Puritan belief has a definite influence
     on American foregn policy today.


An essay by Gavin Finley MD

1. Puritan History, Past, Present and Future. An Introduction to this study.
2. John Winthrop and the Puritan dream of a shining 'city upon a hill'.
3. 'Manifest Destiny' is rooted in the Puritan dream of a 'nation under God'.
4. The Puritan belief in a 'Nation Under God' goes back to ancient Israel.
5. Gutenberg, Bibles and the Reformation bring in the Pilgrims and Puritans.
6. The Puritans rise up in the 1600's to dominate English Parliament.
7. The Puritan Army goes to battle against the king in the English Civil War.
8. The Puritan Army wears yellow ribbons and sashes in the English Civil War.
9. The Puritan Religion supports Parliament in the English Civil War.
10. Puritans vs. Pilgrims. Similarities and differences.
11. The Puritans in the New World and the signing of the Mayflower Compact.
12. Puritan belief and the American Revolution vs. the French Revolution.
13. America's Puritans today and the 'Religious Right'
14. The abortion issue and America's Puritans today
15. Today's Puritans and the expansion of America's global peacemaking role.
16. Today's American Puritans and the rise of Dominion Theology
17. Puritan belief and the future history of America.


Todays world is changing very fast. America's isolationism is fading away. The Monroe Doctrine now seems to be a relic of past history. It only lasted as long as the Atlantic ocean could keep America isolated from Europe. But the rise of American air power in World War 2 and the dropping of those two atomic bombs in 1945 was a pivotal event in modern world history. See this video. It signaled the end of the Old World Order which had been based in Europe. The giant over in the New World was stirring.

The end of World War 2 saw the emergence of a growing nuclear threat from the USSR and from World Communism. Western Europe would have to meet the challenge somehow. Winston Churchill spoke of a "cold war". After two world wars with Germany Great Britain was no longer the superpower. The British Empire was a fading reality and the once proud nation was exhausted and in decline. The era of the white horse rider, the age of kings, princes and noblemen was over. Who would run counter-check to world communism? And who would lead the west into the future?

As it turned out, only America was up to the task. Whether we like it or not those were, (and are today), the facts of history.

The postwar American military buildup began with the Strategic Air Command. This soon changed with the proliferation of nuclear tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles. Under the American nuclear umbrella the global economy has boomed. Unfortunately this prosperity has not reached the masses in the third world. Misrule and rebellions still lead to wars. And wars still disrupt economies and cause untold misery. During the last 50 years U.S. multinational business has played a dominant role in world trade. In fact it is about ready to wrap up the monopoly game. But half the world still goes to bed hungry. At the present time Capitalism seems to have won out over Communism. The black horseman holds in his hand the scales of banking, law, and commerce. And the free enterprise system has given us some wonderful opportunities. But the future is uncertain. The red horseman is still out there riding. And a pale horse rider brings death.

The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990 has now left America as the lone superpower. But peace under the Pax Americana has proved elusive. Israel is now a national reality in the land of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And the coming of Messiah draws ever nearer. So quite predictably the nations are raging. This is just as King David prophesied. He wrote a song telling us all about the end-time conspiracy of the nations. David wrote the song three millennia ago. It has been recorded for us in Psalm 2.

The U.S. has supported Israel. And their armies are encamped in Islamic lands from Turkey, through Iraq, and on to Afghanistan. America now has the bull by the horns. She must continue to take responsibility for fostering trade and ensuring peace and security in an increasingly dangerous world. Many Americans, watching the football or re-runs of 'Leave it to Beaver' or fondling their stock market portfolio still do not understand this onrush of history. They don't have a clue. In fact they are a bit ticked off that world history has the impudence to come along and interfere in their own personal "pursuit of happiness". Everything seemed to be going along so nicely. But then the events of 9/11 changed all that.

But most Americans still live in the past. Many still think that the U.S. is still a nation in North America that can just continue to live by themselves and for themselves. They have no concept of the enormous scope of American economic and military power and the dominant role of America in the world. America is now the superpower. Most have not read their history books to understand just what this means. Nor do they comprehend the responsibility America now has which comes along with all this global power.

Holy history is calling upon America to exercise righteous world leadership. She must try to bring in a lasting just peace. And she must be fair in her economic dealings with other nations. She should not be forcing Israel to give away the holy land to terrorists who are using the land to launch ever more accurate and deadly missiles into Israeli cities and settlements.

