Who Are They?
And Where Do They Live?

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The Edomites of the
Latter Days and the
Bozrah Prophecies.

The Airlift to Bozrah

The Bozrah Exile

The Bozrah Deliverance

The Vengeance of
Messiah at Bozrah

The Woman of
Revelation 12

And Who Shall Wear
The Starry Crown?


The spirit of Esau is a parasite upon the souls of men. It never forgives. Nor will it receive forgiveness. So the human hearts over which it rules remain "unforgiven". The Edomite nurses his anger; he "keeps his wrath forever". And he never surrenders to God. He remains "unforgiven". He never finds peace with God, peace with his fellow man, or peace with himself. Unless he repents, he cannot be saved from the wrath to come. Rejecting the blood of atonement for sin he remains bloody minded in himself. Such a soul hates everyone around him. He goes to the judgment shaking his fist at God. And descends into the fires of perdition in a torment that will last forever.

The question of the identity of the Edomites is a matter of great importance as we come into the latter days. What is the essential spiritual character of an Edomite? And as we shall discover, this is the key to the matter, not bloodlines or race. Certainly the Edomite spirit has and still does track down through families. But any person of any race can become an Edomite by an adoption of that Edomite spirit. At its essence the Edomite identity is a spiritual way of feeling, thinking, and acting. It is not just a matter of DNA or ancestral lineage Being an Edomite is a matter of character and a certain jaded or negative disposition to God and to anyone who upholds anything that lifts up the banner of holiness or righteousness.

Let go back to the beginning. 4,000 years ago, in the time of the patriarch Isaac, son of Abraham, two nations wrestled within the womb of Rebekkah. The two boys were Jacob and Esau. Esau was born first. Jacob came out soon afterward grasping the heel of his brother. The name Jacob means, "heel grasper" or "supplanter". Jacob was somewhat of a shyster and trickster. But nevertheless he looked up to the God of his fathers Abraham and Isaac. And despite his shifty nature he took responsibility in calling his family and others into that devotion. Jacob was a caring and nurturing man devoted to the family of his fathers. In essence he was a man of the home and hearth.

Esau was different. He had little time for all that. He was a hunter, a roving man of the open fields. He took down what he wanted with the bow. He had no time for nurturing anything, whether it be the family, husbandry of animals, or planting crops for harvest. He was not one to waste time at home caring for the flocks and tending to crops and gardens. Esau had little patience for such domestic matters. These were just onerous chores to him. To him these occupations were mundane and boring. He'd rather be out hunting!

The children of Jacob spawned the Judeo-Christian people, with their nurturing ethic and a culture of caring for others. Jacob was a man of the flocks and herds. He was to be found near the tents of Isaac, his father, and Rebekkah his mother. He was drawn into the character and ways of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. That was the way it was way back at the beginning. And that is the way it remains today.

Esau was Isaac's firstborn and his favorite son. He was a hunter and a free spirited man of the field. He was a wild man. Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a mess of pottage. In this act of spiritual neglect he showed that he had very little interest in his spiritual inheritance. He was an earthy man, and a phallic sort of a man. Esau was a hustler, an exploiter of others and what others had, rather than a nurturer of plants and animals. He was motivated to "go out and get" things rather than to establish things and watch them grow. He preferred to 'take down' what he wanted in the wild. A life of cultivating plants and tending to the flocks was not for him. He sneered at culture. He rejoiced in being uncultured. Being wild at heart and a hustler was a badge of honor to him. We can certainly see that same rebellious and bullying spirit rising in our Western culture today. It is now becoming a matter of grave concern in our schools.

4,000 years have passed by. And so we now come to the big question. Where are the Edomites today? We know that they are out there. We know that they are in existence today, in our time. And how do we know this? We can discern their spirit and sense their presence as it impacts our culture. We have the end-time prophetic scriptures of Edom in Daniel 7:21, Micah 2:12,13, and the apocalyptic climax of the age with Messiah trampling the wicked at Bozrah in Isaiah 63 to name just a few. More specifically we know for a certainty that the children of Esau, the Edomites, will be rising up as we approach the latter days because of the left-over blessing Isaac gave to Esau in the book of Genesis.

Genesis 27:39-40 (NKJV)

39 Then Isaac his father answered and said to him:

“Behold, your dwelling shall be of the fatness/(rich places) of the earth,
And of the dew of heaven/(places of God's blessing) from above.

40 By your sword/(your gun) you shall live,
And you shall serve/(be subject to) your brother;

And it shall come to pass, when you become restless,
that you shall break his, (Jacob's), yoke (of civility)
(those "onerous chains of bondage" to Jacob's "straight" life), from (off) your neck.”

This is the driving force of end-time Esau.
He wants to break loose all constraint and grasp something he calls "freedom".
His is not a freedom nurtured and enjoyed within boundaries of Godliness or civil behavior.
Esau wants HIS notion of freedom.
He demands freedom to express himself in any - - - - way he pleases!


Some scholars affirm that the Edomites are "the Palestinians" or "the Arabs". This is sloppy scholarship. It maligns and does a disservice to the Arabs. The first time we see the pre-incarnate Christ, the Angel of the Lord, He is appearing to Hagar, mother of Ishmael. He tells Hagar that her son will live. He will be blessed with wealth and become the 12 tribes of the Ishmaelites, the Arabs. These people have a wonderful future. And once they break free of that bloodthirsty Islamic moon worship of Allah things will turn around for them, and gloriously so. Allah is capricious. We see a merciful smiling Allah one minute and righteous beheading Allah the next. No wonder the Arabs are unstable in their ways! Their god is flip-flopping in an unpredictable manner all the time. In Islam, as in other religions, there is no cross to unify justice and mercy as we have in Christendom. The Judeo-Christian people have been enormously blessed by this in their system of common law and the peace the faith of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph brings to men and to the Western nations.

So given the present day politics of the Middle East the assertion that the Arabs are the Edomites may sell well in the politico-religiou marketplace and be easy for Westerners to swallow. And yes, there is some truth to the present day Palestinian-Edomite connection. But this does not exhaust the much wider prophecy of Isaac over his son Esau. Many nations, the nations the Bible describes as the fat places of the earth have gathered Edomites. The Arabs are primarily the descendants of Ishmael. Yes, it is true that Ishmaelites intermarried with the Edomites. But many other nations intermarried with and adopted the spirit of the Edomites as we shall discuss. And unlike the Edomites the Old Testament prophecies present a happier final outcome for the Arabs who are primarily the children of Ishmael, Abraham's son through Hagar. The Arabs as a people have been hogtied and bound by that scimitar waving Islamic pseudo-religion. But it has only been for the past 1300 years of their 4,000year history. This state of affairs can change. And it will change!

