The links we include below provide a general guide for access to some good Biblically sound information on the Internet. This does not necessarily mean that we endorse every doctrine the authors lay out on their website or in just the linked article for that matter. Some of the websites below actually contain some interpretations of Scripture with which I personally disagree. But the climax of this age has many facets to it. And if we insisted on perfect agreement with every written interpretation on every website we linked to we would end up having no links at all. We would then miss out on discovering some wonderful information inside some otherwise excellent articles.

Here is the bottom line. The saints are in the process of being sanctified. All of us are still far from perfect in our understanding of things. Discernment has always been critically important for Christian believers. And the Pilgrim Pathway is not a single well marked road for us right now. It is a collection of winding roads, weaving across the landscape, intersecting and then rejoining as they are gathered together. Right now the Highway of Holiness is a bit like the Ho Chi Minh trail during the Vietnam War. The roads are heading more or less, in the same general direction, onward and and upwards towards the Holy City. But to look at some of them right now you might have your doubts. So please be careful and discerning as you read what is presented, whether it is the links below or anywhere else on the Internet. Take the good and leave the bad. We are privileged to be living in the most wonderful age of letters in all of human history, bar none. There is a lot of good Biblically sound information becoming available now online. We are blessed to be living in such a time as this. But be warned. We are also entering into the greatest time of deception and disinformation this world has ever seen. So let us be very careful and watchful as we listen to what others are saying. Let us stick close to our God seek His counsel as we study and as we meditate on the Holy Scriptures. And may all our interpretations of God's spoken Word be faithful and true.

We should seek to be like the Bereans of Acts 17:11. Let us all search the Scriptures carefully and resolve to use the Bible as our final authority for truth. Let us also seek the leading of the Holy Spirit. Jesus has sent Him to us, (and yes He is a Person). Let us not grieve the Holy Spirit by turning away from His gentle leading. He was sent to be our Counselor and our Guide. We are told in scripture not to trust every spirit but to test the spirits to see whether they are from God. We are called to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. The Holy Scriptures and the Holy Spirit have both been provided for us. And in Christ, who is in Himself the Way, the Truth, and the Life the Spirit and the Word are in total agreement. Both of them complement each other to inform us, to guide us, and to comfort us as we go forward on our pilgrimage.

"Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God:
Because many false prophets are gone out into the world." (1 John 4:1 KJV)

"Proving what is acceptable unto God." (Eph 5:10 KJV)

"Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." (1 Th 5:21 KJV)

Click on the image link to the left to go to a YouTube video of the testimony of Michelle Hamilton, a 22 year old Australian girl swept out into the South China Sea on a small outrigger canoe into a tropical storm. For three days she was lost at sea and there she cried out to find that she was not alone. Michelle's website is aptly named, Jonah Ministries and the URL is www.jonahministries.com.au Her story is prophetic and brings a very important message for the saints at this time in holy history. We too will find ourselves cast into troubled waters in times to come. And it may come sooner than we think. We have a God who requires of us 100% faith, that is, 100% commitment to Him and to Him alone. We are Pilgrims on a journey and with no other recourse than to stay with Him. Michelle has a deep appreciation for the Hebraic roots of our faith and an interest in the blood covenant, atonement, and the Feasts of Israel. There are a number of very wonderful PDF's of Powerpoint teachings on these themes. These are freely accessible to all and available for download from her website. May God bless her in her ministry.

POST-TRIB WEBSITE BY TIM WARNER I met Tim Warner on the various Bible prophecy discussion forums in the late 90's. His careful handling of the scriptures in the grammatical-historical method of interpretation along with his gracious presentation was a shining light back in those early days of the Internet. Most of us, (as post-tribbers), managed to get ourselves kicked off the discussion boards by the moderators for "stepping over the line". On one forum we were forbidden to discuss "the timing of the rapture". But Tim was very patient and kind as he presented the scriptures. Whenever he came on the forum the moderators treated him like some deference.

With respect to the timing of the Resurrection-Rapture Tim has a website with a lot of well presented information from the Holy Scriptures. He presents the true and Biblically correct message God is sharing with us concerning the order of events in the end time. Tim and I got together with Pastor Mark Glodfelter, a Baptist pastor, and Navy Lieutenant Commander William Hall in 2002. We presented one of the very first Post Tribulation Bible Prophecy Seminars ever held. It was the Pensacola Post Tribulation Prophecy Conference.
In spite of extensive advertising with road signs and going on Christian radio the response was pitifully small. But the people who came were bright sparks. They were very special people. Many of them drove in long distances from places across the country.