But it seems that many Americans have been eating the lotus of forgetfulness. Like the Greek hero Odysseus they appear to have forgotten their quest. They are the Judeo-Christian people. And they are now in the driver's seat of global power. They have a vital role to play. They are called to bring God's grace and God's shalom into this world.

Israel is destined to be a Light to the gentiles. (Isa.42:6,49:6,60:3) And the Christian Gospel is destined to be preached to all nations. (Mat.28:18-20) The Church and Western Christendom must step forward into the arena of this emerging history. And they must be sure that they are not offending the God of Israel as they journey on.

Americans simply cannot ignore the call here. They cannot sit around and do nothing while the world descends into nuclear anarchy and destruction. They must do what they can to further the cause of peace and security in the world. They can support their country and support Gospel and humanitarian missions overseas as well.

If America is a "nation under God" then it is charged with bringing God's just peace upon earth. This may not always be possible in the midst of a raging of nations against Israel and against the coming Messiah. But where it is not possible to bring a political peace then Christian Americans have another arena in which to work. In the Spirit of grace the Gospel outreach in overseas missions brings peace to individual hearts one soul at a time. And the coming Kingdom of Messiah will bring the "peace on earth" that men of good will have always longed for.

There is another rule above the ones we now see in the U.N. and in the U.S. State Department. It is hidden in an upper room. It begins with the cup of Christ and the communion God's covenant people enjoy with Him. This fellowship reaches beyond the kingdoms we now see at work in the world.

So one way or the other God has given American Christians a spectrum of tasks to perform in the political realm and then on up into the spiritual realm. Many wonderful things are being done. And many more will be done as history unfolds.

Unfortunately, it appears that many American Christians are unaware of their sacred calling. Many are drifting off into forgetfulness. They are not interested in America's peace role in the world. And they are also ignoring the call of the Great Commission. The Gospel is not supposed to stay just in Main Street, USA. American evangelicals have a responsibility to take the Good News into all the world. The Christian Church is a global company. In fact it went global on the day it began 2,000 years ago. It went global on the Day of Pentecost.

THis is so very sad to see. American Christians are having trouble remembering their global responsibilities both politically and spiritually. This is truly unfortunate. Because it happens to be the gateway into their destiny.

But they will remember. History will see to it that they do. And one day history will come knocking at their door to remind them of these things. In fact this has already happened. It has become a cliche that the events of 9/11/2001 were "America's wake up call". This was a terrible shock. Does the Bible mention this event? Perhaps so.

We know from the Book of Acts, (recorded by Dr. Luke), that during the late first century the main mass of the new Christian Churches were popping up in Asia Minor westwards from Antioch. The missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul took him across the Dardenelles and west from Troas into Macedonia. Subsequent missionary journeys took him all through Greece and then finally on to Rome. The lands of Western Europe north of the Mediterranean Sea would later come to be known as Christendom.

Islam occupied the lands of North Africa south of the Mediterranean Sea. In earlier times the main power down there to the south of Israel had been Egypt. Later, (after Mohammed), the main politic-religious powerhouse has been Mecca down in Saudi Arabia. Is European Christendom still linked to the principalities Daniel refers to as the "King of the North"? And is Islam linked to the "King of the South"? If this is so then we may have a key to unlock a certain end-time prophecy in Daniel chapter 11.

2550 years ago the prophet Daniel may well have prophesied about America. In fact the angel Gabriel may have been giving Daniel an accurate account of the 9-11 attack on the Twin Towers. The prophecy also goes on to tell of the vigorous response of the "King of the North" as the "War on Terror" opened up. Here is our scripture.

"At the end-time the king of the South will collide with him,
and the king of the North will storm against him with chariots,
with horsemen and with many ships;
and he will enter countries, overflow {them} and pass through."
There is prominent element of collision in this verse which we certainly saw demonstrated in the 9-11 attack. Two fuel laden airliners collided with the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. But that is not all. The very same verse also prophesies the swift and decisive response to this attack.

Here is a loose paraphrase of this verse. It points to a possible modern interpretation of this message.