We know from the Millennial prophecies that there will be a highway running north and south of Israel to bless the Arab people round about. The Arabs are destined for ultimate redemption. And during the coming Millennium that highway with connections north and south from Israel will be a channel of great blessing, far and above what we have already seen with the abundance of oil, and "treasure hid in the sand".

Esau's descendants are a different story. They are forever angry at God, angry at Israel, and and angry with themselves. They never repent. And so their doom is certain. Their final judgment was prophesied over them by the prophet Obadiah and mentioned in other places as well.


So where are the Edomites today? It is difficult to imagine that the sons of Esau are still to be found corralled up within their rocky ancient borders southwards from the Dead Sea. But nevertheless, that is what many Bible teachers want us to believe. They don't seem to want to address the matter.

As we know, the children of Esau's brother Jacob have also departed from their ancient borders. The lost ten tribes of Israel were the first to leave. The Assyrians invaded the Northern Kingdom of Israel in 722 B.C. taking the northern ten tribes captive. Even before the Assyrians came many had heard the prophets and decided to leave. The Assyrians captured the northern ten tribes and deliberately intermingled them with other nations. As Yair Davidiy and Steven Collins have documented so well the ten lost tribes regathered in their tribal groups and though many histories and wars migrated into the West, far from their homeland in Israel. After the Breach of Jeroboam they had disavowed allegiance to their King in Judah. And with that they lost their national sovereignty. So the lost tribes never returned, (except to come back in the Crusades or as pilgrims visiting the Holy Land in later times. They Crusaders even attacked their long lost home city of Jerusalem.

The people of the West have a deeply pervasive collective amnesia. They call themselves Caucasians. But they have no memory of the time when they were back at the Caucasus Mountains. Nor do they seem to want to know where they came from. They know that they have been named Caucasians. But the hidden roots of European race escape their understanding. Their connection to the Caucasus Mountains, the Gates of Gog, still remains a hidden secret. A long forgotten history lies shrouded in the mists along with a repressed memory of a terrible wrenching blood feud with the house of Judah. But right now Sleeping Beauty is asleep. At this stage she does not seem inclined to wake up and remember.

The Jewish Tribe of Judah presents a different story. The royal son of Jacob is Judah. The Jewish house has been scattered around the world. The great Diaspora took place after the city of Jerusalem destroyed by the Romans in 70 A.D.. The second Temple was burned by a wicked mob. This was against the orders of the Roman general Titus. This outrage by "the people of the prince, (the Antichrist), who is to come" unfolded precisely as prophesied by Daniel nearly 600 years before. See this article.

So the Jewish people of the family of Jacob have also continued to migrate and regather in their tribal groupings through the centuries. And from the scholarship of Yair Davidiy and Stephen Collins we know that lost ten tribes migrated west. Since 1948 the Jews are back in the land in Israel. This is a "fact on the ground" which greatly upsets the powers of this world. Unlike their brethren in the lost ten tribes the people of the Jewish tribe, the tribe of Judah, remember who they are. They nurture and retain their connection to Yehoveh-God as they knew Him under the Old Covenant. The God of Israel established His covenant with the nation of Israel. And thus the sovereignty of Israel was established back at Sinai. Their entrainment in the God of Israel came under the Mosaic priesthood, under the judges, under King David and King Solomon, and then in captivity and subsequently under the Rabbinical priesthood. After the destruction of the Temple in 586 B.C. the teaching was in the synagogues and Yeshivas. The Hebrew schools preserved the Hebrew language,and the Old Testament scriptures. The rise of the rabbis brought an explosion of commentaries on the Law such as the Mishna and the Talmud. All this started during the 70 year captivity in Babylon. After many dispersions, persecutions, and migrations our Jewish brethren still retain the Torah, the Tenakh, and their Jewish customs. This helps them to maintain their identity. And now, after all these centuries, the Hebrew language has been restored. It is now the spoken language of the newly formed state of Israel.

The Jewish people know their roots. This is why the people of the West nurse a certain jealousy of the Jewish house. They are brethren to the Jews but do not know it yet. They have a deep spiritual problem which cannot be resolved without accepting the inner rule of Messiah. Politics cannot resolve this problem. The ten tribes cursed themselves when they seceded from the union and the Kingdom of Israel which was the Jewish House of David. They rejected the rule of the House of David thereby cutting off their sovereignty in Israel. This great family feud came after the death of Solomon. It all erupted at the Breach of Jeroboam around 920 B.C.. It still remains as a great national tragedy spawning terrible anti-Semitism and genocidal histories. This is something that only the indwelling Messiah can bring. Because He is both King of kings and High Priest. Holy history still awaits the restoration of Israel. Only the coming of Messiah, first into human hearts, and then to reign upon this earth, will bring the long awaited "peace on earth and goodwill among men".

People are inclined to be jealous of those who are gifted. They especially resent others who have something that they long for and have come to believe that they themselves cannot ever have. This jealousy and resentment of the Jewish house by Westerners and their persecution of Jews is a long sad and sorry record of history. But the feud will end and in an epic way in times to come. The promised Restoration of all Israel will surely come to pass. See Hebrews chapter 11. How will this happen? It will happen during the great End-Time Revival of the latter days.

So as we have seen with Israel, histories push people across rivers and mountain ranges. They carry people across oceans and seas and see them migrate across the face of this earth. So even though people groups and nations are no longer to be found within their ancient borders that does not mean they have disappeared from history. The lost ten tribes are no longer in Samaria. But they do exist! They are now to be found elsewhere!

It seems God has seen fit to hide this truth for the present. And given the tricky nature of Jacob, (a character trait we might view in ourselves at present), both the Western political powers and our Laodicean and Dominionist churches are hiding the truth about the lost ten tribes. No doubt this has been allowed to happen for some very good reasons.

