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climactic final 7 years of this age.
The Olivet Discourse.
"The disciples came to Jesus privately, asking, 'Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of your coming, and the sign of the end of the age?'" -Mat.24:3

They still come to Him privately today, with the same two questions. And for those to who have ears to hear He answers, - privately.

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The articles, PowerPoint presentations, charts, diagrams, and videos on this website by Gavin Finley are offered into the Kingdom of God for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, to "make disciples of all nations". None of the articles are copyrighted. They are offered freely to all. You may abbreviate them, make abstracts of them, and expand on them as you wish for use in Christian ministry. The articles, in whole or in part, may be linked, copied, or printed out for distribution into any and all venues, media, and publishing outlets without any restriction whatsoever. The time is late. I WANT this information to go viral. With these articles go my prayers and best wishes to all.
Where Will You Spend Eternity?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . And With Whom?

This website on the subject of Commonwealth Theology contains a number of articles by myself and colleagues, Dr. Doug Hamp, Doug Krieger, and Chris Steinle. These articles embrace discussions about the Commonwealth of Israel from Ephesians 2:11,12,13,14 and also Reunion and Reconciliation of the Two Houses /Two Sticks of Israel. Doug Krieger has written the book, the Commonwealth Theology which is available on Amazon. You may read it for free in a Kindle PDF download for your tablet.
As we gathered at the "One in Messiah" conference held in Sacramento on Passover in 2018 a number of speakers addressed this subject of the Commonwealth of Israel. My presentation was on The Law/Grace Fracture Line in Israel and its End-Time Restoration in Messiah which is is archived on that YouTube video. The Holy One of Israel has a grand plan underway here. In Isaiah 49:6 He said that He would be finishing up His agenda of reunion, reconciliation, regathering, and restoration. This will be underway even as the saints take up the witness in the trials of the latter days. Our Messiah will wrap this up Himself, even as the Holy Spirit glory descends in a blowout climax, at the consummation of the age.
The Great Commission
Dead Sea Scrolls - The Great Isaiah Scroll
Click on the scroll to read in English. Try Isaiah 6 or 53.

The Rock at Horeb
that Moses struck twice.

Click to watch the free online video of the blockbuster discovery made by Jim and Penny Caldwell. The Rock in the Wilderness is four stories tall. (Please be discrete with whom you share this video. The real Mount Sinai, located in the ancient territory of Midian, is in in S**di Ar*6ia.)

Tim Warner's breakthrough work on the Mazzaroth,
with mp3 audio messages for your iPod or other device.

Sinners in the hands of an angry God, Part 1 and ..... Part 2 by Jonathan Edwards - The New World, 1741.
The 180 Movie
by Ray Comfort.
The New World Order
by Leonard Ulrich.
'Beyond the Next Mountain'
'More Than Dreams'
'God's Outlaw'
'Time Changer'
'The Radicals'
'John Wycliffe'
'John Hus'

Mp3 AUDIO FILES            
'Unfaithful Shepherds' by Tim Warner.

'Kundilini Warning' by Andrew Strom.
'The Church and the Tribulation' by Robert Gundry.
'Listen, I Tell You A Mystery' by Richard Perry.
'The Dead Soul Syndrome' by Jay Altieri.

A KJV Linear Harmony of the
Olivet Discourse by William S. Hall Jr.

A KJV Linear Harmony of the
Four Gospels by William S. Hall Jr.

Click on the image link to the left to go to a YouTube video of the testimony of Michelle Hamilton, a 22 year old Australian girl swept out into the South China Sea on a small outrigger canoe into a tropical storm. For three days she was lost at sea and there she cried out to find that she was not alone. Michelle's website is aptly named, Jonah Ministries and the URL is www.jonahministries.com.au She has a deep appreciation for the Hebraic roots of our faith and an interest in the blood covenant, atonement, and the Feasts of Israel. There are a number of very wonderful PDF's of Powerpoint teachings on these themes and freely accessible to all available on her website.

Click on the Trailer.
More Than Dreams
For decades, a phenomenon has been recurring in the Muslim world. Men and women without any knowledge of the Gospel and without any contact with Christians have been forever transformed after experiencing dreams and visions of Jesus Christ. Reports of these supernatural occurrences often come from "closed countries" where preaching the Gospel is forbidden and where converting to Christianity can invoke the death sentence. A common denominator appears to be that the dreams come to those who are seeking to know and please God. A wonderful movie/DVD has been made of five of those individuals. Each found themselves drawn through a strait and difficult gate and into glories they could not have imagined. The YouTube videos below tell the stories of four of them. Click on the image at left to go to the website,
The Story of Khalil   Part 1,   2,   3,  
The Story of Mohammed   Part 1,   2,   3,   4,   5,  
The Story of Dini   Part 1,   2,   3,   4,   5,  
The Story of Khosrow   Part 1,   2,   3,  

Islamic Conquest: What America Needs to Know
by Bill Federer, from the VCY Rally 4/2/11 VCY America TV on Vimeo.

Featured Articles
Corrie Ten Boom comments on the current popular Pre-Trib Rapture teachings and brings a word of warning to the church.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Ruth B. Graham, wife of Billy Graham, expresses her thoughts concerning the Rapture.

Light Evangelism Ministry website
Please consider sending a donation to a very worthy but underfunded mission in Africa. Light Evangelism Ministry (LEM) is a faithful, well run, and very fruitful mission operating in war torn and Ebola ravaged Liberia and Guinea. You can see what is happening over there if you go to the LEM YouTube Channel

Brother Neh-kewon (Mark) Dahn and his wife Eunice are from Liberia. They established the ministry in 1989. As the civil war began they were forced into exile across the border in the Ivory Coast. There Brother Mark taught himself French and during 7 years he worked as a construction foreman, pastored a church, and worked with SIM. I met Mark in 1999 when he was over here in the US completing his Biblical studies at Pensacola Christian College. Mark lives close by and we have worked closely together ever since. I am the board chairman of the mission and we have some very wonderful board members which include 2 ministers, two physicians and some very enthusiastic and gifted people committed to advance the mission for the glory of God. The Light Evangelism Ministry was incorporated in the US as a 501-c3 ministry in 2005. Our financial statements are readily available and soon to be put up on the website. The mission runs on a shoestring. Brother Mark and his family live on a very limited salary and in very humble circumstances. Over 70% of the funds raised actually go to West Africa to support the mission.

Here in the USA Brother Mark serves with LEM seeking ministry partners and raising support for the ministry among the churches. Meanwhile, in West Africa a network of committed native pastors and evangelists are being assisted by LEM in their ministry. The past ten years have seen over four thousand saved. The mission campus east of Monrovia includes a guesthouse, a school with 160 students, dormitories for orphans, and a clinic. This last year saw the foundations laid for a church. There is a Jesus Film outreach and Children's Bible conferences. Many are being nurtured in the faith and churches are being planted in the hinterlands as well as across the borders in Guinea and the Ivory Coast. Widows and orphans of the civil war are being helped and medicines are being dispensed. The mission performed a life-saving food disstribution program during the recent Ebola crisis. After 15 years of internal conflict there are many amputees. 550 wheelchairs have been shipped. Half of them them have been assembled there in Liberia by the vocational arm of Light Evangelism Ministry. However we need more funds to distribute them to those who really need them desperately in the back country.