Recently Tim Warner has opened up the subject of the Mazzaroth, or the Zodiac, in a way that explains the 12 picture lessons in the heavens as a sequence. They are 12 phases in God's work here on earth as he draws His people, showcased initially as "the woman/Virgo". These 12 signs in the heavens tell in pictures the story of God's dealings with His covenant people, first seen in the nation of Israel and then in the New Covenant with those individuals who have received the indwelling Seed of Abraham, the indwelling Christ.

I must say I had to have a chuckle over this. Tim Warner in years past had looked at me a tad dubiously as one who tended to get off into what he called "allegorizing" and "going beyond the bare text". He emphasized the "grammatical historical interpretation" of Holy Scripture and focused what the words meant to the people in times past. Tim said that he was centering on the "nuts and bolts" of Holy Scripture and not those over-arching themes of Scripture which are discerned spiritually and somewhat poetically at best and allegorically at worst. But here Tim is launching out and discerning spiritual themes with the best of them. Warms my heart no end.

We have seen the Seven Feast of Israel presented as God's plan unfolding throughout the length and breadth of holy history. So here with Tim's presentation of the Mazzaroth or Zodiac we have another series of way-points showing us the broad history, the plan, and the purpose of God as He deals with His Beloved, the Woman, Virgo, the covenant people, the Elect, the Chosen and brings them home. We see the heavens declare this unfolding glory of God from the Garden, through holy history of Israel and on up through the redemption by Aries the Sacrifice Lamb of God to the ultimate restoration of all things at the Second Coming of Messiah. At the end we shall see Messiah as Leo, the Lion of the royal Jewish Tribe of Judah, the Root and Offspring of David.

The MESSIANIC LITERARY CORNER takes a strong stand for the "Gospel of Grace" and provides a defense for the teachings that are often ignored in the Messianic community today. It has expanded it's studies into Old and New Covenant Messianic prophecy and basic Messianic theology. It also presents thought provoking scientific and archeological support for Biblical events that are often regarded as myth. You may choose to enjoy the works of over seventy poets, or express your own thoughts and fellowship at our new Facebook "Friends of the MLC" group.

Logos Publishing Company features books, articles,
and Topical Christian Commentaries by Jim Sayles. These include

* Comparison Chart - Matthew, Daniel, Revelation
* Left Behind? - Part 1
* Left Behind? - Part 2
* A Comparison of Resurrection-Rapture Passages
* The Olivet Prophecy

Richard Perry has written two books on end time themes. His first book is 'Of The Last Days: Listen, I Tell You A Mystery' (Amazon), or freely downloadable from his website. After finishing the book he took it upon himself to visit over 100 pastors in his home city. He invited them out for lunch and a chat. He gave them a copy of his book and shared with them very scripturally and graciously the fact that
1. There will be no pre-tribulation rapture, and
2. The saints need to know the truth about their vital and essential role in the end-time witness, and
3. Now is the time for pastors to prepare the saints in the Holy Scriptures and in the Holy Spirit for the trials on the road up ahead.

Sadly the pastors showed very little interest. Nevertheless, his attempt and the failure of the churchmen to look into the matter in responsible Berean fashion is now a matter of record.

God then led him on to another task. He was asked by a secular publisher to write 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Last Days'.

The Internet ministry of Deane McGriff and Doug Krieger is providing a good venue for Biblically based web ministries who hold to a Post-Tribulation Resurrection-Rapture, and that coming at the end of a future 70th Week, (the final seven years of this age). They sound a clear warning regarding the political and materialistic compromise of the church. These brethren also love Israel. They show that the 'two witnesses' of Rev. 11 are connected with Zechariah's vision of the two "sons of oil" and the dual offices of Messiah in the Order of Melchizedek. They show that the Church and Israel are both involved together in the covenant issues that come up for judgment in the latter days. A search throughout the Holy Scriptures from cover to cover will reveal that there is just one Elect. John saw the Ancient of Days holding court during the end time drama. He saw the Sovereign Ruler of the Universe in charge of proceedings as His witnesses stepped onto the stage of history in the latter days.


