The True Blood Moon Prophecy

by Gavin Finley MD -

'The True Blood Moon Prophecy' - by Gavin Finley.

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'The True Blood Moon Prophecy'

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'The True Blood Moon Prophecy of the Apocalypse'.

This year, 2015, will see the second year of a lunar eclipse tetrad that will darken the full moon of Passover and Tabernacles. The lunar eclipses have been called "blood moons". But is it the true blood moon prophecy we see referenced in those many places in Holy Scripture? Are these lunar eclipses the blood moon described by Joel, in Joel 2:28-32, Isaiah in Isaiah 13:9-10, Jesus in Matthew 24:29, and Joel in Revelation 6:12-13?

Here is a link to Pastor John Hagee's YouTube video, a dissertation on the so-called 'Four blood moons'.

This labeling of the four lunar eclipses of 2014 and 2015 as 'blood moons' is unfortunate. Why? Because it cloaks and obfuscates the true blood moon prophecy which is apocalyptic and and presented in the Scriptures as occurring right at the end of this present era. Any lunar eclipse is a blood moon for an hour or so. This mislabeling and showcasing the four Holy Day lunar eclipses as "blood moons" turns the focus away from the real blood moon prophecy and leads to confusion. The spotlighting of this tetrad of Holy Day lunar eclipses sidelines the true blood moon at the climax of the age. It also pushes aside the other two accompanying cosmic signs, that of the darkening of the sun and the constellations with stars falling. These epic cosmic disturbances are the big and yet neglected story. These awesome signs will be seen in the heavens and last 30 days right up to the climax of this present era.

When we do our homework the true blood moon prophecy emerges from the mist and looms large. The true and genuine blood moon is apocalyptic. It abuts right up to the last day of this age. The true blood moon is also prophesied to be dramatic long lasting single event. This awesome sign in the heaven be seen for a month. This is a far far bigger story than the umbra phase of a lunar eclipse in which the moon turns blood red for an hour or so. The True Blood Moon of the Apocalypse will be seen over a period of 30 days and last right up to the last day of this present evil age. All three cosmic signs will be seen right up to the opening of the Day of the Lord and the Day of Vengeance.

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