After 15 years of civil war the roads in Liberia are impassable in the wet season. Native evangelists and pastors are actually using the bicycles and the motorcycles LEM has provided to share the Gospel. An orphanage and orphan support has been wonderfully assisted by people on our board. When the roads are passable the two Toyota Tacoma pick-up trucks we sent in are carrying the evangelistic crew and the equipment for the "Jesus film" to be shown in villages deep into the back country of Liberia. Through it all hundreds of lasting commitments are being made to Jesus. Bibles are being provided and new believers are being nurtured in the faith.

This is a faithful mission. For those called to be stewards of the Kingdom of God this a very good investment with eternal rewards. Contributions can be made from the "Donate" button on the bottom of the front page on the Light Evangelism Ministry website or by clicking on the "Donate" button below to the right. If you prefer you may send a check by mail to the P.O. Box address below to the left. A receipt for tax purposes will be promptly mailed to you by our treasurer/accountant Debra.

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The Saints of Days Past.
Do We Remember Them?
. . .
'Christians in Rome During the Third
Century going up into the Arena. 
Click for 'Foxe's Book of Martyrs'
Christians in Rome during the third century going up into the arena. This image is from the Mansell Collection. Click on the image to go to Foxe's Book of Martyrs.

Recommending some excellent Videos of Church History 'Click' on the images below.
A superb video on the life of William 
Tyndale with important church-state 
lessons for the end-time saints King Henry VIII and his churchmen bitterly
opposed Tyndale's efforts in translating 
the scriptures into English. Why?

"God's Outlaw", William Tyndale, translated the Bible into English whilst in hiding within the evangelical merchant communities in Holland Germany, and Belgium. Here is a YouTube trailer of this wonderful film. For years Tyndale was hunted down by agents of King Henry VIII and the state licensed Church of England the king established. Tyndale was eventually betrayed by a mole, a double agent sent into Europe by the Bishop of London. Put on trial on a charge of heresy he was condemned and imprisoned. In October of 1536 he was garroted and burned at the stake. Crucial Church-State lessons we never thought we would ever have to learn are brought to light in this superb video for the end time pilgrims.
The Swiss & German Anabaptists; 
Do We Remember Them? The Swiss and German Anabaptists:
The world was not ready for their message. And they were not prepared to compromise. See this short YouTube video trailer. The stand they took during the horrific and bloody Reformation Wars in their refusal to swear oaths of allegiance to political powers or to allow their children to be conscripted into Catholic or Reformist armies often cost them their lives. Their rejection of the sword was quite different from the church-state view embraced by the Roman Church, the Reformers, and the now dominant Anglo-American Puritans. This was truly radical Christianity. Their affirmation of the Kingdom of God in their Christian communion and community life is still seen today in Amish and Mennonite church life. It will be seen again in the 70th Week of Daniel, the final 7 years of this present age. This dramatic and superbly produced video addresses the crucial subject of "the cross vs. the sword" and the issue of "political protection vs. spiritual preservation". Western Christians will face this fork in the road as they come into the end-time drama. Will they stay on the Crusader/Puritan/Victorian path, the way of the sword? Or will they pass up onto the Pilgrim pathway the highway of holiness?

The Pensacola Post-Trib
Bible Prophecy Conference
Held in October of 2002 this was one of the very first meetings of post-trib evangelicals ever assembled. We heard some wonderful expositions of the Holy Scriptures regarding the latter days. And the turnout? It was pitiful.

Creation Science Messages
by Dr. Sidney C. Phillips Jr.
(my esteemed father-in-law).
The classic book of daily devotional readings compiled by Mrs. Chambers from the life ministry of Scottish minister J. Oswald Chambers. After a ministry on four continents he sailed for Egypt in 1915 where he ministered to the ANZAC soldiers of Australia and New Zealand.

'Prayer and Fasting, a Forgotten Secret', by Tom McGregor & Ron Lagerquist. The pilgrim's gateway into spiritual and physical healing and an entry into the miraculous. This excellent Canadian resource includes some very practical information on Juice Fasting & Water Fasting.
Open Doors with Brother Andrew. The story of Bible smuggling into the persecuted church in China and elsewhere and how you can lend a hand.

A Passage from Job:
Evolution? Or Creation?

For those who may have forgotten their creator; and also those who in the day of tribulation become dark and morose, and want to question God;

Ezekiel's Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones
Some inspiring Old Testament poetry.
Holiness is not Legalism
A sermon by John Wesley, a famous preacher of the Evangelical Awakenin who ministered in 18th century England.
An Inspiring Testimony from the Diary of Christopher Columbus.
'The boy stood on the burning deck, . .'
An inspiring poem for the end-time pilgrims.
"If" - by Rudyard Kipling.
Another inspiring poem for the end time saints.
Simpson and his Donkey; Gallipoli - 1915
An inspiring story of devotion and sacrifice.

'It is not the Critic Who Counts.. '
An inspiring speech for the end-time pilgrims by Theodore Roosevelt. Also known as 'The Man in the Arena'
Sadhu Sundar Singh
A short account of his life and testimony as he ministered throughout India, in Tibet, then abroad including Australia.
The Laodicean Lie!
A timely warning concerning the spiritual state of today's lukewarm western church by David Wilkerson.
'The Lady of Shalott'.
She only knows of Him in a mirror's dim reflection, and in her tapestry images. Her truelove and beloved, the one betrothed to her, has become a fading memory. A classic and tragic poem of a woman beguiled by a worldly champion who draws her away away from her bridegroom, the one to which she is betrothed. She has lost contact with Him and no longer really believes he will return. Similarly the established western church no longer trusts the scriptures which clearly prophesy that her promised Messiah will return. This poem is a spiritual dream-scape and a prophetic warning being expressed within the literature of our culture. Is the Lady of Shalott a prophetic showcasing of our worldly ecumenical Western church today as she slowly and sadly drifts down the river towards Camelot/Babylon in a tragic departure from the faith?
'The Man from Snowy River':
An inspiring Australian poem of a vigorous
and determined regathering of the lost.


These articles for the most part have been written by friends and kindred spirits who in their article are bringing out important truths on End-Time themes. I uphold the general word and spirit they are expressing in their article. Of course some of these writers happen to hold views with which I disagree on other subject matter. Please understand that I am not endorsing a person but just the article here they have written. As always, use discernment and test the spirits, sentence by sentence, by the Holy Scriptures in the Holy Spirit.