This is a wonderful website from the UK. Daniel and Linda Cox present some good Biblically well founded articles on a number of end-time themes. As with many post-trib messages the call goes out to awaken the sleepers and to exhort them in their end-time responsibilities in the end-time witness. We are called to arise and shine, and to finish the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. The preparation of the saints is a vital service in the Kingdom of God. And this website does it faithfully.

A fascinating article written by a Bible teacher back in the 1920's

This is a fascinating article written by a prominent Bible teacher back in the 1920's. At that time the Scofield Bible was out and his footnotes were trumpeting pre-trib and a dispensational wall of partition bricked in the Church and bricked in Israel as two isolated compartments. The writer, Oswald J. Smith D.D., Litt D., LL.D. describes his reaction to this and the subsequent study he undertook to cut through the fog and find the Biblical truth of the matter. God's salvation and grace was being split up with the Church and Israel being doled up two different end-time experiences and two different salvation plans. The subtlety of these doctrines in introducing error was breathtaking to this great Berean teacher back then. And the great confusion thrown up continues to bamboozle many American Christians to the point that many think that "only the Bible teachers and experts can understand Bible prophecy! What a travesty!


This website by Jim Taylor presents a directory of people, churches, and online ministries presenting the Biblical truth of the post-tribulation Resurrection-Rapture. A number of well written articles help to promote that belief, devotion, and commitment among professing Christians.

A bridging ministry to Judah and lost Israel
in the church with some very valuable scriptural
information outlining the end time restoration of Israel. I met Constance Fisher in Jerusalem at a gathering of Biblical Zionists in 2007. I was very impressed with the scriptural insights she has concerning the two sticks of Ezekiel 37, the two olive trees of Zechariah 4 and the eventual total restoration of both houses of Israel. She shows from the Word of God that the all encompassing glorious future restoration includes those whom Hashem calls out from both houses of Israel. The royal Jewish house of Judah is very much in the picture. So too is the true Church, many of whom have been drawn from the lost ten tribes of Israel. These people coming home to Zion are out there in the mystery. They and all their "companions" (See Ezek.37) from around the world come into the the New Covenant of Israel in the very same way. All the covenant people of the God of Israel are saved by grace through faith in the atoning blood of Israel's promised Sacrifice Lamb. Jesus Christ/Yeshua Hamashiach will return down Jacob's ladder to re-enter this cosmos again. After the tribulation He will come and gather all His saints. He will draw them from both estranged houses of Israel, from Jews and non-Jews, from lost Israel and from the heathen, and from both sides of Calvary. Meshiach will gather them all of His chosen people as one single Elect at the Resurrection-Rapture at the climax of the age. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb will include the saved from both houses of Israel and the saved from the heathen Gentiles. This will be one big happy joyful re-union. No one who trusts in Israel's promised Redeemer will be left out or "left behind". That is the way YHVH, the Holy One of Israel does things.

The South Pacific Island Mission website
of linguist and missionary Victor Shlatter. An Israel friendly ministry by Victor Shlatter founder of the South Pacific Island Mission. A former atomic scientist he with his wife went into translation work and church planting among the Waola tribes in Melanesia. As a linguist and one who is a missionary into the islands of Melanesia he has found evidence that some of the dispersed of Israel came to these islands in the remote past. These early wanderers in the nations left behind traces of their visitation. Dr. Shlatter found evidence of this in certain tribal traditions and religious practices and in the language and oral lore handed down through the generations.

This is an extensive South African website by Robin & Ronelle Pinard. They present an array of Biblical studies which are now becoming very important as we come into the latter days. Also included in this website are "The Catholic Chronicles", by Keith Green, a wonderful musician and minister who died in a plane crash under mysterious circumstances. This is an expose' on some of the deeper darker and hidden elements of Roman Catholicism that hinder the many dear people under its spell. There are multitudes in churches, both Catholic and Protestant, who are given glimpses of Christ and sincerely seek to know Him personally. Many seek their own personal communion with Him but are impeded by churchmen who install themselves as an essential Mediator in the place of God. This is what Jesus called, "the practices of the Nicolaitans". Jesus said He hated this. See Revelation 2:6. The medieval Roman church goes back to the 4th century and the Council of Nicaea. It was back then, (and still is), a carefully crafted amalgamation of Christianity and gnostic paganism. The Roman Church, (along with its vast collection of ecumenical tentacles), still remains the most wealthy and powerful church on the planet. Its two horns of power, (religious power and political power), still exert great influence over peoples and the nations of this earth and should not be underestimated by the saints as they face the final end-time witness.

