The American Solar Eclipse of 2017, -

A Possible Harbinger of the Tribulation?

A study by Gavin Finley MD
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There is a solar eclipse coming on August 21st of 2017 that has been called The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017. It will cross the United States of America from coast to coast. The path of solar darkness will come in from the Pacific Ocean, crossing the coast of Oregon. It will transit right across the lower 48 states, and exit out into the Atlantic through South Carolina. But that is not all. America will have another solar eclipse pass across it coming in from another direction seven years later in 2024. These two eclipses, (and two is the Biblical number of witness), are putting a great big X on the USA. But that too is not all. The two eclipses seven years apart! Could this have a possible connection to the coming 70th Week of Daniel and the final 7 years of this age?

As we have seen in studies of The Fall Feasts of Israel from Tishri 1, 2017, (Feast of Trumpets) to Tishri 10, 2024, (Day of Atonement), engaging 86 moons, (and not 87 moons), is a timeline of precisely 2550 days. This is a perfect match for the 1260 + 1290 = 2550 days for the 70th Week of Daniel and the final 7 years of this age. See this chart. So we are wise to keep our eyes wide open in these times and our accounts with God very close in our heart, and mind, and ask Him to guide us in all our resolutions and in all that we do.

This American solar solar eclipse passing right over the current superpower in 2017 and then coming back and crossing again seven years later in 2024 is now starting to attract some attention. Most solar eclipses pass over geographic areas of the world and sweep across oceans in which nothing much happens. But history tells of some solar eclipses being omens. They have been seen to be harbingers of significant impending or unfolding events. Some examples following come from a book by Lain King. Here is a website presenting some of these accounts.

One example is the solar eclipse that passed over the Russian Army on the 21st of August in 1915. This was at the outbreak of World War I. That same solar eclipse also marked the very day that saw the opening clashes on the Western Front. The Russian divisions coming in from the east were plunged into darkness just as they were closing in on Germany. The Russians were soundly defeated shortly after this at the Battle of Tannenberg.

Tannenberg was the first big battle on the Eastern Front. It resulted in a major victory for the Germans. Over 150,000 Russian soldiers were killed or captured, and a large part of the Imperial Russian Army collapsed as a military force. This led on later to the Bolshevik Revolution and the assassinations of Czar Nicholas and the Romanov royal family. This solar eclipse was also a bad omen for the Allies. That victory over the Russians at Tannenburg allowed the Germans to swing their troops back towards France and to engage the allies on the Western Front in strength.

There has been a long association of solar eclipses with war. Several major military confrontations were presaged by eclipses. The earliest recorded case was in May 585 BC, when philosopher Thales actually predicted a solar eclipse. This interrupted the Battle of Halys and stopped the battle for an hour or so. That Battle between the Lydians and the Medes became known as The Battle of the Eclipse.

There have been many other examples. Just before Alexander the Great invaded Persia, there was a solar eclipse that blackened the sun over the important Mediterranean seaport of Tyre. This was a fabulously wealthy city on an island near the shore. It was well fortified and considered invincible at the time. But when Alexander's men constructed a sea bridge to the island the city of Tyre soon fell to the Greeks. This was a defining moment of his campaign as he moved southwards towards Egypt.

Then there were the Crusades. Pope Urban preached the First Crusade at Clermont, France in 1098. The Byzantines in the former Eastern Roman Empire had called for help against the Islamic incursions they had been suffering. All this followed an ominous solar eclipse that went right over over Jerusalem and right on the new moon of the high holy Hebrew month of Tishri in September of 1093.

There are a whole stack of records of significant historical events connected to solar eclipses.
Some more of these accounts can be viewed here on the NASA Eclipse website.


Perhaps the most precise coincidence between war and a solar eclipse was the solar eclipse that passed over the center of Korea just before the Korean War. Here to the left we see a map from the NASA eclipse portal showing the path of the Korean War solar eclipse of May 9th of 1948.

This was an interesting development. On the 10th May 1948 major elections were to begin throughout Korea. But just one day before, the United Nations declared that it was only going to monitor voting in the south. This was an unrighteous and unjust U.N. resolution and patently wrong. Ensuring a just and righteous election in the communist north was definitely problematical. So perhaps they decided to take the low road and ignore the issue. But on that very day, May the 9th of 1948, there was a total solar eclipse that passed right over over the very center of Korea. This was most assuredly an omen of impending events, and a harbinger of dark days ahead for those under its shadow. Violence on the Korean peninsula soon erupted in a major way. And by 1950 the conflict had grown into a full-scale war.

There have been other examples where solar eclipses have proved to be omens of significant historical events. But rationalistic humanistic man thinks he or the authorities, clerics, scientists, and academics he trusts and believes in know everything that there is to know. So he refuses to consider the things that occasionally emerge out of the mystery, however well documented they may be.


