from a failed campaign against Egypt in 167, short of money, and in a great rage He came up to Jerusalem to enforce a politically correct humanistic Greek culture on the Jews and destroy any and all things that were holy. Bursting into the Temple he stopped the daily sacrifices and killed a pig on the altar, thereby desecrating the Hebrew Temple. He incited his army to commit many heinous and bloody acts against the covenant people of the God.

Western history reveals shades of this eastwards charge of the he-goat. We saw it after the preaching of the first Crusade by Pope Urban in Clermont, France in 1096. The Western European powers crusaded eastwards by land and crossed the Mediterranean Sea in their quest towards the Holy Land. These Dominion Christians, warrior monks of the bloody sword and mace, attacked the infidel with gusto. They captured Jerusalem and controlled the Holy Land for a century or so. Eventually the Crusaders were defeated by the Islamic powers under Salidin and sent packing.

Take a closer look at the map of the Crusades below? Does it not look like the King of the South is hovering over the Islamic powers south of Israel and south of the Mediterranean Sea? Has this southern block of nations changed very much over the centuries from their Islamic identity? Is not Mecca, the veritable "Mecca" of Islam not down there south of Israel? And is not the color of Islam green, like the map below?

In Revelation 6:8 our Bible translators were faced with a problem. The word "chloros" in the Greek is very definitely "green". But since there are no green colored horses they saw fit to replace the word "green" with the word "pale". In Zechariah chapter 6 we see another view of four different colored horses. The horses that are not white, red, or black are bay horse and they pull a chariot going south of Israel and presumably to Egypt and Africa. But as the centuries pass John sees the horse that is not white, red, or black, is now green. Is the green horse in the south? Is not Africa, south of Israel, south of the Med a continent plagued with death and disease and beasts of the earth?

Here is another perspective on the green horse. When we ask a horseman to tell us what a green horse might be he will answer and say that a "green horse" is a "wild" horse. Is not the African and Islamic rule decidedly on the wild side?

Then we look at the geographical realms of the King of the North during the time of the Crusades. The same nations and same people are still up there north of Israel, and north of the Med. Some of them have gone beyond to place far from Europe. Take a look at this realm of the King of the North. Is this not Europe and those geographical areas where the nations of NATO are to be found?

The expeditions of conquest by Western powers continued under Napoleon in the 1790's. The French attacked in Egypt and at Akko/Acre. The French fleet was chased down by Admiral Nelson and finally destroyed by the Brits at Alexandria in the epic Battle of the Nile. (Remember the poem 'the boy stood on the burning deck'?)

The French flagship L'Orient blows up at
Alexandria during the epic Battle of the Nile.

The French attack on Akko was a total disaster. The French Army was met by cannon fire from Napoleon's own guns. They were the guns the British had captured from them in Egypt earlier and sent up to defend Akko.

Whenever Western powers come to the peak of their power they surge towards the Middle East. This same pattern continued in the 20th Century. During Word War 2 in the 1940's German General Rommel surged eastwards across North Africa. His goal was to seize the Suez Canal and take the Holy Land. Rommel's attack was stopped by the Allies at the epic Battle of El Alamein.

If you have a close look at the map below you will see that El Alamein where the German advance was stopped is very close to where French aspirations in the Middle east came to an end and. El Alamein is quite close to the bay southwest of Alexandria where Napoleon's naval squadron was destroyed in the Battle of the Nile 150 years earlier.

Have we seen Western military and economic incursions into the Middle East in more recent times? . . . . . Do we not now have a Western army in Iraq and in Afghanistan? And do we not now have a string of military bases on both sides of Persia? And as we look towards Iran is this not the ancient nation we fought in times past, the nation that had its name changed in 1927 from Persia to IRAN?

As we read on in chapter 11 the prophecy is now also talking about the end-time Antichrist. He too, (according to Daniel 9:27 and according to Jesus in the Olivet Discourse), will commit an unspeakable abomination in the rebuilt Temple to initiate the Great Tribulation and start the final 3.5 years of this age. The prophecy in Daniel 8 very definitely points to the Seleucid ruler, who was the King of the North back in those times. Since the little horn came out of the Greek Empire in the north the end-time aggressor and the eventual the desecrating destroyer must also come out of the King of the North which is now identified with the nations of Europe and the West.

So the little horn is an abominable beast demon manifested in two rulers north of Israel and the Med and separated in time by over 2 millennia. And this beastly ruler of the latter days is very clearly going to emerge from the West. The prophet Daniel saw the he-goat, in its ultimate end-time manifestation "coming from the west and crossing the face of the whole earth without touching the ground." Up until perhaps 70 years ago this would have been an unheard of way to describe the passage of an army. Usually armies march across the land or sail in ships across the sea. But "coming in from the west and crossing the whole face of the earth without touching the ground"? What did Daniel actually see in his vision that caused him to use that phraseology? Was Daniel actually see a flying he-goat? Or was he also seeing a massive intercontinental airlift coming in from the west, a fearsome military force flying across the face of the earth armed with terrible weapons? Then he saw the rise of the little horn, the Antichrist. He saw him destroying the mighty and the holy people. See Daniel 8:24. This was another perspective on the message he had been given before in Daniel 7:21. No wonder he fainted when he saw this vision.

Due to the sensitive nature of this subject and certain warnings I have been given I have deleted certain bits of this ongoing story. I have also removed, redone, and represented the YouTube video you see above. I have no interest in promoting any political discussion about this whatsoever. But we as Biblical Christians are apparently being given information from the Holy Scriptures that is very specific. The prophecies of Daniel are being unsealed. The info has been given to us by God Almighty. It seems that He has given this divine intelligence for our edification and to make us aware of events even before they unfold. Those who take their stand for Christ in blood covenant commitment need a correct road map into the latter days. These dear saints deserve to know what is happening and why it is happening. Our call is to prayer and fasting for our people. We need to know the lateness of the hour and appreciate the urgency of promoting the Gospel outreach with all diligence while we still have the freedom and the time to do so.

We are called to be "as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves". I have no political ax to grind in this article. All I wish to share is the astounding accuracy of Bible prophecy. The prophecy was very accurate back in the Greek era. And so it is today in our time. So we need to wake up and smell the coffee. Biblical Christians need to know that God is REAL.

As we look at the declining morals and morale in the Western Church we realize that we are as the prophet Hosea's wayward wife Gomer. What's more, the situation we face is precisely as Moses said it would be. The day will come when the fishers will conclude their task of fishing for men. Then the hunters will be loosed. See Jeremiah 16:16,&17. Our God is deadly serious about bringing us back to Himself. He is as zealous as Joseph was with his brothers when they turned up in the seven years of famine. See this video below. He is determined to bring the wayward ones back to the their family and back under the covenant of the God of Israel, even our Lord Jesus Christ/Yeshua Hamashiach.

The Holy One of Israel is on our case. He is the Hound of Heaven.
And He will chase us down, even to the Ends of the Earth.

. . . . . . . He is certainly doing a strange work. - Isaiah 28:21
. . . . . . . So what can we say?

. . . . . . . Just what should we do about this?
. . . . . . . Hadn't we best turn back to Him?

. . . . . . . Is our Messiah on our case and determined to bring us home,
. . . . . . . Sort of like the Man from Snowy River?