So here we are attempting to trace another important people group, the Edomites. What happened to them? Where did they go after their Idumean governing presence in Israel under the Romans? Remember how the Herods ruled Israel under the Romans? Remember the genocide committed by Herod in Bethlehem? Where did they go from their homeland in Mount Seir and Bozrah and Petra? Is it possible that the Edomites continued to track along with all the lost tribes of Israel basking under the birthright blessings of Israel in places our patriarch Isaac described as the "fatness of the earth"? Just where did the children of Esau go? And where are they to be clustered today?

Mel Gibson starred in "Road Warrior", an apocalyptic nightmare in
which godless graceless men and women of violence have a chance to
have their day, hunting and gunning down all who stand in their way.

In the attempt to trace and locate a people group a good historian will not remain totally fixated on the ancient geography of that people. That will just be the place where the investigations begin. If they care for the truth scholars will show some diligence in tracing that people through the centuries in their histories and in the migrations that ensue from those histories. If it can be proven that a people group were wiped out or died out or had become totally assimilated by another nation then historians can go ahead and write their epitaph, but not before. No such proof of extinction can be offered concerning the Edomites. Nor can an epitaph can be written concerning the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. Bible scholars who make any such assertion are being highly presumptuous. If we can believe what God has written by His Holy Spirit in our Bibles the Edomites are not only present in the end-time drama but they ill come to their doom at the end of the age. So, that being the case we had better get serious about discovering where these people are and how we are to recognize them. We are not to recognize them in any racial way but by spiritual discernment, one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We can recognize the Edomite spirit as it expresses itself though people and through the culture.

So as we search out the story of the Edomites we need to keep an open view here. We also need to our eyes wide open for a reappearance of people groups that scholars and historians have found it expedient to throw into the dustbin of history. Yes, this is sad but true. The dissemination of misinformation is often found to be socially or politically expedient. Churchmen are inclined to proclaim certain untruths because of pressures that are brought to bear upon them. They are "leaned upon" by the powers of this world to keep the masses "quiet". This hiding of the truth is probably good for the masses. But God's covenant people are going up to witness in the latter days. So these people not only deserve the truth but they will have an appetite for the truth. They will seek the Truth and find Him. And He will guide them and tell them everything they need to know.

Others do not need to know.
So they won't know.

We trust "authorities" to tell us the truth. But we serve a God who is very personal. He became personal to us when we were "born again". He has given us the Holy Scriptures. And He gave us His Comforter/Guide by His Presence in the Holy Spirit. So we must take the time to do our homework and take this responsible action ourselves. In order to discover the truth we must do our own homework. See 2Tim. 2:15,16

To present a good example of miscarriage of historical truth it is no secret that modern historians of a liberal secularist mindset don't like the Puritans. So they proceeded to write their epitaph and throw them into the dustbin of history. But this was highly presumptuous of them. They were dead wrong. The Puritans are with us today!

Babylon is another interesting issue. Babylon was an ancient very worldly sophisticated and advanced civilization. It was conquered by the Medo-Persians in 586 B.C.. So the Babylonian Empire ceased to exist as such. And yet the Bible clearly speaks of a resurgence of the very same worldly spirit of Babylon. Mystery Babylon will be a presiding influence over a prominent civilization that will rise up to assume a key role in the end-time drama. In Revelation 17 and 18 we see a world system that the Bible calls Mystery Babylon. And where are the people of this Mystery Babylon to be found? It is unrealistic to expect that we can find end-time Mystery Babylon by poking around the ruins of the ancient city of Babylon 50 miles south of Baghdad in modern Iraq. This would be a useless exercise. That ancient ruin, contrary to what some are saying, will never be rebuilt. That old archeological dig will never again be the center of world commerce, world military power, and the wellspring of material sophistication that it once was. But according to the Holy Scriptures another highly sophisticated society will arise in the latter days, assume world dominion, and take on the name "Mystery Babylon". This too is an identification that can only be achieved by discernment of spirits.

So here is the bottom line. The people and the spirit that hovered over them have gone from their ancient dwelling places! They have moved on to other geographical regions. The Mystery Babylon John spoke of in Revelation 17 and 18 cannot be found just by looking in their old haunts by the Euphrates River back in Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization. The Babylonians have grown up and moved out. They have left the cradle of civilization. Similarly, Mount Seir is now just a desolate wilderness. Today the Edomites are no longer to be found there. They have gone on to other places.

Vital people groups tend to migrate in their histories, exploring lands across oceans and migrating on to more favorable places. Consider the Jewish people, the children of the patriarch Judah. They were uprooted by the Babylonians in 586 B.C.. Then after their return from Babylon under Zerubbabel, Ezra and Nehemiah they again suffered the destruction of the temple and the city of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.. They were scattered again by the Romans in the following years. The land of Israel, having lost all 12 tribes, was re-named 'Palestine' after the Philistines, Israel's worst enemy. Today we are very well aware of just how far the Jews have gone since their being driven from their ancient homeland in southern Israel two millennia ago. Up until the 20th century nearly all of the Jews remained out there in the Diaspora far from Jerusalem and Judah. The Jewish tribe were to be found nestled in among the nations. If we had visited the land Israel had inhabited in earlier centuries we would fail to turn up the sovereign nation of Israel. Nor would we count any significant number of Jewish inhabitants. Today, of course, it is a different story. But still only 4 million of the 20 odd million Jews are back in the land.


I saw these young men at the local Walmart and snapped this photo.
Is America seeing the prophesied rise of the angry family of Esau?

So what can we say about the children of Esau? Wasn't there also a scattering prophesied for his seed as well? - Mal.1:2,3,4. Was Esau a homebody with a heart for his family and his geographic homeland? Did Esau have a holy city? Did he ever give any evidence of treasuring his Mount Seir? Do we know that he cherished any other spot on the globe for that matter? Did Esau nurture within his bosom any love of his ancient homeland? And if not, is this why he is jealous of the success of his brother Jacob?

Esau was a wild man. He was a man of the hunting field. Was his ancient land precious to him? Holy history and profane history present us with no evidence of this. But there is no doubt Esau a vigorous roving man, an active free ranging soul. So like his brother Jacob we can expect that he too has left his ancient homeland in the Middle East. Search for Esau in those places south of the Dead Sea today and you will come up with very little. There is not much there at all except a barren wilderness and a few very humble nomadic people wandering through it. Big bad Esau has long gone from these parts. He has moved on from those ancient territories to the fat land, to "fat city" where he can do his exploits and carry on with his exploitations in other lands.