This American solar eclipse of 2017 is interesting. It will be crossing America for the first time in 99 years. The last time a solar eclipse passed over the US was in 1918. Interestingly this was the year that saw the close of World War I and the beginning of America's rise to prominence. In that year American President Woodrow Wilson attempted to initiate a world governance through the League of Nations. As we saw, that initiative, devoid of any call or respect given to the God of the Judeo-Christian people, went nowhere. President Wilson lived to rue the day he was party to this act of sophistry and presumption by the leaders of the West.

The US is the final Western superpower. All the other nations of Western Christendom have already had their time in the sun. They are spent. Those dominoes have fallen. Most Americans do not realize this. There is no other great Western power waiting in the wings to follow America. It is the last bastion of Western Christendom. If America falls we go into the New World Order. It is as simple as that.

This is an interesting eclipse. It seems that there are some possible connections to the yet to be fulfilled Fall Feasts of Israel. Since solar eclipses always occur on an astronomical new moon the next new moon following that August 2017 solar eclipse happens to be the new moon of Tishri. This is that Autumn Hebrew new moon that in some future year will see the Fulfillment of the Feast of Trumpets. This yet to be fulfilled moed, or divinely appointed time is now looking very much like it will be the opener to the final seven years of this age. Here is a YouTube video showing the precise way the The Fall Feasts of Israel are set to stake out the 70th Week of Daniel and the final 7 years of this age.

So while this upcoming American solar eclipse may mean absolutely nothing it could mean something. It could be an omen of important things to come. There is no doubt that we are definitely seeing some strange events opening up in America. And the American involvement in the arena of the Middle East is under close scrutiny by students of Bible prophecy and world history. So we might be wise to keep our eyes wide open and be watchful of all these developing events.

We are now beginning to live in what the Chinese proverb describes as "interesting times". We are seeing a proliferation of nukes and delivery systems being developed in rogue nations. And these weapons of mass destruction and secret resonant directed energy beam weapons are now coming into the hands of wicked national and international leaders. We see much evidence now that men in high places are being driven by an abominable evil that wants to destroy all life on this planet.

We could get appalled and depressed by all this. BUT, we need not be. There is in fact a sovereign God overseeing history. And as Job declared in Job 38:11, He stands, (as it were), on the sands of the sea, declaring to the raging nations,

"This far shall you come, and no further!
Here your proud waves will stop!!"

The dysfunctional human family is a a foolish self-deceived company on the whole. And their lesser angels are the dark principalities and powers that believe their own lies. They really think they can stop the end-time witness and forestall the Judgment that has been declared upon them and written down in Holy Scripture. They pull the strings of their human underlings and try to shoo the saints away from the end-time witness. Evil men and their evil angels are rushing helter skelter to destruction with their fingers in their ears. They are agents of the Destroyer whose aim is to destroy all life on this planet. But there is a sovereign God who is the real chessmaster on the chessboard of holy history. An He will be the One who will intervene to stop them. And as we read in the Olivet Discourse it seems this divine intervention will come just in the nick of time.
Jesus Himself said,

'Unless those days (days of tribulation and mayhem),
were cut short, (amputated, terminated),
no flesh on this planet would be saved.'

So we can be sure of this. Someone is monitoring current events even as we enter into the most dangerous period of history ever. Someone is setting the limits on the unfolding of catastrophic events here below. At the appointed time He will step into history, and right at the climax of this age. And when He does He will terminate the homicidal and self-destructive agendas of godless men.

Our returning Messiah is not sitting idle in the heavenly courts above. In the Book of Revelation John saw Him overseeing and controlling the events of the latter days. And when it becomes necessary, and when that moed, that appointed time comes, He will step in. He will intervene very directly and dramatically even as we come to the Judgment on the Day of Atonement, even at the Last Day of this present evil age. And as we see in the video linked in the following sentence. Our returning Messiah will Save the Planet!

So, . . . all that being understood,
we can definitely say this,
. . . and with complete assurance.

"Thank God for that!"

King Solomon in Proverbs 27:12 said that the wise will see the evil coming and do something. So we have a number of options here. We can ignore unfolding events and be caught unawares and unprepared and suffer the consequences. Then too we can see omens of developing evil and just fret and worry. Some Christian believers will be coaxed and agitated to get as angry as Esau and rage against corrupt politicians and compromised churchmen.

But faith is the antidote to fear, and there is a better option. There is a new and Living Way that leads to grace and peace with God and with our fellow men. So we can take direct and personal action by by-passing the dubious political and clerical middle-men that are continually disappointing us and go straight to the top. We can seek the face of God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph and take that saving resolution to put our lives in His hands. Even now He is at the door of our hearts, knocking. He is the One who hears our prayers and forgives all our sins. He is the only Redeemer of mankind. And to those who invite Him into their lives and come to know Him personally He is a wonderful Counselor and Friend, "a very present help in time of trouble", a God who can be known personally and who is "closer than a brother".

So why not open the door and let Him come in?
Why not have a talk with Him?