DANIEL 11:40 (Amplified Paraphrase by GWF)
"At the end of this age the Islamic powers under the King of the South, (the chief principality to the south of Israel and the south of the Mediterranean Sea) will collide with him. In response to this Western Christendom, under the King of the North, (the chief principality to the north of Israel and north of the Mediterranean Sea) will storm out against him with airpower,
tanks and with many ships.
He will invade the countries, overcome them, and then pass on through."
Did Isaiah allude to this noteworthy 9-11 event as well? He spoke of
".......the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall. " (Isa.30:25)

If these scriptures do fit the current events of our time, then this most certainly is the time to set our accounts right with our God.
It is time to 'wake up and smell the coffee'!


America has won the cold war. The end of the USSR came unexpectantly and suddenly in 1990. The whole humanistic experiment of a peasant worker society collapsed from internal spiritual burnout. Lenin's vision of a Communist worker paradise became just a bad dream. The glory of the Red Horseman had departed. All it produced were a spiritually deprived peasant worker populace and the Gulags. Political dissidents along with religious counter-revolutionaries such as Baptists and Pentecostals were arrested enmasse. Russia was a land where truth was forbidden and sentenced to prison. Those who were not shot were sent to Siberia to work in the slave camps. Men and women who are worked relentlessly in the cold without proper food or clothing usually die. This awful Stalinist genocide went on for decades. It took the lives of more than 60 million Russian souls.

Eventually the people lost hope in their system and in their future. The result was quite predictable. The economy failed. The worker comradeship thing which Marx, Engels, and Lenin had believed in was shown to be just so much vainglory. Not even death threats could make the huge ponderous and godless Soviet bureaucracy work. It got to the point where the people running it just didn't care any more. Nothing was going to get done, so why try? Farm tractors lay rusting for lack of parts. The crops were not being harvested in the Ukraine. The attitude was "They pretend to pay me. So I pretend to work". If a man did show some initiative he was soon discouraged. Because he would be the only one. The Soviet Socialist system was a killer of initiative and individualism.

There is a God who makes a society successful. But in the USSR His voice was not heard. A dark pall of despair settled over the country. During the 1980's in Siberia it was said that it was hard to find a man sober after 3 p.m. The USSR finally collapsed in a vodka sodden heap.

Has Russian history come to its end? Or is it just temporarily indisposed? The prophet Ezekiel has an answer to that question. We shall see what he has to say further along in this article. (Ezek.38-39)

We are now in a Brave New World. The American giant is stirring and awakening. The British lion and the American eagle are together again. (Dan.7:4) And like the lion with eagle's wings on the insignia of Richard the Lion Heart they are in the middle east and out on another great crusade. American and British military forces are right now occupying the cradle of civilization, the nation of Iraq in the Tigris and Euphrates Valley. They are at the crossroads of the world in an area once called the 'fertile crescent'. Somewhere in this region is the location of the former Garden of Eden, the place where history began. Saddam Hussein is now gone. American forces now occupy his palaces at Babylon just a few miles south of Baghdad. 200 miles southeast of Baghdad lies the ruin of the ancient city of Ur. Abraham, the patriarch of the Judeo-Christian people walked out from that idolatrous city 4,000 years ago. He was called out by YHVH, the God who is, was, and always will be. Abraham was the first of a huge ekklesia/congregation of 'called out' faithful responders to God's call. And He was the first to set out by faith towards the Holy City in the Land of Promise.

Iraq is steeped in history and memories for the people of God. It is the place where the ancient Assyrians took the northern ten tribes of Israel captive, mixing and scattering them into the nations. It is where King Nebudchadnezzar established the city of Babylon, the most sophisticated city and empire the world had ever seen. In 605 B.C. he attacked Jerusalem and took the royal house of Judah captive. On the second occasion, in 586 B.C., he sacked the city and destroyed the beloved Temple. Judah, and much of Levi, were taken into captivity in Babylon for seventy years.

Up to the north of the Tigris valley and beyond the mountains of Armenia are the gates of Gog, the Caucasus Mountains. Strange to say these are the very Caucasus mountains from which the European race is named. The word "Causasus" means "stronghold of Gog". Are European people content with this name for themselves? Or might they be inclined to find their lost identity in another Name?

The Jewish historian and adventurer Josephus referred to the Caucasus Mountains as the "Mountains of Darkness". Since ancient times the Caucasus region has been a fearsome place. It is haunted with dreadful spirits of past and future history. The people here are godless and terrible beyond telling. Not even the Moslems could make any converts here. These are the people who committed the recent atrocity against the schoolchildren of Beslan. Even today, whenever the Russian military forces engage Chechen rebels the refugees caught in the crossfire dare not face the genocidal ragings of their own people. They prefer to run toward their enemies, the Russians!