So where are the Edomites today? Isaac's blessing on Esau was very clear. He prophesied over his firstborn son Isaac. And he gave him a "left-over" sort of blessing that provide us with some clues. Isaac told Esau,
1. His descendants would end up dwelling in rich countries. - Gen.27:39
2. He would live by the sword, (gun).
3. Eventually he would break free from the Jacob's yoke of civil behavior and run wild. - Gen.27:40

If the Edomites are around today might they be found in nations such as ours. Are they here with us among the people of the West? Why not? The richest nations are to be found in Western civilization. Isaac's blessing states, "Behold your dwelling shall be of the fatness of the earth."

So we are looking for fat, (or rich), countries? Modern Jordan is a desert wasteland. It does not even have much in the way of oil. So it does not fit the bill here at all. Esau's ancient homeland is now a poor country. As much as we would like to imagine Esau's people, the brothers of Jacob, being still restricted to their ancient borders this does not seem likely. We do not see them living as troglodytes in the caves up in Petra anymore. Nor do we see them in Jordan living in tents and riding camels up around ancient Bozrah after all these ages. iIf we think the people of Esau have not moved out of those rocky territories southeast of the Dead Sea we are deceiving ourselves. Let's face it, thousands of years have passed by. The spirit of Esau is now flowing in the nations far abroad. Today's Edomites are still hustling their way through life. But they are within new borders as citizens of some very rich and prosperous countries, notably the nations of the West. Isaac's blessing over Esau in Gen. 27:39,40 is very clear. The Scriptures declare that the children of Esau, the Edomites will be found in the "fatness of the earth". That means we might expect to find these hustlers and predatory people of modern times to be mixed in among the citizens of some especially blessed and wealthy nations.


What can we say about the character of Esau? Well this much we know. He scorns his spiritual inheritance. He is not interested in seeking out the blessings that come from the God of Israel. He is a profane man. He lives by the sword or by force of arms. Does he put his trust in guns and military armaments first and foremost? And why are so many Americans doing this today? That is an interesting question.

Esau was always inclined to be violent and wrathful. He has little patience for those whose proclivities tend toward nurturing and cultivating something to make it grow. He would rather name what he wants and claim it, then grab it by force of his own human presence. He is a humanist of the baser kind but he can often hide it well with a disarming smile. He scorns the nurturing life in God, considering it evidence of weakness. He is not inclined towards cultivating good things or shepherding or teaching his children about God as his brother Jacob is. He prefers to hunt and to get his food by taking it down as hunters do. Esau may well be the stereotypical hustler, predator and "bad guy". Do we find such people in rich western countries including Europe and the U.S? Of course we do! We see his image plastered all over the movie billboards. And in those cowboy westerns might we be able to discern the Edomites? Could they be those nasty bad guys with the black hats? The characters played by Clint Eastwood in the "spaghetti westerns" and his main role character in "Pale Rider" and "Dirty Harry" come to mind. In the movie "The Unforgiven" we can discern heavy overtones of Esau. Similarly the cult of the gangster attracts a lot of worth-ship in the minds of people today.

Here in the spirit of Edom we see people who cannot find redemption. Esau's spirit is forever angry. He has a chip on his shoulder. Everything to him is a "raw deal". He just never gets over it. His is an awful and tragic story. Esau just never repents. His heart never melts or breaks over the things he has done. And so he never finds forgiveness or grace. Because of this Obadiah the prophet pronounces God's ultimate and total doom on him. - Obadiah 1:18.

So what does an ancient character from the Old Testament have to do with us as Christians today? We know that discernment of spirits is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. As we discern the spirit of Esau in the scriptures we can look up and view the world around us. We can trace the spiritual flows we see in Esau back then and in our culture today?

Let us go to the Old Testament first. If we take a look at the character of Doeg the Edomite, who lived back in the time of David. As we look at what he did in the town of Nob we can immediately begin to see the Edomite traits in this man. Doeg was a common soldier in Saul's army. He rose up to do a heinous bloody deed during on a dreadful day of wrath and bloody mayhem. All this was unleashed and brought into play by the jealous rage of King Saul against David. Here is how it happened.

David was being pursued by King Saul. Upon discovering that David had passed through the town and had been fed and sheltered by the priests of Nob King Saul flew into a rage. He ordered his army officers to slaughter of all the priests of Nob immediately. These were his own countrymen, his own priests!

None of Saul's men in the army of Israel would obey this murderous order. It was a call to slaughter all the holy priests of Israel that were in that town. But King Saul's terrible wrath did draw a certain man. He stepped forward to respond to the order. His name was Doeg and he was an Edomite. Here we see a classic example of godless bloodthirsty Edomite wrath. Doeg drew his sword and killed all the priests there at Nob. None of them were shown any mercy whatsoever. But he was not finished. He then proceeded to kill all the women and children in the city as well. But his genocidal fury was still unabated. He then proceeded to kill every animal in Nob. By the time the Edomite had finished slaughtering there was not a living human soul or animal left in the city. - 1Sam.22:16-19. Such is the murderous wrath of Edom. And it was unleashed by a king in a fit of jealous rage, a king who once was spirit filled and sang ptaises to God along with the prophets of Israel, a king who should have known better.

Haman is another example of an Edomite, even worse, an Edomite from that vicious sub-family of Edom, the Amalekites. These people have always harbored a genocidal hatred of the covenant people of God. Haman was a prominent Edomite in the service of the Medo-Persian rulers in the days of Queen Esther. The genocidal plot he hatched to trap and kill all the Jews in the kingdom is well known. Such was, and is, the homicidal anger of the sons of Esau. And when they were stirred up the bloody crimes the Edomites have committed against God's covenant people is all a matter of historical record.

