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Damascus Today.

Essay by Dr. Gavin Finley
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Damascus today
Isaiah's Prophecy
of the Destruction
of Damascus


Damascus is perhaps the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. It has never been destroyed in warfare. But a prophecy in the Hebrew Old Testament predicts its complete destruction. Since this has never happened before this prophecy must be in the future sometime. Some suggest that it will be late in the age in association with the coming Battle of Armageddon campaign when the nations gather their armies against Jerusalem. Others believe that this destruction of Damascus will be seven years before the end of the age in the war that brings out the peacemaker of Dan.9:27. What could have precipitated this dreadful action?

The answer is quiet plain to see. Israel has been suffering from a continuous series of terrorist attacks from across her eastern and northern borders. The city of Damascus is the closest city to Israel's eastern border. There is evidence that Damascus sheltered and gave the order for the Islamic Jihad attack on Tel Aviv in 2005. See this article.

Currently, a total of seven of the foreign terrorist organizations on the State Department's terrorism list are headquartered in Damascus. See this article.

In January of 2006 there was a meeting of many prominent radical Islamic leaders in Damascus. Iran may have a large number of nuclear warheads diverted to Iran from the Ukraine some years back when the USSR broke up. 250 of them have not been accounted for. Russia cannot say where they might be. This article from the Jerusalem Post suggests that Iran may in fact have four nuclear bombs. This may help to explain the recent belligerence coming out of Iran.

If Iran has some of these warheads they will still be in service until 2010. If this is information is correct then this is very worrisome. Because Syria and Iran are in cahoots together. See this article.

Here is the rest of the story. Syria will soon take delivery, (or has just taken delivery of), 26 Russian Iskander SS-26 surface missiles. These can deliver a 1,000 lb conventional bomb 250 miles with deadly accuracy. See this article.

This is all very alarming.
Could a Syrian missile be armed with an Iranian nuclear warhead?
Is this the basis for those Iranian threats to annihilate Israel?