The Coming Time of Jacob's Trouble.
A wonderful Biblically based and Israel faithful article warning against the anti-apocalyptic harlot, Kingdom Now, and dominionist mindset that is sweeping through the Church today. Many are saying that Israel and the Church will be brought into their final Millennial glory by the present day religious, ecumenical, political, and military powers. Art Katz refutes this. He shows from the scriptures that there will clearly be another scattering and a final regathering of YHVH/God's covenant people in the latter days of this age. Israel as we see it and discern it today and the Church will both enter into the Apocalypse. The Jewish house of Judah and the nations representing the lost ten tribes, along with the global Congregation and citizenship of the saints, the Commonwealth of Israel, will all enter into the time of Jacob's trouble, the crucible of the End-Time. The terminus of the Great Tribulation will see the emergence of the single Elect. The Tribulation Saints, refined as gold, will be heading up the parade of the saints of all ages. (See Rev. 20:4-6.) All of the saints will enter into the glory together! - by Art Katz

The Restoration of All Israel in the Coming Apocalypse
In this dissertation Fred London, son of holocaust survivors, speaks to the issue of the purpose of the Church or Congregation /Commonwealth of Israel in the latter days. He addresses the witness of Christian / Messianic believers to their yet to be saved Jewish brethren as well as the end-time witness to any and all those who have not yet heard the Good News. Redemption and salvation is to be found in the Gospel through the atoning blood of Yeshua Hamashiach / Jesus Christ, the Unleavened Bread of Heaven, Israel's promised Sacrifice Lamb.
- by Fred London

The Titanic: - Lessons for the Church in the
Latter Days. Will There Be Enough Lifeboats?

In this dissertation Fred London examines the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. There are a host of lessons to be gained from this tragic saga, and many of them especially applicable to situation of the Western Church as we approach the climax of this present age.
- by Fred London

The Notzrim and the Jews
the Two Houses of Israel.

The Notzrim are the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. And they are hidden from view right now, .... for safekeeping.
- by Ben Cohen.
During Succoth of 2007 the author had the privilege of interviewing Jewish scholar and author Yair Davidiy in Jerusalem. I asked him about the Notzrim. Here is that video. And here are the other Yair Davidiy videos of that interview.

Two House Theology, (or true Israelology)
This article and the contained video by Zac Bauer lays out the Biblical case for the two houses of Israel. It describes their calling and purpose, their past history, and their future history as they come together under Messiah. The Scriptures are clear. God fully intends to use them in the dual witness of the latter days and reunite them into a single undivided Elect. During the end-time drama they are to become that "royal priesthood and holy nation" Moses and the Apostle Peter both spoke about.

The Post Tribulation Rapture at the Last Trumpet - by Tim Warner at AnswersinRevelation.org

Pressing on into the Kingdom - by Mike Molyneux

The Indifferent Church
- by Dene McGriff of The Tribulation Network.

Dominionism and the
rise of Christian Imperialism

Will the Church take over the world? Will the Church conquer the world and deliver it up to Christ on a platter? This is an excellent expose' on Dominion Theology by Sarah Leslie.

The Jezebel Spirit
Here on PDF format is a superb article on the Jezebel spirit, what it is, and its history as showcased in Scripture. Control over others is through witchcraft, which by definition is an illegitimate authority exerted over others by means of intimidation and domination as well as seduction and manipulation. The legitimate authority God has established is crushed in order to set up in its place the Luciferian Kingdom of Self. Christian compromise and entanglement with this spirit will be the basis of the end-time Harlot Kingdom John saw in Revelation 17. See also this chart The article points out where the Jezebel spirit is operating through people in our society today. The author is someone named Eddie.

Lifted Up on Eagle's Wings
This short story tells of a God who intervenes into human history. He does it in miraculous ways, moving heaven and earth and even seas for the ones He loves. When His covenant people are being pursued by an overwhelming enemy it may seem that there is no hope. Their backs are against the wall. Behind them is the encroaching enemy. Before them is a raging sea of death. But then, something happens. And wonder of wonders, they find a Way of Deliverance opening up before them. This short personal narrative bridges the time gap from the Red Sea crossing to the future events that will occur at the climax of the age. There is a point of commitment. Then we discover that we are being invited into a serendipity. It is a Wonder, a happy surprise, a glorious hope. The author is David G. Sloss.

Spiritual Authority
God's vs. Man's

This is an excellent article on the much muddied subject of spiritual authority by Ron and Karen Schwartz.

An Inspiring Testimony of
Deliverance from the Occult

This wonderful testimony of salvation and deliverance from the occult is by Dr. James Petzold.


An online e-book offered freely to the saints by Tamara Hartzell. It seems that the "Purpose Driven Life" movement while it has blessed many also has its dark side. This time it is Evangelicals who are being drawn into Ecumenism and a movement that amounts to "church unity through compromise". Our Greco-Roman religious philosophies and mind-games know no bounds. Our religious fads have gone from Positive Thinking to Possibility Thinking and then on to Positive Confession. The present fad, continuing the "P" tradition is the so called Purpose Driven Life. Man-centered religious humanism based upon Helenistic Greek logic is again being sold to the church masses as something holy, which it is not. We are getting reports that the Purpose Driven Life movement is going into churches and expelling church members who uphold Biblical faith, Biblical doctrine, and the Way of the cross. In his book the leader of the movement is actively and purposefully shooing Christians away from the Holy Scripture as they relate to vital issues of the End Time. Once again establishment churchmen are trying to block out Biblical truth as it relates to th critical task of preparation of the saints in the latter days. This is a grievous action being taken against God's Holy Word, against His Holy People, and against His Holy Spirit. Christians will one day be going up to witness in the end time drama. To see the saints being denied God's faithful Word on the critically important matter is a travesty. The sheep of God's pasture are not being fed the milk and meat of God's Word. Instead they are sold the usual empty pods of religious motivational hype, psychobabel and a syruppy mishmash of disinformation about the end-time. Christians are not being properly informed concerning their vital role of witness at the climax of the age. Churchgoers are left as foolish virgins, unprepared for the coming darkness. The midnight hour will surely come. And in the gathering darkness when the lamps are sputtering many will find themselves without the oil and at the point of burnout. A coming Great Apostasy is out there in the future. (2Thes.2:3) Western Christians are not being prepared in the Holy Scriptures and in the Holy Spirit. This "cloaking" and "coralling" of the Word of God by the "purpose driven movement" is a harbinger of the coming harlot religious system. In times to come many Christians will be spiritually unprepared. In the hour of trial many will not be able to stand. They will deny the faith. There will be a Great Falling Away. A Church that denies and witholds Biblically correct information on the returning Christ is leaving the saints ill-prepared and without a sound foundation in the true and genuine faith of our fathers. Corrie Ten Boom has warned us about this very thing. Christians in the West still slumber on their beds of ease and luxuriate in their dreams of personal glory, self-esteem, material prosperity in this world, and a coming World Dominion by a Church Universal and Triumphant and this before Messiah returns. True Christians are with a Biblical world view have a more sober perpective. They are responding to the high calling in Christ. This is a "purpose" that is far more glorious than anything ecumenical churchianity can offer. The true saints are waking up. They are preparing themselves spiritually. They know that the hour is late!

Rebuilding the Church from the Ground Up.
by Mike Molyneux of New Zealand. When faced with the compromising Church we see in the West today we have no other option. With the Holy Bible open before us and the Holy Spirit as our Guide we must start over from the beginning. Quite clearly this is now our mandate. "If the foundations are destroyed what can the righteous do?" (See Psalm 11:3,4). Is this restoration of the foundations happening now among God's Chosen Elect? Is God calling out a new "Ekklesia", a new Church, a new "called out assembly"? Oh yes. Has He not already called for new wine-skins, (Mark 2:22), even as the true New Wine is to be served from Joseph's table in the latter days?
The PDF version of this article is HERE.
Email: mike.molyneaux@xtra.co.nz

The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel
- by Orthodox Jewish/Australian scholar Yair Davidiy who resides in Jerusalem. Yair has carefully researched this subject and has written extensively on it. His book, 'The Tribes' is available at the Britam.org website. During Succoth of 2007 the author had the privilege of interviewing Yair Davidiy in Jerusalem. We videoed the interview and divided it into topics. Here are those Yair Davidiy videos.