Let us move forward to the time of Christ's first advent. We know Esau's sons were around at that time and impacting holy history. The Herod's were Edomites. They ruled over the Jewish nation in Judea with an iron fist. They were drawing the authority for their tyrannical excesses from Rome, the superpower of the time. The Romans found the Edomites very useful in executing their Macchiavellian rule. The Edomites had no scruples. They performed the wishes of Rome without any twinges of conscience. Brutal Roman ways were never a problem for the Edomites. They were always eager to oblige their Roman masters. They would spill Jewish blood whenever the occasion or the opportunity presented itself. Herod butchered his own children when he feared they might be a threat to his rule. And Herod's barbarous massacre of the children of Bethlehem is a well known part of the Christmas story. After their visit with King Herod the wise men from the lost tribes out in the Parthian Empire must have seen something in the man that disturbed them. After finding the Christ child they were not inclined to return to Herod as he had requested. Instead they returned to their own country by another way.

So is Isaac's firstborn son Esau still in our midst today? Have we seen any evidence of his anger and murderous wrath rising up in our time? Well this past century has seen genocides too numerous to recount. The 20th century saw more Christians and Jews martyred than all the previous centuries combined. Current martyrdoms are rising and number approximately 170,000 per year. Genocide of good people and innocent unborn babes and infants is on the increase.


What other evidence do we have of genocidal wrath in modern history? 1901 saw the first concentration camps for civilians. The British government, (not the Germans), were the perpetrators. Tens of thousands of innocent Boer women and children were incarcerated behind barbed wire in compounds. This martial law policy was instituted in the Transvaal in South Africa by Lord Kitchener. He realized that the Boer farmers were using guerrilla tactics. The Boers were striking at the British by day and being supported by their womenfolk from their farmhouses by night. Lord Kitchener elected to deal with this by sanctioning brutal tactics and the establishment of martial law in the Transvaal. Under this horrific policy women and children were rounded up at gunpoint and penned up in concentration camps throughout the Transvaal.

This is a little known piece of history. I was not taught this in British History class in grammar school. Many women and children sickened and died in these awful places of incarceration. Was the policy 'successful' in bringing the war to a close? Oh yes, it certainly was. Martial law is the only way to win a guerrilla war. The land must be occupied like France, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands were in World War 2. It must be policed by military patrols, carding of citizens, and a Gestapo or Stazi style police force.

Dear saints, here is a truth that governmental leaders will never reveal to its citizens. The enforcement of a police state or martial law is absolutely necessary to win a guerrilla war. It worked in the British occupation of the Transvaal. And it worked in the German occupation of France and Europe during World War 2. This pacification of the country was undertaken by a heartless police state, martial law, and a program of terror using reprisals and random hanging or shooting of citizens after any attack on the occupiers. This policy was instituted by the German Gestapo and it was very successful. History shows that a program of social dismemberment of a nation does pacify them. These measures do break the will of the captive nation to fight.

The Americans were and are the greatest military power this world has ever seen. Yet they were defeated in Vietnam. Why? It was because they had become bogged down in a guerrilla war waged from the air. They had no command of what went on in the villages and on the ground. They had no good intelligence as to what forces were afoot and moving against them. Back in those times the Americans were unwilling to institute a police state in Vietnam. The war was unpopular and under close scrutiny by a free unembedded press. Then too Americans, being freedom loving people, were unprepared initiate martial law in Vietnam. They were not prepared to carry out the orders necessary for such an inhuman and monstrous system of conquest. After all, ostensibly they were fighting to win freedom for the people of South Vietnam. Freedom and police states just don't go together too well. And this war had a lot of reporters and photo journalists keeping an eye on things and snapping photos of nasty events.

Americans by nature are a people who cherish freedom and fair play. It would have been very hard to get regular U.S. soldiers to get into the nitty gritty of setting up an American Gestapo style administration to rule over the Vietnamese villagers.

There were exceptions to this. Special forces did exist. And they did enact martial law in some areas. These were "black" operations. Back in those days the American people heard very little about these secret "phoenix" operations. But in the areas in which they operated these brutal programs did have some significant 'success'. But they used torture and other inhumane methods to gain information from the Viet Cong. These unsavory phoenix operations had to be secret and small. And they could not be hidden from the American reporters and cameramen forever.

So despite enormous air power and firepower the Americans back in the 60's and 70's had neither the political will nor the desire to rule with an iron Edomite fist. They were unwilling or unable to dominate the Vietnamese civilian populace. They would not be brutal occupiers. Morale was already low with many soldiers turning to hashish to escape from the terrible realities of war. The eventual outcome was inevitable. The Americans were worn down by a determined enemy who were more brutal with civilians than they were. Eventually the U.S. military forces were forced to withdraw from Vietnam.


Is this any way for a civilized people to wage war? The American B-17's bombed
by day and the British Lancasters by night. This was not warfare conducted on a
battlefield. The bombing of German cities was a reign of terror. It was a campaign
of genocide against civilians, women and children, and on a scale never seen before.

Lest we become comfortable in our own sense of self-righteousness what can we say about the allied bombing of German cities in World War 2? The American 8th Air Force bombed by day and British Bomber Command sent the Lancasters over for "area bombardment" of German cities by night. With the area night bombing raids no attempt was made to concentrate on hitting military targets only.

It has been well documented that the bombing of cities did not stop the German war machine. Only the invasion of Europe by the allies did that. The war was ending as the firestorms swept through German cities. Was there any sound military reason to bomb the cities of Hamburg and Dresden until the whole city, including the asphalt roads, were all burning as a huge single mass of flames? 80,000 civilians, including women and children, perished in the firestorms of Hamburg. A similar number in died in the Dresden bombing and the subsequent firestorm. Was anything to be gained for the war effort against the German military machine by conducting this genocide?

This horrific bombing campaign killed as many civilians as the A-bombing attacks on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These round the clock firestorm bombing campaigns against German cities were genocidal. Were they a military necessity? The diabolical scheme used by the allies used alternating bombing raids of incendiaries and high explosive charges. The whole city would be set ablaze as one huge fire. Even the asphalt roads would be be caught up in the inferno and the flames roared in towards the center of the city. Was this anything other than a program of sheer terrorism? Do we see shades of Edom in the genocides we and our enemies have perpetrated since the advent of air power?

If this hasn't been enough what are we to surmise about missile technology for delivery of nuclear warheads? As the nations begin to rage as we approach the end of the age are modern wars becoming less a contest of armies on battlefields and more and more turning into contests over destruction of cities? Is the warfare now between our Edomites and the Edomites of our enemies?