Legends tell of this mountain range of the Caucasus being built by Alexander the Great during his famous 12 year journey to the east. As the fabled story goes, Alexander placed the Caucasus Mountains there as a 'wall of bronze' (or iron) to keep out the hordes of Gog and Magog and to prevent them from invading the West. As the story goes, the wild Gog people locked up behind these fabled mountains will break out through this wall at the end of the age. Winston Churchill alluded to this very same sentiment in the years following World War 2. At the onset of the cold war he spoke of an 'iron curtain' between the Western nations and Russia.

Behind the Caucasus Mountains are the vast steppes, the grasslands of Russia. East of the Caucasus Mountains lie the oil rich regions around the Caspian Sea. These southern areas of the former USSR are extremely unstable right now. But nevertheless, they are rich in oil. Not surprisingly they are experiencing an enormous economic boom with the arrival of western oil companies in the region of the Caspian Sea. The Russians are naturally very upset about all this. They see this as an intrusion into their traditional zones of influence.

Oil is a potent addition to the inflammatory mixture here. The Russians are trying to pump the oil westwards through war torn Chechnya towards the Black Sea. The western oil companies are piping oil out across Turkey and into the Med. This whole region is unstable and explosive in every possible way. It is infused with ethnic, religious, and political intrigue. These are the regions in which major nationalist and Muslim uprisings have sprung up after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In the resulting confusion Russian nuclear weapons and 600 tons of enriched uranium have gone missing. They are still "unsecured" a decade later. Quantities of enriched uranium and bomb grade plutonium remain unaccounted for in a region inhabited by godless anti-religious nationalists and Muslim extremists. Should somebody be keeping an eye on all this and perhaps doing something about it?

This whole region is like the wild west. It is a gathering place for wild people. And like the wild west there is little law and order in these territories. Agents for Islamic militants are skulking around looking for deadly hardware. Some are acquiring fearsome weapons with plans to do God knows what. Into this wild scene we see the multinational oil companies and big money entering onto the scene. Their security forces are like private armies. Soldiers of fortune are paid top dollar. This information is 'cloaked'. Very little of this makes it into the news. Yet Biblically speaking, these loose weapons and unruly goings on in the Caucasus and surrounding regions are highly significant.

The oilfields and oil pipelines with their inherent security issues are one part of the story this is true. But the concern for international nuclear safety is also very real. This is a legitimate reason for the U.S. to be in the area and "taking care of business". No one on the planet wants a suitcase sized nuclear bomb wired up inside a van and parked on a street in their neighborhood. If America does not secure these weapons of mass destruction in these wild unruly regions then who will? The French?

Sooner or later the American people, the world, (and yes, even the French), will have to answer this important question. The worrisome developments in the Caucasus and Caspian Sea regions are highly significant. Are we seeing the makings of the 'hook' in the jaws of Gog of which Ezekiel spoke? (Ezek.38:4) According to this prophecy the forces of Gog would be drawn southwards towards the Promised Land towards the end of this age. During the future Gog War (Ezekiel 38-39) the hordes of Gog are destined to break through the 'gates of bronze' in the region of the Caucasus Mountains. They will attempt to press through a sneak attack on Israel. But the Holy Spirit of the God of Israel spoke through the prophet Ezekiel to tell us about this war. Ezekiel got the information in great detail some 2600 years ago.

Literature throughout the Western world and even the Muslim world carry legends of this Gog attack.

Meanwhile, down a few miles to the south in Iraq the eagle has landed. 150,000 American soldiers are now on the ground and strung out along the Euphrates River. This is the place where the four big angels hold back the four winds of heaven. American military personnel pass by the ancient ruins of Babylon south of Baghdad. Some of them are now stationed in the 'Babylon Compound'. Those with any sense of Biblical history or with any knowledge of Bible prophecy must pause and wonder what this all means.

In the southeast of Iraq British military units are on patrol. They are in and around the city of Basra. The ruins of the ancient Persian capital of Susa is just a few miles to the north. Susa is also where Ezra and Esther provided such wonderful leadership for the captive House of Judah during the 5th century B.C.. It was also near here in the province of Elam that the prophet Daniel received his vision by the River of Ulai during the third year of Belshazzar. (Dan 8)

Over in Afghanistan English speaking soldiers are back again at the famous Kyber Pass. It is the eastern gateway to Asia. Close by here is one of the lairs of Osama Bin Laden. Not since the days of the British Empire have European powers occupied these critical geo-political crossroads.