The Dead Soul Syndrome
This book is in depth, theological Bible study on our current spiritual state after the fall, and how many will be changed into new Life in the glorious Resurrection-Rapture yet to come. - By Jay Altieri.

The Historical Origins of the
Pre Tribulation Rapture Doctrine
- by Ed Tarkowski

Facing the Master
An important message regarding our attitude towards the Shepherd of Israel, our Lord Jesus Christ. This article was written by a good friend of mine from Germany, Markus Reins.

By Your Patience Possess Your Souls
A message from Luke 21:19. As we come into the trials of latter days it will not be our might, our power, our politics, or our military that will prevail. Rather it will be through the graces, the fruits of the Holy Spirit, prominent among them being the fruit of Patience, that the end-time witness will be completed. Patience will be the main recourse and strength of the Elect in those days to come. From Revelation 3:10 we see that "keeping (or preserving), the Word of His Patience" is a vital key to the end-time witness, and with it the final victory of the saints. All the glory for this will be going to God. This article was written by my friend from Germany, Markus Reins.

Blood Covenant (English version)
Blutbund (German version)
This is a helpful article on the Blood Covenant dimension to our Christian faith.
- By Markus Reins (with Gavin Finley)

The True Church
This is an excellent article linked from the Seven Stars website of Markus Reins. It lays out the foundation of the true Church which is founded upon a simple sincere faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.
- By

The Ongoing Reconciliation
of All Israel.
- by Rabbi Moshe Koniuchowsky.

The End Time Solution
to Replacement Theology!

- by Rabbi Moshe Koniuchowsky.

Coming as a Thief in the Night
Will Jesus return as a thief in the night to Christians?
No at all. This is how He will surprise the wicked!
- By Richard Perry of

Imminency. Is it in the Bible?
This popular doctrine has been crafted by men and is very popular. But it is not supported by Holy Scripture.
- By Richard Perry

The Great Rapture Debate
My friend Richard Perry, (Post-Trib), debated Thomas Ice, (a noted Pre-trib author). Mr. Perry brought the Holy Scriptures to bear on the important end-time issues. The Biblical truth relating to the last day, post-tribulation Resurrection-Rapture was very well presented.
- By Richard Perry

The Prayer of Jabez:
Out of sorrow and travail a cry of petition brings the favour of God. - by Pastor J. McNair

Legends of Gog and Magog,
Dark angelic spiritual rulers are held constrained beyond the Caucasus Mountains, or "Mountains of Darkness". At the end of this age Rosh,(head), the chief angelic ruler will stir up the hordes of Gog to burst forth from their bronze/iron curtain". Pouring down through the Caucasus region they will erupt into history. See Ezek.38-39 & Rev.9:14. This is a literary/cultural study by Sylvia Volk.

The Anabaptists
All evangelicals should know and understand the history of the Anabaptists. Because the very same pattern of ecclesiastical persecution of Evangelical Biblical Christians seen in the 1500's will be repeated in the end time drama during the first half of the 70th Week. The compromised established Harlot Church will again be persecuting devoted Christians, the saints, the true and faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ. Here is a link to the Anabaptist.org website.

In this section are some excellent articles written by trusted friends and kindred spirits. It is a privilege to provide this venue for these faithful devotional writers.

The Final Act of this age
- by Carol McCarthy

Salvation is a Covenant with God. - by Tim Lee

The Coming Wars
-by Clevetta Herndon R.N.

'The Fourth Cup'
by Robin Neil


'You and I were there
the Day Jesus Died'

by Patrick Jett.

'The Place of a Skull'
by Lynn Williams.


God visits in a dream with
wonderful encouragement.

by Melvin Thompson.

The Rapture Train Shuffle
or an eye opening visit to
The Glory Train!
- A Play

A Post Tribulation Hammerlock
- Are you Jacob?

Preterism is a Deception:
A slide show revealing those important Bible prophecies pertaining to our future. This vital information on the end-time is being 'cloaked' by this false and deceptive doctrine.

A Third Jewish Temple;
- and World Peace?

An introduction to the future third Jewish temple built During a future interim world peace.

The 144,000 Finally! A group of mortal saints will go right on through into a sold-out devotion to God. They will be drawn past erotic love to go straight into Agape love and into indescribable glories beyond.

The Post Tribulation
at the Last Day"

'Resurrection', 'rapture' and 'last day'. Here we have a three piece jigsaw puzzle. Let's connect these three pieces together using the relevant scriptural passages.
Behold! What do we find?

Moses's Prophecy
of the Latter Days

3500 years ago Moses in the 'Song of Moses' brings a word of warning concerning
a Future Tribulation
and a word of encouragement to God's covenant people. Would this include us as Christian believers? Oh yes!

'Left Behind', or 'Dereliction
of Duty on the High Seas'.

Are we in the western church entertaining notions of deserting? This sea story from Acts 27 packs a powerful lesson concerning the virtues of patience and loyalty. It involves the shipwreck of our Apostle Paul.

The Post-Tribulation Rapture
Pre-trib or post trib? Does it matter? It certainly does! One view causes us to prepare our hearts with all diligence and devotion in blood covenant commitment towards our Lord Jesus Christ.
..... The other does not.

The Order of Melchizedek
The dual offices of Melchizedek as High Priest and King are in Christ our coming Messiah. He will unite the Kingdom, (in the Throne of David in Judah), with the Priesthood, which is wrapped up in the ministerial Gospel burden of the Church. The Kingdom, (in the returning repenting refined remnant of the Jewish house of Judah in Israel), will be reunited with the refined remnant Church. "And so all Israel shall be saved." This epic and glorious re-uniting of both houses of the former Greater Israel, will heal the breach of Jeroboam. And the two sticks Ezekiel saw will become one. (Ezek. 37:15-28). Messiah will achieve all this as He refines the gold in the crucible of the end-time drama.

The Great Tribulation
according to Moses

Moses prophecy is a message for the Church. Oh yes, he has something to say to us!

God's Redemption Story
in the Constellations.

by Gavin Finley

Starchart of the
Lesser Sheepfold

The Saints vs.
the New World Order

The Edomites in the End Time
and the Second Coming of Christ (Messiah) in Wrath and Deliverance at the 'Sheepfolds of Bozrah'.

The Virginia Tech Shootings
Here we have a murderous genocidal spirit committing outrages against innocents. Have we seen this spirit before? Indeed we have. It is the spirit of Esau. The Edomites are hidden in our midst. They will rise up and rage against God and His covenant people as we approach the end of this age.

Gnosticism Inside the Church
Entranced by the medieval romances and in bondage to her own carnal fantasies the established western church, like Hosea's wife Gomer, is still held captive under the sword of her thorny worldly lovers.

The Return of Messiah as 'The Breaker'
at the Sheepfolds of Bozrah

The Bozrah deliverance prophesied in Micah chapter 2 is part of the second coming of Christ. Yet this important and truly magnificent part of the story has not been told.