And what can we say about modern nuclear warfare waged by whole countries against whole countries? Such warfare threatens to destroy all life on the planet. While we can do little to prevent it is Esau and his MAD policy now in the driver's seat of history? Is Esau on the rise, just as the patriarch Isaac has prophesied? (Gen.27:39-40)


The modern bounty hunters are being lionized in the popular media.
There is no doubt that the scriptures indicate that Esau will come to prominence again in the end-time. - Gen.27:39,40 Will wild Edomites be used in the coming New World Order as hatchet men, just as they were under the Romans? Will they be mercenaries for the New World Order? Will they be bounty hunters, hunters hunting down those who attempt to fight against or otherwise run counter to the New World Order? We have scriptural evidence of this possibility.

Jeremiah 16:16 (KJV)
16 Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the LORD,
and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters,
and they shall hunt them
from every mountain, and from every hill,
and out of the holes of the rocks.
Will bullying Esau re-emerge in a climactic way?
Will Edomites be used as Machiavellian overseers once again?
Will they rule in the same manner as they did before?
Will they be used by the world powers to enact martial law?

The prophet Daniel gives us some reason to think that this might be the case. - Dan.11:41 The Edomites in ancient history repeatedly committed atrocities against the people of God. They were capable of monstrous acts of cruelty and without feeling or showing any remorse. Are Edomites destined to commit genocide again? Could they re-emerge under the cover of the A.C. during the the second half of the 70th week of Daniel? Could they take up a role as wardens of God's people during the Great Tribulation?

If you are a red blooded man you might be wondering right now if Esau can be stopped. Can he be stopped by negotiation or pacification or bribery? No. Not at all. Can he be stopped by force of arms? Perhaps, he can. Maybe for a while. But the scriptures clearly indicate that such a campaign will not be successful. Carnal Christians who decide to take up the sword in the end time scenario will be decisively defeated. See Dan.7:21, Dan. 12:7, and Rev.13:7.

Where is the true refuge for the Elect of God in the latter days?
Two of these propositions are true. And two of them are false.
Click on the image above for the answers.
Christians naturally wonder about
a place of refuge in the latter days. But if you are one of those who are entertaining survivalist fantasies for the future 70th week based upon, fear, guns, and a hideout stashed with food and ammo in the mountains you might need to ask yourself this question. If you do take up arms will you be successful? And just how many innocent people around you will die as a consequence of your action? If you are a Christian believer then why fantasize about defeating the New World Order if the scriptures declare quite plainly that you cannot win? In any carnal engagement against the powers during the 70th week the Christians will be soundly defeated. So then, why attempt it?

The way we have been taught, any thought of Christians being around for the climax of this age sounds depressing. Dispensationalist Pre-Trib Rapture teachers have erroneously painted the final seven years of this age as nothing more than a chamber of horrors. They have identified the time of tribulation as the "wrath of God". But that is not the case. And now it is time to tell the 'rest of the story'. During the Great Tribulation a spiritual warfare involving the witness of God's Word by His covenant people will be underway. And only in this spiritual campaign will the saints be successful. -Dan.7:18 & 22. Wonderful resources for waging spiritual war will be coming to us in the future. Contrary to what pre-trib Bible prophecy teachers have said, the Holy Spirit will be with us. The prophet Joel saw the Holy Spirit outpouring coming to its climax and being poured out upon all flesh during the cosmic signs of the 6th seal at the conclusion of the 70th week. Far from deserting us the Holy Spirit will be with us right through to the blow-out climax at the end of the age. -Joel 2:28-32.

Let us ask ourselves this question as well. In running away from your witness and in choosing to strive in the flesh against spiritual powers could it be possible that we might be likely to be drawn into a raging anger and wrath ourselves? Could we too be enticed and adopt Esau's wild self-serving spirit? Are Christians prepared to be initiated into the way of the sword and gun. Are we sure we want to dodge the end-time witness to enter into Esau's life of bloodletting? And if so, then are we prepared to run the risk of becoming an Edomite ourselves?

How can we be sure Esau will rise again to prominence in the end-time? Well the prophecy pronounced by Isaac as a leftover blessing on Esau states that Esau would become restless and rise up shake off the yoke of civility his brother Jacob had placed upon him.

Esau was the firstborn. You will recall that his brother Jacob had tricked him out of both his birthright and his blessing. But Isaac did indeed have a blessing for his son Esau. -Gen. 27:39-40. And the blessing promised Esau was that he would eventually break free of his brother Jacob and come to prominence in his own right.

Dear saints. This is a scripture we must face honestly. Laodicean religious establishment sources will not preach, teach, publish, or broadcast this troubling information. And why not? Is it out of ignorance? Or is it for fear of political, civil and marketplace disturbances? Whatever the reason, this information on the re-emergence of the Edomites in the latter days has been smokescreened. It has been cloaked in a shroud of secrecy. Here again is that blessing which Isaac pronounced over his firstborn and favorite son, Esau.

Then Isaac his father answered and said,

"Your blessing and dwelling shall all come from the fruitfulness of the earth and the dew of the heavens above. By your sword, (gun), you shall live and serve your brother, (i.e. serve Jacob, the cultured, shepherding, caring brother). But the time will come when you will grow restive, (a wild man), and break loose and you will tear his yoke from off your neck." -Gen.27:39&40.(Amplified Version + GWF amplified);

Here is a four word commentary on this prophecy which is manifesting before us. "No more Mr. Niceguy". We are already seeing the signs of this changing of the guard. Violence dominates the popular imagination and is fed by a huge dreamworks industry of music, word and screen. Sex and violence permeates the entertainment industry. Behind closed doors abortion dismembers and sucks out our unborn children into blood spattered bottles. "Patriot" bombers and abortion doctor assassins retaliate in kind and are even defended in some radical Christian circles. Video games program our children to kill without remorse. Schoolchildren take arsenals of weapons to school at Littleton High and at Jonesboro. They laugh as they shoot down dozens of their classmates. We are growing to be a people without natural affection. Our own children are forgotten in the rush for material things. Rap and hard rock music is pervasive, brutish men are favored and elected to public office, and good honest men finish last. This wasn't always the case. Hopalong Cassidy and Roy Rogers have passed away. These new "unforgiven" men in black are gaining popularity. Drug pushers in the "hood" are capturing the imagination of the younger set. “Bad” means good and young ladies give bad guys the eye. The spirit of Esau is here. We know he will return with a vengeance when he breaks free of what he perceives to be his chains and acts out of his dark inner desires. The nations and ethnic groups are raging and will rage even more as history wrests from them the sovereignty required to bring in the global rulership necessary for peace.