The Islamic powers are seeing their lands occupied. And they don't like it one bit. In their eyes the intrusion is now worse than ever. Many of them think we in the west are aggressive evil people with an appetite for wanton violence, lewd pornography, and godless immorality. Now, to cap things off, they are having to endure a western military presence which to them seems like another crusade. Their houses are subject to searches at night by American soldiers who break down doors. They enter their homes and force everyone on the floor. They frighten their women and children.

These are difficult times for humanity. Thugs can get their hands on weapons of mass destruction. They can then set them up to decimate whole cities. But can we be expected to believe just how serious this threat is before it actually happens? Of course, by then it will be too late. And people, being people, will say,
"Why did we sit on our hands?
Who was at the helm when things were getting dangerous?
Why didn't the West do something to prevent this awful destruction and loss of life"?

In Bible prophecy we are told about a significant future war which involves the city of Damascus. The prophet Isaiah tells us that the city will become a "heap of rubble". (Isa.17:1) And yet this city in southern Syria near Israel has has never been destroyed. Damascus is the oldest city in the world. It has been continuously occupied since ancient times.

Osama Bin Laden speaks repeatedly about the 'American crusaders'. But these statements are not reported in the western media. The Muslim world sees this occupation of Iraq as yet another 'crusade' coming out of western Christendom. They are absolutely furious about all this. They remember their history of conflict with the west. The Jihads began back in 650 A.D. with the first Jihad by Mohammed sweeping Christendom off North Africa. It would seem that we do not.

The military occupation of the Muslim lands goes on. Western military powers are being well established. A series of American military bases is strung out from the Balkans all the way to Afghanistan. There is also an American military presence in India.

The occupation of Iraq by American and British ground forces has the Islamic world in an uproar. They think our 'war on terror' is just another crusade against Islam. From the mosques the battle cry has sounded forth. The mullahs have called for a 'Jihad' or 'holy war'. The Americans, like Israel, are now up against a ferocious campaign of suicide bombings. They are staring the Third Jihad full in the face.


Jihad is nothing new to western powers. Mohammed began the First Jihad in the mid 600's. At that time most of the Christian church was pushed out of North Africa. The armies of Mohammed also harried and eventually defeated all of the Crusaders. The Crusaders made their last stand at the Battle of Acre in 1198. At that time they were overrun by the Saracens.

Muslim armies also invaded and occupied much of Spain. They crossed the Pyrenees and were pushing northward into France. They were finally stopped by Charles Martel at the decisive Battle of Tours in the autumn of 732.

The Second Jihad erupted with the Ottoman Turks. They took Constantinople in 1453. Byzantium was occupied by the Turks and Islamic power occupied much of what was once the eastern reaches of the Roman Empire. For a time the Turks were even threatening Vienna. European Christian armies finally pushed them back to the Balkans in 1583.

During their heyday in the 1500's the Ottoman Turks established a strong, if corrupt, administration in the Middle East. Suleiman the Magnificent was the most prominent the Turkish ruler to emerge during that time. During his rule of Jerusalem he had heard the prophecy of the return of the Jewish Messiah. He wanted to ensure that this would never happen. So he bricked up the eastern gate of Jerusalem. He hoped to prevent the Jewish Messiah's return with some solid masonry. Suleiman's brickwork still blocks the eastern gate of Jerusalem to this very day.

Larry Abraham has written a very helpful article on the three Jihads. It is named 'The Clash of Civilzations'. In it we see that the events of 9-11 were just the beginning of the final big push of the Third Jihad.

The Third Jihad began after World War 1. At that time the British and British Commonwealth forces, under General Allenby, came to take the Holy Land. His Desert Mounted Corps defeated the Turks in a series of engagements. In a strange turn of events General Allenby and the Australian Light-horse, which had previously taken the wells at Beersheba, were able to enter Jerusalem peacefully. They dismounted and walked in on foot as pilgrims, without firing a shot. British Imperial forces took over much of the Middle East during those years, including the Holy Land.