The Church of Laodicea;
Today's Lukewarm Church?

This church is destined to be spewed out in the latter days. But wait! All is not lost. The Beloved is at the door!

Is the Church Gomer?
Do we, as Gomer, place our faith primarily in our worldly princes and our political lovers?

The Council of Nicaea.
This was the first great tragedy of compromise entered into by the church. Was the church seduced by Rome? Was the Nicaean church-state covenant of 325 A.D. a foreshadowing of the Dan.9:27 deal with a certain future 'peacemaker'? Someone who will later be 'revealed' as the antichrist?

The End Time Apostasy
or "Great Falling Away".

This 'dark night of the soul' is out there in our future. It will be the ultimate challenge to our faith. Are we prepared to face it?

An End Time Harlot Rides
a Beast with Ten Horns.
Dan.9:27 begins the drama of the end time. A harlot will emerge as the initial ruling power over a ten horned global system. Today's world sees ten geo-political regions forming. Then we have the discovery of a secret New World Order Map. (See below).

(from the Pennsylvania Crier)
A New World Order Map
of ten future,(?emerging) global bio-regions.
The New World Order Map of Ten Future 
(?Emerging) Global Bio-Regions

End Time Bible Prophecy
Is it just a chamber of horrors as our pre-tribulation rapture friends have asserted? Or might it possibly be a threshold into unspeakable glories?

'Lest We Forget'
We are a forgetful people. Yes, there have been many burdens and many trials. Many fine people have made untold sacrifices in war and in peace. And they should be remembered. But through it all one basic underlying question remains unanswered. Why did these things have to happen? And through all our histories,Who is it that we might have forgotten?

Is the Sabbath the Hebrews kept before Nicaea actually our Tuesday?
Before the 4th Century Rome used an 8 day week, labeled A to H called the Nundinal cycle. A new seven day week was crafted at the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. The Roman powers at Nicaea set forth their 7 day weekly cadence and the 7th day Saturday we now have installed in our current Roman solar / Perpetual calendar. The Jewish sage Hillel II, undoubtedly under Roman pressure, followed with the very same 7 day cadence with the calculated Hebrew Calendar he established under the Roman authorities in 359 A.D.. Did the Romans and their Byzantine Church synchronize their new 7 day week with the original Hebrew weekly cadence? We have good evidence that they did not. The text link above goes to a PDF. And here is the POWERPOINT.

A Short Treatise on
Rationalism and Existentialism
. Rationalism was an ideological basis for the so-called "Enlightenment" of the 18th century. Rationalism, human reason, became the guiding light of the French Revolution and the subsequent secularist regimes of national/state socialism, (Nazism/Fascism), and international socialism,(Communism). The godless humanism of rationalism has failed in every national political system where Utopians have tried to make it work. Quite clearly this world awaits the coming of the true Messiah.

"After Two Days He Will Revive Us".
Hosea Prophesies an Epic Revival - Hos. 6:2
Hosea's prophecy of a revival after "two days" reached the set time in the fall of 2003. So have we entered the threshold of the promised End Time Revival?

The Latter Rain Revival
The name 'latter rain' has been claimed by a dubious religious movement. It was declared to be heretical by the Assemblies of God in the 1950's. The Latter Rain movement, which is linked to Dominion Theology, is back. It is carnal, compromised, and now more powerful than ever. Nevertheless, the promise of a true and genuine 'latter rain' or End Time Revival is clearly set forth in the Holy Scriptures. When will this promised great outpouring of the Holy Spirit occur? And under what circumstances?

Two Turtledoves in Lieu of a Lamb.
A Clue to Millennial Citizenship?

The Restrainer of the Antichrist,
Beast Demon of the Bottomless Pit.

The book of Daniel reveals the identity of one who is known as "he who restrains" from 2Thessalonians 2:7

The Coming Millennium
of Messiah
or the
Kingdom of God on Earth.
A future thousand years under Messiah is surely coming. It is mentioned six times in Rev. 20:1-7. We also see it in the Old Testament Millennial prophecies and poetry. This clearly refutes the Augustinian doctrine of Amillennialism.

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb
Celebration is part of the character of our God. And He celebrates big. At the Marriage Supper of the Lamb He gathers with all His covenant people. All the saints will be there in a joyful reunion. The glory of this consummation is beyond our powers to describe.

Loving God, and the
Discerning of End-Time Truth
Is there romance in the last days? It seems that John, the writer of the Book of Revelation, was the apostle of love. And the love of God's covenant people for their coming Messiah is the key to understanding end-time truth. Only in that devotion and in that love-walk of grace and obedience will they understand just what is happening at the climax of this age.

Beauty and the Beast
The quintessential element of the end-time drama is the final conflict between the Eternal Covenant, a devotion to God in Christ, and a coming 7-year peace treaty/covenant with a self worshipping Luciferian peacemaker, a false messiah who will later be 'revealed' to become the 666 Antichrist. For many in Christendom and many in the nation of Israel it is unclear at present just who they will end up following. This conflict of devotion, (and its climactic resolution), is what the coming Great Tribulation, and the End-Time Revival (which comes with it), is all about.

The Puritan Dream
and 'Manifest Destiny'

They sailed from England with a dream. Their Puritan vision was for the New World to be a 'nation under God' and a light to the world. This later crystallized into a sense of 'manifest destiny' and a belief that Americans in the New World will lead the world into their dominion and ultimately global peace and security.

The Hidden Roots of
Raging Anti-Colonialism.

A new book on Anti-Colonialism by Dinesh D'Souza has provided a new perspective on political character. In this article we go deeper than politics to reveal an important root cause of the raging anti-colonialism that stirs up people to hate the West, or more specifically, to hate the the Judeo-Christian Messiah who is the God of the West.

by Gavin Finley MD

The Commission   - from Matthew 28:18-20
The Calling   - from Isaiah 62:6
The Watch   - from Ezekiel 33:6
The Zeal   - from Jeremiah 20:9

America, the UK, Russia, Germany,
and France in Bible Prophecy

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The Fall Feasts of Israel and the Final 7 Years
Daniel's Prophecy of the 70 Weeks
The Commonwealth of Israel web-page
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The TRUE Blood Moon of Jesus, Joel, and John
Gavin is interviewed by Dr. Douglas Hamp
The Yair Davidiy interview videos
Gavin is interviewed by Pastor Rob Cartledge
Light Evangelism Ministry - Liberia

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Interview with Christopher Mantei
on the Wings of the Eagle radio program
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A radio interview hosted by Chris Steinle with
James Taylor of EndTimeOvercomers.com.
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The WEBY 1330 AM radio show
"America in Bible Prophecy"
with Pastor Carl Gallups.

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Interview with Brian Simmons on the concurrent
Great End-Time Apostasy and Great End-Time Revival.
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Daniel's 70th Week
also called the Tribulation Chart.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
The First 69 Weeks of
Daniel's 70 Week Prophecy

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
The Fall Feasts and Daniel's 70th Week.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
The the final 7 years of this age. is a time segment of 2550 days inclusive. The time segment spanning Yom Teruah / Tishri 1 with Tishri 10 / Day of Atonement / Yom Kippur 7 years later in certain 7 year spans of years with 86 moons can measure out a precise match of 2550 days in the span. It appears that these two yet to be fulfilled Fall Feasts of Israel can, and probably will, mark the beginning and end of the final seven years of this age.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
The 1260 days, (last half), of the 70th Week
The 1290 days and the 70th Week

Major Discovery #1
The Fall Feasts of Israel stake out
the final 7 years of this age.