It seems that the final acts of the play are scripted for no-nonsense strong men like Esau. He will rise to the occasion even as the history of this age comes to a climax. Esau is breaking loose. He is casting off of the gentleman's yoke of his more civil Judeo-Christian brother, Jacob. This is just as Isaac prophesied. Esau has pledged to kill Jacob and that theme runs right up to a climax in the age. During the Great Tribulation as henchman for the Antichrist he may well try to do just that. How far will he get? God is still sovereign. He cares for His own. -Ps.91 We can be sure that even in spite of Esau's vendetta against us that God is our refuge and our fortress. He will provide a protection and refuge for His Elect people.

As for Esau's spiritual and/or physical descendants just what can we expect from them? The prophets are uniform in their assessment of Esau's character. He is a profane personality, a man of the flesh. He despises his spiritual birthright and ignores the blessings God has offered him. He doesn't have time for the holy things of God. He will never repent. He has always eluded the flows of grace and he is always angry when he perceives that this present world system has dealt him the short straw or a "raw deal". He is also prone to become angry at God and other covenant partners such as his spouse or sexual partner, his business or work partners, or those who are in authority over him. He is prone to rages and fits of anger and the people close to him are at greatest risk for his domestic violence. We are seeing this increasingly with the road rage and the airline hijackings. In the Middle East we are seeing raging against the nation of Israel. Palestinians are bombing buses and firing upon settlers right in Judah's own land of Judea. The tomb of Joseph in the west bank" was recently desecrated after it was handed over to Palestinian control. They scattered the bones of our patriarch Joseph. The spirit of Esau is insatiable in committing acts of murderous wrath against his brothers and sisters and their children.

So where does Esau finally end up? Well late in the great tribulation John saw angry men shaking their fists at God and blaspheming heaven. (Rev.16:9) Is this a vignette of Esau at the very end, still refusing to repent? I believe it well may be. He rejects God right up to the very end. And he rages against God's people, those who bear witness to the coming Messiah that Esau always despised and neglected.

So Esau is forever angry. Apparently nothing short of God's intervention, can stop his fierce rage. God states the truth of the matter. He says He hates him. (Mal.1:3) But nevertheless, Isaac's blessing prophesies that Esau will indeed be given his chance in history. God will give him an opportunity to show before men and angels just what is inside him. This is a story that must be played out once and for all. And that story will be recorded in the books of holy history to be preserved for all eternity.


Let us look at the coming 70th week or seven year period of holy history. The latter half is known as the time of Jacob's trouble. Jacob is Esau's twin brother. It is probably in this late time interval, the End Time, that the nation of angry, flushed red Edomites, will break free of the restraint of God's covenant. Like Hitler's S.A., the brown shirts, they will trample the usual standards of law and order. Showing disdain for the mores of general decency and consideration for others they will rise up against all godly men. The nation of Esau will apparently be allowed autonomy under the Antichrist. The prophet Daniel tells us that the Edomites will escape out of his hand. -Dan.11:41 The Antichrist will apparently not even bother to mess with them. Will they be used to serve his purposes? Will Edomite anger be harnessed by the powers of Antichrist for his dark agenda? Could this be possible?

It appears that anger against Jacob will indeed be a part of the end-time global scenario.
The prophet Jeremiah spoke of "the time of Jacob's trouble".

Jeremiah 30:7 KJV

Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it:
it is even the time of Jacob's trouble,
but he shall be saved out of it.

The good news is that Jacob will be saved out of the midst of it.
He will undergo a character change in the refining process.
And his name will change from Jacob, (shyster, supplanter, trickster),
And his new name will be Israel, (one who has wrestled with God and prevailed to become a prince with God.)

Will Esau be involved in the Great Tribulation? It seems we have good evidence that Edomites with their profane disposition, their simmering wrath and anger, could well be a vital part of the end-time drama. Esau is the quintessential hunter, the hustler, and the predator. Jacob will be the one who in his tribulation will seek God and embrace the eternal covenant and the promise of future glory now found in the culture of the Judeo-Christian family. Esau does not esteem his own spiritual inheritance as a son of Abraham. He rejects God's promises. And so in the end-time Jacob will again wrestle with God as he contends with his brother Esau. This is known as the time of Jacob's trouble. (Jer.30:7) The two will struggle again just as they did before they were born when they wrestled against each other within the womb of their mother, Rebekkah. -Gen.25:22,23,24,25,26,&27.

Our apostle Paul informs us that the last days will see an unprecedented apostasy against God. People who previously affirmed that they were people of the faith will desert the faith. (2Thes.2:3) Is this last day apostasy an expression of anger against the covenant of the God of Jacob? If so, then might the 70th week and its abominations be the historic background in which Esau, flushed red in the face with anger, will rise up once more against the God of Jacob and persecute His covenant people? Have we not seen this throughout former church history?


Where is Esau to be found today and how do we identify them? In his latter day emergence will the Edomites rise up from among many nations? This is quite possible. Most Bible commentators have ignored Esau and Edom as a factor in the end-time. But Daniel speaks about it. (Dan. 11:41) And Bible teachers are also silent about the significance of the Messiah returning in wrath and deliverance at Esau's sheepfolds of Bozrah. (Is.63), Mic.2:12,13. They have apparently locked the Edomites up in ancient history and thrown away the key. They have forgotten about them. Is this a proper way to treat Holy Scripture? Are the children of Esau still to be found in the wastelands south of the Dead Sea? Are they just to be viewd as an extinct people of ancient Biblical history and a people of the remote past? Are the children of Esau just a memory? Is the Edomites just a topic for lectures in ancient history, perhaps illustrated by discoveries from some archaeological dig on a ruin near Mount Seir? Is Edom just a ghost of our long lost past, just a half forgotten bad dream wafting around in our collective minds?