The British, following the Roman lead, continued to call the land of Israel by the name 'Palestine'. This was the name the Roman conquerors had given the Holy Land. The Roman armies of Titus destroyed Jerusalem in 70 A.D. and scattered the Jews from the land. Then they proceeded to name the land of Israel for Israel's worst enemy the Philistines. This was an expression of Roman will which continues to this day in the western nations.

There is no other reason for using the name 'Palestine' or 'Palestinian' today. Except perhaps in memory of the Philistines. There never was a "Palestinian" people. History bears no record whatsoever of any "Palestinian" kingdom, any distinctly Palestinian culture, or any Palestinian coinage. Palestine is just a Roman cover name. It was given the name 'Palestine' to conceal the memory of Israel and her God, the God of Israel. The U.S. State Department, like the British High Commission before it, continues with this Roman policy and calls the land of Israel "Palestine".


As we know, the War on Terror is well under way. Coalition forces of Western Christendom are gathering in the Middle East. In 1991 they went into Iraq on a campaign defend Kuwait defeat the Iraqui military. They pushed up into Iraq in the Gulf War. Later, after the 9-11 attack in 2001, they went into Afghanistan in search of Osama bin Laden. There they enacted a campaign against the Al Queda and the Taliban.

2003 saw the Americans back to Iraq to oust Saddam Hussein and search for WMD. They stayed in the region and attempted to install a democratic government. The fighting continues as coalition forces quell terrorist opposition in Iraq. The violence is worst in the "Triangle of death" a few miles to the south of Baghdad. Interestingly the "hot spot" at center of this triangle happens to be geographically placed very near the ruins of ancient Babylon 35 miles south of Baghdad. Is this the vortex of a great angelic principality? And will America own the principality of Babylon soon?

The 'War on Terror' is more than just global police work. It also happens to be a campaign by the Western powers against Islamic terrorists. The campaign is being led by the U.S.A.. America is gathering together the most powerful military force this world has ever seen. The Pax Americana is now in its global military expansion phase. And what is most noteworthy is that the U.S. military is mustering in the middle east within a short distance of the spiritual umbilicus of planet earth, the city of Jerusalem. If they did take it upon themselves to "secure" Israel or the "west bank" a quick look at the geographical map will indicate how they might do that. Their army, like the armies that preceded them, would approach Israel from the north. They would sweep down through the plains of Megiddo or Armageddon. Their approach into northern Israel would be through the Valley of Jezreel.

All this is highly significant and somewhat spooky. History shows us that Western powers, whether they be the French army of Napoleon, Germany's army under General Rommel, British forces under General Allenby, or current American powers, only venture into the Middle East when they have come to the peak of their power. If the American Army is now mustering in the middle east then we should be paying attention. We should turn off the sports channel or the debauched sitcoms on television and begin to sit up and take notice. We should wake up and smell the coffee here. Because there is no question that we are entering historic times.

Strangely, many Americans have still not taken much notice of this. They play their video games and watch the stock market go up and down. They watch the ball game and surf the internet. And they try to recapture their past youth listening to 'oldies' music from the 50's and 60's. They are too preoccupied with their own personal lives and their material things to be concerned with international issues. A spirit of acquisitive materialism has grasped many Americans by the heart. Even Christians are being led away from the Highway of holiness. Their church ministers are even helping them to set up their own, often narcissistic, 'purpose driven life'. They are scarcely aware that epic global events are even now beginning to unfold before their eyes. Great dramas of biblical proportions lie up ahead. And these coming events will certainly affect them!


A New World Order is in the making. Many American Christians are aware of this as it relates to end-time Bible prophecy. (Daniel chs. 7 & 12, Revelation 13 etc.) But they have been led to believe that this final world government must emerge over in Europe in the geographical area of the former Roman Empire. Evangelical Bible Prophecy teachers in America have taught this for over a hundred years now. It is a very popular and revenue positive teaching. To stay on the airwaves the radio and television teachers must maintain their popularity and sell their spiritual wares, books, CD's, and video teachings. So they tell American evangelicals what they want to hear. They market their teachings for the bulk of America's middle-of-the-road Christians. They give them what they are ready to buy.

What then is the message they are sending? Bible teachers cater to those comfortable dreamy xenophobic notions that an end-time "world governance" will emerge one day. But no need to worry. It will be "over there", in Europe, "far away from us". They know that a "Revived Roman Empire", a regime of ten toes of iron and clay will rise up in the end-time. (Dan.2) The ten horned beast seen by the prophet Daniel, (Dan.7), and the Apostle John, (Revelation chs. 13,17,&18) in vision is another view of this final humanistic world entity. American evangelicals have been led to believe that this world system will rise up across the Atlantic ocean in the bad Old Europe that America supposedly left behind. This is a convenient and comfortable "truth" for the American Christian masses. But is this "truth" actually true?