The final seven years of this age, a period of 1260 days + 1290 days or 2550 days is staked out precisely by the first two of the Fall Feasts of Israel. In 2003 this author discovered that when the seven year Tishrei to Tishrei time span is 86 moons in the Metonic cycle, (and not 87 moons) and when we begin counting out the days from Yom Teruah, the Hebrew new year, Rosh Hashanah, or the Feast of Trumpets considering this Tishrei 1 date as day #1 and then count out into the seven year or 86 moon plus 9 day time span which is 2549 days beyond that we come to day #2550 to discover that we have arrived right on Tishrei 10, the Day of Atonement. This epic future Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement will come into its New Covenant fulfillment at the end of the final seven years of this age with the trumpets of Jubilee blowing to announce the Year of Jubilee, the opening year of the Millennium of Messiah.
See this YOU TUBE video, or this POWERPOINT or this PDF File of that same PPT.

Major Discovery #2
The Day of Atonement will be
the last day of this age.

The Day of Atonement is not appreciated for what it is. It is the last day of this age. This Yom Kippur of all the Yom Kippurs that have gone before it is grand central station to the End-Time. It is the 'Last Day' of this present evil age. Atonement for sin is a legal matter. And as a legal matter this final Day of Reckoning / Day of (Blood) Covering / Day of Accounting / Day of Reconciliation will see Messiah as High Priest bring the ultimate blood covering upon the mercy seat for all the saints, both the living and the dead. Only then can the harvest angels be released to execute. At sunset space-time will unzip and the heavens will be rolled back on the Day of the Lord. The angels of wrath will then pluck up the wicked, gathering them as tares or weeds and bundling them up to be burned in the everlasting fires of Hell. After this and on a day and hour unknown, the Elect will be glorified in the Resurrection-Rapture. Messiah will then sort out the mortals that remain in the Sheep-Goat Judgment. Then He will establish His 1,000 year Millennial Kingdom here on earth to the praise of men.
See this YOU TUBE video, or this POWERPOINT or this PDF File of that same PPT.

Major Discovery #3
Israel's Missing Jubilees; - Found!

Israel's missing Jubilees have been found! The 70 Weeks Prophecy are ten 49 year Jubilee cycles of 490 Biblical years and they take us right through to the climax at the very last day of the age. The ten Jubilees are neatly gift wrapped up in those 490 Biblical years, the seventy sevens, the time God has "determined" for His Holy City and His holy people. The 70 Weeks Timeline has been "determined" or "cut out of time" by God for dealings with all His covenant people from both houses of Israel. See Daniel 9:24. From Daniel 9:27 we see that there are seven years remaining out of those 490 years. The Seventy Weeks of Daniel ends in spectacular fashion, as we might expect, with that long awaited epic Jubilee of Messiah.
See this YOU TUBE video, or this POWERPOINT or this PDF File of that same PPT.

Major Discovery #4
America, the UK, Russia, Germany,
and France in Bible Prophecy

America, the UK, Russia, Germany, and France in Bible Prophecy
and America in Bible Prophecy Hidden in the book of Daniel lie many mysteries, many sealed up but set to unfold in the latter days. One of them, in Daniel 7:7, is triggered by our study of the Aramaic word "qodam". When we do our homework and look into this the seal preserving a mega-mystery is broken. A 2550 year old prophecy then opens up before our eyes. Not only do we see America in Bible prophecy, but also the UK, Russia, Germany, and France.

See this YOU TUBE video, or this POWERPOINT or this PDF File of that same PPT.

Welcome to the
Pilgrim Pathway!

An introduction to this website.

NEW (and important!) Yom Teruah
This is the Biblical name for the Feast of Trumpets or Rosh Hashanah. The word 'Teruah' is Strong's Hebrew word #H8643 and it is a big new lead for those interested in Bible prophecy and the Feast of Trumpets. The word Teruah in Hebrew is absolutely loaded with some very telling connections which give meaning to this very important upcoming feast, moed, or divine appointment. 33 Biblical references to the word 'Teruah' are just sitting there in the KJV waiting for us to search and study them out. These verses have not yet been explored! No one is talking about this awesome mother-lode of Biblical info yet. Why not? Lets get on with it! Let's do our homework people! Here are two YouTube videos to get us started. They are Yom Teruah, the Teruah, and the Teruah shofar blast and this one, Yom Teruah, the day of shouting and the day of blowing of trumpets of alarm.

The American Solar Eclipse of 2017
A Harbinger of the coming Tribulation?

In August of 2017 and 30 days before the new moon of The Feast of Trumpets a solar eclipse passed across the USA from coast to coast. This has not happened since 1918 when American President Woodrow Wilson attempted to set up world governance under the League of Nations. But that is not all. Seven years later, in 2024 another solar eclipse will cross the US from another direction. The two eclipses are making a big X right across the US, the final superpower of Western Christendom.

The True Blood Moon of the Apocalypse
2014 and 2015 saw a lunar eclipse tetrad that darkened the full moon of Passover and Tabernacles. The lunar eclipses were called "blood moons". This was very unfortunate. Why? Because that designation cloaks and obfuscates the true blood moon of the apocalypse and the other two accompanying cosmic signs, that of the darkening of the sun and the constellations with stars falling. These epic cosmic signs will last 30 days right at the climax of this present era. The true and genuine apocalyptic blood moon will be seen right up to the last day, the Day of Atonement at the end of this present evil age. All three cosmic signs will be seen right up to the opening of the Day of the Lord.

NEW The Reunion and Restoration
of the Two Houses of Israel

The Holy Scriptures repeatedly and in great detail present the story of the latter days as a time of trial and testing and also a time when the great awakenings come to reveal the great mysteries. One of them is the promised reunion and restoration of Israel. This is a wonder and a glory yet to unfold as we come into the latter days and the prophecies are unsealed.

The Brexit Vote and Bible Prophecy
The Brexit vote with Great Britain leaving the European Union comes as no surprise. Great Britain never really was part of Europe. Now the whole pseudo-democratic bureaucracy of the EU is on shaky ground. If Germany leaves the EU too, and perhaps also France then the EU may become financially insolvent and defunct. This would absolutely destroy the old Bible prophecy dictum that the New Word Order beast system will come from a powerful future "ten nation European confederacy".

What then, is the real story? Well, the beasts Daniel saw in vision in Daniel 7 and the powerful modern superpowers they represent provide us with our answer.

'Paradise Road'
An prophetic and exhortational poem of the end-time drama inspired by Hebrews 12:1,2 and the film, Paradise Road.

The Anabaptist Legacy of the Amish and Mennonites and the End-Time Witness of the Saints
The Anabaptists were ahead of their time. The tumultuous history of central Europe in the 1500's drew them into a radical separation from the Church-State politics of this world and to holiness before God. They rejected of the sword of the flesh and took up the Sword of the Spirit, God's Holy Word. This is the legacy they have handed to us, the Biblical Christians of the West, as we come to the climax of the age.