Dear saints, it is important that we know and understand that Esau and the nation of Edom is not just an ancient history. The Edomites live on. But tracking down the Edomites is not a matter of just tracing bloodlines, races, and migrations of people. The spirit of Esau lives on in the lives of many people. There are black sheep in many families. So it is not unreasonable to expect that many of the modern day Edomites can be found in the civilized nations, even sitting on church pews among the Judeo-Christian people in those rich countries of the West.

Here is the point that must be hammered home. The Edomites are people who have entrained within them a certain spirit. It is the wild hustling exploiting spirit of Esau. So the search for the Edomites should go way beyond our obsessions with geneologies, bloodlines, and DNA. The spirit of Edom still contests for the souls of men. Its seed is in the culture, the music, the movies, the books. And a look at our culture today shows Esau is taking over the hearts and souls of many as the days grow more and more evil.

So as we read the Holy Scriptures the facts are plain. Esau's big moves are yet future. Daniel places Edom squarely in the time of the Antichrist. (Dan.11:41) If we look at Esau's character and then look around at the genocides we have seen in this past century and particularly in recent times we shall soon find reason to suspect that the spirit of Esau is very much with us today. The scriptures give us no basis whatsoever for thinking that the spirit of Edom has ever been destroyed. Nor have the children of Esau ceased from expressing themselves in the nations. In fact the godless ways of Edom are rising up very strongly in recent years as we have noticed.

When the present Pax Americana comes to a close and the curtain of history goes up next time the key players will be different. New characters will enter onto the stage of end time history. The years to come will see the Apocalypse or "unveiling" of our Messiah, Jesus Christ. It will be here, in the time of that climactic witness to the covenant of our Lord Jesus that the modern Edomites shall arise to prominence among the antagonists of the Judeo-Christian people. This latter day drama of Jacob and Esau will be a lot closer to us than those ancient family interchanges in rocky wastelands of Jordan. And this matter of the Edomites will no longer just ancient history. It will be into our modern era in the 21st century that the Edomites will return. And they will return with a vengeance. God alone will set the limits on his actions.


This information is for fathers and young men only. -1John 2:12,13,14. It is difficult for us to face these unpleasant, even fearsome truths. But there is one thing we need to keep in mind through all of this. Our Lord Jesus is the Ancient of Days, the One who sits in the heavens and presides over end time events. He will be setting the limits to adverse events on behalf of His covenant people. And it is not by any striving of our flesh but rather in Him that we win! Isaiah paints an awesome picture of the returning Messiah coming in at Bozrah. -Isa.63 The prophet Micah also saw the "Breaker", (the Messiah) returning in vengeance to terminate the Great Tribulation and terminate Esau's end-time dominance at the Mystery Bozrah of the latter days spoken of in Holy Scripture.. He saw Him come in a great deliverance. Micah in Micah 2:12,13 says that Messiah finds His sheep as a noisy multitude. He sees them at the end of the age. They are penned up in some sort of exile in this mystery place of Bozrah. Bozrah means 'sheepfold' and this is our big clue as to what will happen. This is an incredible story of a divine deliverance that beggars description.

The scene is magnificent in scope and beyond our ability to describe. All the tribes of Jacob, (this would include all of the combined Jewish/Messianic and the gentile "ekklesia"/"called out congregation"/church remnant),-Gal.3:29, appear to be in some sort of exile or captivity together. All the 12 tribes of Jacob, the entire remnant elect of God are there. They are gathered together "as the sheep of Bozrah". What is meant by this reference to Bozrah?

In ancient times Bozrah was a city near the Dead Sea. It was the place of Esau's sheepfolds. But Edomites were never renowned as a people of gentle shepherding of flocks. Being penned up in a sheepfolds controlled by Edomites might not be the nicest place for God to gather His end-time Elect. So what is the message here in this intriguing Hebrew picture story? Is Bozrah some sort of a tribulational global incarceration network of places around the world out of which God delivers His exiled remnant people? Or might Bozrah be one single geographical place out at the ends of the earth? Which scenario fits the spiritual description of "the sheepfold of Bozrah"? -Mic.2:12,13. It is against this background of end time Edomite domination that the "Breaker", our returning Christ/Messiah returns. Isaiah sees Him return at the Bozrah/sheepfolds, a pastoral town in the ancient territory of Edom. And when Messiah returns He will come in wrath upon the wicked. And He will surely deliver His covenant people, every last one of them. Here is our scripture from Micah 2:12.13.

Micah 2

2:12 I will surely assemble, O Jacob, all of thee; I will surely gather the remnant of Israel;
I will put them together as the sheep of Bozrah, as the flock in the midst of their fold:
they shall make great noise by reason of the multitude of men.

2:13 The Breaker is come up before them:
they have broken up, and have passed through the gate, and are gone out by it:
and their King shall pass before them, and the LORD on the head of them.
Micah 2:12-13

The returning Messiah as we see Him in this perspective appears in the midst of His people there at the sheepfold of Bozrah. It is time for the long awaited breakout! The returning Messiah comes as the Shepherd at the dawn of the new day. He breaks them out in the manner of the shepherd breaking open the rock enclosure that had kept his sheep penned up during the night. He returns in deliverance of His own. He also comes in wrath and vengeance against the enemies of His people. -Isa.63.  Micah sees Him as He breaks open a passage out of the sheepfold just as the new day is dawning. And so He leads his people out in a joyous release and on to the green pastures of His Davidic Messianic Kingdom. This Bozrah story is as much a part of the the return of Christ as is the story of His return in the clouds of heaven to gather His elect.-Mat.24:29-3, 1Thes.4:17 And it is also as much a part of the story as His coming at Jezreel in the battle of Armageddon which brings deliverance to His people at Jerusalem.-Zech 12, Rev.16 This unexplained element, the Bozrah story, is an important part of the apocalypse. It has not yet been addressed or expounded upon and the vast majority of teachers and commentators on bible prophecy have completely neglected it. But it is exceedingly important that we know that our Lord returns to judge His enemies. He will surely deliver His hard pressed people. This is why He comes in vengeance at Bozrah. He is not slack concerning His promises. Nor will He abandon His own. As we come into the end-time we must know that. He is surely coming. He will deal justly. He will bring wrath on His enemies. And He will bring His own people out in a glorious deliverance. His coming back to earth again is our blessed hope. - Titus 2:13 He is surely coming. What an awesome day of deliverance that will be! - Mic.2:12,13.

Blessings to all who love His appearing.