Gethsemane Olivet Fellowship
An excellent website with clearly stated scripturally based articles on end-time themes by Suzanna Hogan and the Gethsemane Olivet Fellowship in New Zealand.

Logos Apostolic Church of God
The Logos Apostolic ministry started by Evangelist Roy Page in England has a website with a number of excellent articles on end time themes. At the center of it is our devotion to Jesus Christ and the equipping of the saints for our present and future witness. The articles are scripturally faithful and due emphasis is given to the restoration of Israel at the end of this age. Logos Apostolic ministries are part of a growing network of churches in Africa including the Sudan. They are worthy of our support.

An excellent pre-millennial post-trib 
resource harmonising endtime prophecies 
from the old and new testaments Andy Ludlum, an airline pilot and former pilot with the U.S. Air Force brings a careful and scripturally accurate approach to the Second Coming. His website includes an excellent article on Classic Pre-Millennialism. This doctrine of the end- time sequence of events is nothing new. It is scripturally well established. And it is the teaching the saints have upheld for 2,000 years. Only since the 1830's has dispensationalism come in to dicker with the Holy Scriptures. They have set forth a double-dealing eschatology marking out an incorrect pathway into the end time. But there is not one covenant for "the Church" and another for Israel. God has never instituted an set forth in the Scriptures any "apartheid of the Elect". The Scriptures only speak of one Elect, (not two). And the Bible clearly shows Messiah returning once, (not twice). At the harvest, (singular), our returning Messiah will judge the wicked. As the Day of the Lord opens up the angels of wrath go in first, (Mat.13:30) to gather up the wicked as weeds for the fires. Then He will deliver and glorify His saints at the Post-Tribulation Resurrection-Rapture. After this He will establish His Millennial Kingdom.
A Word of Warning About the
'Purpose Driven Life' Takeover.

Tamara Hartzell has an online book informing us of what is happening in this "purpose driven life" takeover of the churches. While popular with the crowds and revenue positive for religious business the takeover leadership seeks to set a "new middle of the road" or "lowest common denominator" agenda for evangelical Churches. The Purpose Driven Life appears to flow from the same selfism and religious humanism we saw in the earlier 'positive thinking', 'possibility thinking', and 'positive confession' crazes. Their leader has also suggested to his followers that End Time Bible prophecy and the Second Coming of Christ is "none of their business". This is most unfortunate. Evangelical churches are being pushed into an ecumenical mindset for a "world peace" that neglects the true character of the "Prince of Peace". Our coming Jewish Messiah will surely come. And He will rule from Jerusalem. Unwary, Biblically illiterate, and carnal Christians are being bullied into a new "unity" based on a downgraded version of "the faith that was once delivered to the saints".
A New Walk The website of Chris Waldrop ministering in Germany and Croatia.
A call to the Bride to make herself ready, 
by Stella Paterson www.ekklesia4him.net Ekklesia4Him, ('Called out' for Him)
A website exposing the greatest deception of all time and how its disastrous influence has been embraced. Error has been allowed to run rampant in the western Church and this has resulted in spiritual malaise and widespread and unrecognized apostasy. This is the website of Canadian author, Stella Paterson. Her book is
"Calling Forth The Remnant, By Way of The Cross."

Yesmulungi Website The website of Kato Mivule in Africa with some very good insights on the end time drama, the end time apostasy of many modern mammon based ministries, and the calling into true blood covenant Christianity.
Watchman Fellowship
Eastern Regional Watch
Click to go to this website This website has a lot of information on Sir Robert Anderson, the Scotland Yard Inspector who unlocked the mystery of the Seventy Weeks of Daniel back in the late 19th century.

Pilgrim's Map

Pastor J.D. Roberts's 24 hour prayer
website with some excellent scripturally
based articles on end-time themes
Fullness of Life in Christ Website by Ken Walker from Australia emphasizing the Presence of the indwelling Christ to change us into new creatures according to His likeness.

John McKee's Messianic Postrib website 
which also addresses the 'two house' 
reunion that will characterize the
remnant elect in the end-time

A Post-Trib website with some short hard-hitting
scriptural articles by David McCann. He presents 
the issues in an exhortational yet gracious style.

An inspiring website with some devotional articles
by my good friend Markus Reins in Wiesbaden, Germany.

An interesting site by my friend Tom Lamb from 
New Zealand giving a heads up on just how radical
our commitment to Jesus Christ really is.