The Seventy Weeks of Daniel;
An Extensive Biblical and
Astronomical Study
Daniel's Prophecy of the 70 weeks is an an important key to Bible prophecy. The Edict of Artaxerxes Longimanus given to Nehemiah on the new moon of Nisan in the springtime of 445 B.C. faithfully fulfills the Biblical criteria to fire the starting gun for the '70 Weeks Prophecy'. The solar and lunar cycles can accurately mark off the 173,880 day of the first segment of 69 weeks to arrive on the 10th day of the Nisan moon in 32 A.D.. This day was 32 A.D. 4 days before Messiah is "cut off". He was executed on Passover. On that very day Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, precisely as Zechariahah had prophesied. (Zech. 9:9) This was the first and only official public and political appearance of Jesus as "Messiah the Prince". It was the Palm Day. This 10th day of Nisan, 32 A.D. marked the terminus of the 69 weeks. In #7 of this series of articles and YouTube videos we present the NASA lunar calculations confirming the remarkably accurate findings of 19th Century evangelical Scotland Yard Inspector Sir Robert Anderson. Here online is in his book 'The Coming Prince'. A minor two day variance over 476 odd years is of no consequence. We are looking here at a confidence level of 1 in 100,000 or 99.999 % accuracy. Daniel's prophecy clearly indicates that one 'week', the '70th Week' of the Seventy Weeks prophecy is still most certainly out there in our future. This climactic future seven year timespan will mark the final seven years of this age.

The Future 70th Week
A faithful diligence in the study of Daniel's 70 weeks prophecy will show that there is a future 70th Week. It is the final seven years of the prophecy and the final seven years of this age. And yes, some blockbuster issues will be addressed by Christian believers in this coming time period. There is to be an end-time witness of the saints, an End-Time Revival, and a full and complete Restoration of All Israel. A host of marvelous mysteries are yet to be unveiled and revealed before men and angels. Unfortunately established churchianity does not want to hear about this. Those into Dominion Theology think that Christianity can take over the world and establish the Kingdom Now without Messiah needing to return to do it. So a raging sea of religious disinformation is being thrown against Daniel 9:27. And a resurgent preterism is trying to make the truth of a future 70th week "go away".

Daniel's vision of the ram and he-goat
The prophet Daniel saw the attack of the he-goat upon the ram. The story begins with the campaign of Alexander the great into Medo-Persia. It continues with the Seleucids and the King of the North out of which comes the little horn. Then the story gets personal. It grabs us, takes us "back to the future", and compels us to face things we do not want to hear about.

The Wheat and the Tares
The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares was a prophecy of the end-time harvest taught by Jesus. As incredible as it may seem, certain people, the seed of heaven, and the seed of the devil, will be gathered off the face of this earth in the coming awesome Day of the Lord. He said that the tares, (the followers of the wicked one), would be plucked up first. See Mat. 13:30. The harvest of the wheat, the Good Seed sowed by the Son of Man will then follow. The children of the Kingdom, will go up in (the Resurrection-Rapture). See 1Thes. 4:15,16,17. Does this mean that the righteous, (the wheat in the parable), will actually see the wicked being carried off kicking and screaming by their angels, those evil angels of wrath? Will the righteous "see the reward of the wicked" as spoken of in Psalm 91:7,8? And since the harvest is an execution of that preceding finalizing legal matter, the epic Day of Covering, the Last Day Judgment, the Day of Sentencing, (the Day of Atonement), when must we conclude that this two-fold harvest will occur?

The Deliverer is Coming!
The ending scene of the movie "The Searchers" starring John Wayne is a classic. It illustrates many elements of the return of Messiah as the Breaker. Here is the movie clip along with some reflections on the coming of the Deliverer.

Why are Christians turning against Israel?
Many evangelicals are now turning against Israel and laying charges against the Jewish house. In view of our situation in Western Christendom this is hypocritical and judging before the time. Just as we accuse the Jewish house of being the compromised and partially blind company we in Christendom are compromised and partially blind to our situation as well.

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit in the coming Tribulation
Many Fundamentalist Christians are declaring the gifts of the Holy Spirit are not for today. They say that these gifts ceased with the first Century Church. But are they being deceived, even manipulated? Is it possible that we shall NEED these gifts as we face the challenges that lie ahead? Are not the nine gifts and nine graces an essential part of the equipping, part of the spiritual armory of the saints for the end-time witness in the latter days?

The Post-Tribulation Rapture and HITLER!
After many years of presenting Biblical truth about the end-time scenario it seems that most Biblical Christians in the West do not open their Bibles. Instead they listen to and are hypnotized by teachers who teach a comfy Pre-Tribulation Rapture, a doctrine of desertion that is without any Biblical foundation whatsoever. Perhaps we in the Western nations are indeed tricky Jacob after all. So, what to do? Perhaps a parody, a spoof, might help?

Appeal to Heaven!
This was the standard and the ensign raised at America's beginning. The same Appeal to Heaven will go up in times to come, not just from the heartland of America but also from the heartland of Israel and all the nations of Western Christendom.

A Place of Refuge during the Tribulation
There are many scriptures indicating that there will be a place of refuge during the coming storm, the Great Tribulation. We know that this is first and foremost a spiritual place of communion in God. But will there also be a physical place of refuge away from the 666 economic system during those final 3.5 years of this age? The prophet Micah spoke of this in Micah 2:12,13. And the apostle John wrote of this in Rev. 12:6,14. And before the Holy Scriptures were written the ancient patriarchs pieced together this glorious end-time story in the names and in the layout of the stars in the constellations. Nimrod's agenda at the Tower of Babel was to pervert God's celestial Message. And so the Mazzaroth was twisted by profane ambitious humanistic men to become what we see today, the horoscopes of the Zodiac. The latter day gathering and the end-time deliverance of the Elect is outlined for us in the constellation of the Lesser Sheepfold, the ancient name for the Little Dipper or Ursa Minor. This must be a huge epic end-time exodus involving perhaps tens or even hundreds of millions of people. So, where will this place of refuge be? It cannot be Petra, a small canyon of rock caves in Jordan. It is far too small. And logistically this confined space would be a death trap in this age of fuel bombs and poison gas. And Petra is situated right in the war zone of the latter days. No, the Mystery Bozrah must of necessity be a much bigger and safer place. Poetic Bible prophecy suggests that (mystery) Bozrah, the place Messiah visits on His return as we see in Isaiah chapter 63 will be out at 'the ends of the earth'.