The "European ten nation Revived Roman Empire Confederacy" idea is a fable. It does not reflect present day reality. American Christians are being fed a soporific sop. And Sleeping Beauty slumbers on.

When it is pointed out to American Christians that America now calls the shots and that the New World Order was announced by an American president during the early part of the last decade they are still not impressed. But America proclaimed the New World Order back in 1991. At that time U.S. President George Bush Sr. announced the coming of "a New World Order". He mentioned the New World Order twice in a speech he gave at the outset of the Gulf War.

Most evangelicals totally ignore this. Their eschatology telescopes have been set up and established in a thick matrix of religious concrete. Their telescopes are aimed at Europe and that is where they are looking for future prophetic events. They are bound and determined to view the ten-horned kingdom coming into being as the European Economic Community and becoming a "ten nation European Union".

But the EEC will not fit the bill here for the ten horns/ten toes. The NWO shoe won't fit Europe. The EEC has too many toes! After the collapse of the USSR the EEC has now gained far more than ten members. In fact it may end up with more than twenty members. There are now far too many EEC members to match the ten toes of the feet of iron and clay that Nebudchadnezzar saw in his dream. (Dan.2)
So what is going on here? What haven't we heard that we need to hear? What is the 'rest of the story'?


When evangelicals wake up and realize where the real world power is centered nowadays and who is setting the global agenda they are shocked. Eventually they realize that they have been hoodwinked. Because America is now calling the shots for global affairs. After the end of the cold war in 1990 the world entered a period of history we might well call the Pax Americana. U.S. military forces are now in the Middle East. They are only a short distance from the West Bank of Israel. American Christians have not yet come around to realize the profound, even staggering implications of these developments. Quite clearly this "New World Order = European Economic Community" doctrine is a huge cover story. And it is beginning to wear a bit thin. American Christians are quite clearly not reading their Bibles and they are not listening to the Holy Spirit. They are also not paying attention to world history. So they have been duped. They have become victims of religious disinformation.

The economic picture today shows us a similar story to the military picture. America is the richest nation this world has ever seen. No other nation even comes close. The U.S. dominates world trade through the World Trade Organization. All oil must be paid for in U.S. dollars. Iran and Venezuela are balking at this.

There is another perspective on the ten toes of Daniel 2 and the ten horns of the end time beast system seen by Daniel and John. It seems that the world has also been divided economically into ten geopolitical regions for trade and banking. Here is a fascinating article from the Pennsylvania Crier. It is a secret New World Order map.

Are these the future ten horns that were seen upon the head of the Beast that Daniel saw (Dan.7) and John saw?(Rev.13,17,&18)

Economic issues are the main factors here. The world is already becoming increasingly subject to the will of an overwhelmingly powerful 'world governance' rising up economically out of the World Trade Organization. The center of that 'world governance' is no secret. The American WTO is setting the agenda. Those powers are not controlled by Europe. They are centered right here in America. This is all very significant. Today's Puritans have inherited global power!

Oliver Cromwell, the Puritan dictator/Lord Protector of England would be amazed to see what has happened to his Puritans. Those democratic Bible believing people who rose up in the 1600's flowed out of England and settled the New World. His beloved Parliament has now been relocated across the Atlantic. His Puritans are now busy in the U.S. Congress. And in the chambers of the U.S. legislature his Puritan people are still raising their voice for freedom and "one nation under God".

And what of the Puritan Army? It is still marching on. We can hear the prophetic strains that tell of an epic future story in the 'Battle Hymn of the Republic'.

There is no doubt the Puritans are still with us. The Puritan heraldry is now being prominently displayed in America. These are the same yellow ribbons the Puritan Army wore back in the 1640's. They are being displayed all across the land on the trees and on the backs of our automobiles. And now, it seems, the modern Puritans are on the threshold of a dream.
They are about to dominate world history!

Oliver Cromwell knew the burdens and the awful realities of power. He lived to see it all unfold in his lifetime. For five short years he headed up a Puritan dictatorship in England. But there are great dangers inherent in the exercise of power. If Oliver Cromwell could see the modern Puritans moving out onto the world scene today would he be proud? Or would he be fearful? Would he be both proud and fearful at the same time?

Whether we like it or not world history is now being profoundly shaped and fashioned by an American agenda. American economic realities are setting the response of American military power. History is being made and events are moving forward very rapidly.

There is some evidence that the American people are beginning to wake up. They are slowly leaving the soporific fog of the Maharishi Yogi's eastern mysticism. The meaningless merry-go-round of ying and yang has also lost its appeal. The people of destiny are growing tired of playing the 'games people play'. And they are weary of the New Age psycho-babel that fails to answer the big questions of life.


Americans are beginning to ask the big questions. Who are we? Where did we come from? And where are we going? These are questions that secularist rationalism and secularist existentialism failed to answer. Christians are beginning to wake up and address these questions.

These deeper spiritual questions can no longer be fobbed off. They demand an answer. Because those who are being called to higher things know that there are real answers out there somewhere. When all is said and done Americans are a no nonsense sort of people. They like to "get down to business". They like to be shown "the bottom line". Eventually they will tire of being given "the run around". And they will call out to "the God who is there" for some real answers.

Like Jonah in the ship in the midst of the storm the American Christians will eventually realize that they are in a spot of bother. Even now it is slowly dawning on today's Christian believers that somehow they are involved and have a part to play in all this. In fact they have a responsible role to play in the end-time drama. They will be there after all! There are some important things relating to their God that they need to attend to.

As the marijuana smoke clears we see our modern day Odysseus rise up from his bed of ease. He is leaving the bosom of the witch Circe. She had seduced him, and turned his men to swine. But our hero manages to recover his men. His ship lies at anchor down in the harbor. And now he knows that he must be away. The charts come out as he prepares to resume, and to finish, his epic voyage. A great revival is about to begin. And he is bringing his people home again.

The prophet Joel clearly and precisely tells us that there will be a great revival in times to come. The final epic outpouring of the Holy Spirit will power up and climax in a blaze of glory at the very close of this age. This latter day outpouring will be a global event affecting all flesh. - Joel 2:28-32 Joel saw it come in the end-time in the context of the 6th seal cosmic signs of a darkened sun and a bloody moon. Quite clearly this will be a blockbuster revival. And it will climax with the second coming of Messiah at the last day.

And so we see Odysseus is awakening now. He is rubbing his eyes. His cup of coffee is in his hand. And his eyes now turn out to sea. He begins to think again of his forgotten people and of his homeland just over the horizon. The time has come for his great voyage to be concluded. His crew are busy as they prepare to embark. They are about to set forth on the final leg of their epic run. A grand adventure awaits them. Even a divine romance. Odysseus has a great responsibility laid out before him. He must be true to his people and to his calling. The golden city awaits. And he must bring his people home.


And now we are beginning to get a clearer view. We serve a God who will never leave His beloved elect people in the dark. The runaround of the ying and the yang fades off into the distance. The spell is broken. And now the holy history written about in the scripture is about to be unveiled before the watching world. That history is laid out before God's people in linear teleological fashion. And the final agenda of a Holy God will be displayed before all men. The pathway of the Puritans and the Pilgrims leads forward.
"And the ransomed of the Lord shall return." (Isaiah 35)


The Middle East is now at the center of world news. And Bible prophecy has always been an area of intense interest by Bible believing Christians. This is more true of Christians in American than any other national group. May of 1948 saw Israel come back into the Promised Land. They re-established the sovereign nation of Israel after two millennia of dispersion. Significant, even ominous, events are unfolding. There is talk of "giving away the west bank". Christians who read their Bibles know where this is all leading. Daniel 9:27 speaks of an ominous yet epic seven year peace covenant brokered by a certain global peacemaker. Israel, at the crossroads of the world, will provide the main stage for a future history. This is destined to be a history of biblical proportions.

The sovereign city of Jerusalem is again at the center of world attention just as it was 900 years ago with the crusades. American televangelist Pat Robertson has just issued a warning to President Bush telling him not to allow Jerusalem to become the capital of a so-called "Palestinian state". If he does he will lose evangelical support.
Yes, the Puritans are alive and well today. Today's Puritans are rising up in the American Congress just as they did in English Parliament during the 1640's. Their voices are being raised in the same godly zeal for the task at hand. They are still reading their Bibles. And they are still setting forth policy!

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