The Coming Year of Jubilee.
There is a lot of speculation about the coming Year of Jubilee. Biblical Christians are beginning to understand that the Jubilees are exclusively linked to the Seventy Weeks Prophecy. See this YouTube video. The Seventy Weeks Prophecy, a time segment of 490 years, is stated by the Holy Spirit to begin with seven sevens or 49 years. This is a Jubilee cycle. And the 490 years of the Seventy Weeks is a perfect match for exactly ten 49 year Jubilee cycles which indicates its terminus will come right on a Jubilee. But that is not all. The trumpets of Jubilee are sounded on the Day of Atonement. Furthermore, we now have evidence from our studies of the Fall Feasts of the Lord that the Day of Atonement as a matter of legal necessity must precede and usher in the Day of the Lord which will see the execution of God's wrath and His deliverance. This final Yom Kippur, (Day of Covering), will come at the end of 1260 + 1290 or 2550 days. So Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, will come into its New Covenant fulfillment on the very Last Day of this present evil age. All of this indicates that there is an epic future Tishrei 10 Hebrew calendar date out there somewhere in our future. It will come at the end of a future seven year time span, the 70th Week of Daniel. On this awesome future Day of Reckoning the trumpets will sound. The heavens will roll back and space-time will be drawn aside as a curtain to reveal the return of Messiah in the Day of the Lord. The angels of wrath will specifically and personally pluck up the wicked. Then, after the gathering of these tares the Elect will then be caught up in the Resurrection-Rapture. The Jubilee Year of Messiah, the first year of His Thousand Year Millennial Kingdom will have just begun.

The Seven Feasts of Israel
are also known as the Feasts of the Lord, or the Jewish Holidays. Seven Hebrew Holidays were instituted by God. Four of them have already been fulfilled. Three more are yet to come. And they will. They will erupt into holy history to realize their New Covenant fulfilment during those climactic final seven years of this age, the 70th Week of Daniel .

The Fall Feasts of Israel
The next two feasts due to come up for fulfillment and erupt into holy history are the Feast of Trumpets and the Day of Atonement. This author has discovered that these two Fall Feasts when they are placed seven years apart and include 86, (not 87), moons stake out 2550 days. This is precisely the time span encompassing the future 1260 + 1260 day 70th week of Daniel plus the 30 day extension that reaches out beyond the 70th Week to include the 1290 days spoken of by the angel Gabriel to Daniel and given to us in Dan.12:11. 1260 + 1290 = 2550 days. For certain seven year spans up ahead it is a perfect match!

The Feast of Trumpets
The 5th feast is still unfulfilled. On some epic future Rosh Hashanah the trumpets will sound the alarm. Why? What will have happened? The mirror article is
Rosh Hashanah's Final Fulfillment

The Day of Atonement
The 6th of the 7 Feasts of Israel is still unfulfilled and up there in our future. It appears that this awesome holy-day on the Jewish calendar being that final Day of Reckoning is a key piece to the jigsaw puzzle of end-time Bible prophecy. This ultimate day of legal closure, Day of Reconciliation of Accounts, and the Messianic Judgment Day is grand central station to the end-time drama. This future epic Yom Kippur or Day of Covering will surely come. For the wicked it will be a Day of Sentencing. For the justified it will be a Day of Pardoning and an invitation into the glory. Very appropriately That Day will erupt into holy history on the very Last Day of this present evil age. As the sun sets on That Day the harvest angels will loosed to execute that Judgment.

The Last Day
There are many references in Holy Scripture to the 'Last Day' or "'That Day', singular. It is very last day of this age. And as we are now discovering, it will be the ultimate blockbuster Day of Atonement. It will also be the day of sounding the trumpets to announce the Year of Jubilee. At sunset space-time will roll back to reveal the returning Messiah, (the One who stretched out the cosmos in the first place), as He comes in the Day of the Lord. After the gathering of the wicked as tares, See Mat. 13:30), the Elect will then be gathered, raised up, caught up, changed "in the twinkling of an eye" in the Post-Tribulation Resurrection-Rapture.

Blood Covenant Christianity
The New Covenant is a blood covenant relationship between Christ and His church. Are we merely passive recipients of this great salvation? Or is the love of God drawing us into the vital and essential role of witness?

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture
versus the
The Post-Tribulation Rapture
Which one is Biblically correct? Most of us have heard the pre-tribulation rapture thesis expounded many many times. But is it true to God's Holy Word? Here is 'the rest of the story'.

The End Time Revival
Evangelical Christians are being demoralized by a babel of religious disinformation. One terrible lie is that the Holy Spirit is the Restrainer of the Antichrist of 2Thes. 2 and that He, part of the omnipresent Godhead no less, will be "taken out of the way" during the final 7 years of this age. So essentially they are saying that God by His Holy Spirit will vacate His own cosmos and desert His own covenant people during their very time of need, during their time of witness in the latter days. This is a major ecclesiastical dispensational error. This grievous falshood needs to be renounced, and pronto! The Holy Scriptures tell us an entirely different story. The prophet Joel, Hosea, and many others spoke of a coming Holy Spirit outpouring of massive proportions that will power up right through the 3.5 Harlot years and the 3.5 years of the Great Tribulation that follow. Even as many are deserting the faith in a Great Apostasy or Great Falling Away and right on through the dramatic events of the final 7 years of this age this Holy Spirit outpouring will continue. 2600 years ago the prophet Joel saw the peak of this awesome End-Time Revival as one might view a distant mountain. He saw the peak of this (true and genuine) Latter Rain during the cosmic disturbances of the 6th seal with the sun turning to darkness and the moon to blood. This means that the epic future Holy Spirit outpouring will come to a climax precisely when we might expect it to occur, just as Messiah returns, and right at the very end of this age!

The First Resurrection and
the Tribulation Saints.

The Tribulation saints we see in Revelation 20:4-6 are featured members of the First Resurrection. Do these martyrs head up the parade of all the saints of this age? Or do they make up the entire company of the First Resurrection?

Three Days in the Grave
The scriptures are clear. Jesus was in the grave for, (or during), three days and three nights. How might this affect the chronology of Passion Week?

2016: The DEEPER Root
of Obama's Raging Anti-Colonialism.

'2016: Obama's America' is a new movie by Dinesh D'Souza. In it we see The Mild Nationalistic Anti-Colonialism
and the more virulent form of anti-colonialism. Both are showcased in the life of President Obama and certain members of his family. The mild anti-colonialism is seen when native peoples chafe and revolt against colonial rule. This is understandable in the historical context. But what is the root cause of that lifelong malignant raging form of anti-colonialism? We answer that question here and in the following article.

The DEEPER Root of
Raging Anti-Colonialism.

Mr. D'Souza has done a wonderful work of political elucidation here. But we must go down to the deeper spiritual level to find out what really motivates all this raging. Those with a Biblical world view recognize that dark angelic principalities and powers are at work here. They stir up certain people to despise and bring down Western Christendom. Why are they doing this? Is this just "radical politics"? Or is this anti-Western hatred really a hidden attack directed at the Judeo-Christian faith of the West? Depraved men and their dark angels are raging. Why? Are we seeing the end-time raging of the heathen that King David saw 3,000 years ago? He wrote a song about it; - see Psalm 2. Do godless men rage because their own dark angels are pulling their strings? Are these evil powers trembling in fear and dread of a certain Judgment under the soon-coming Messiah? And even as they rage in anger can they really hope to forestall their impending doom by waging a campaign of terror against the saints? Can they really prevent the covenant people of God from going up on the stage of history to bring in the end-time witness?

The Edomites of Today;
Who are they? And where are they?

The ancient left-over blessing of Isaac upon his son Esau is almost never spoken about by our dispensationalist Bible prophecy teachers. But its prophetic fulfillment with the latter day dominance of the earthy Edomites in the rich nations of the West is now being seen as our Western culture descends into godless paganism. And in the Bozrah prophecies the return of the latter day spiritual children of Esau is a an important part of the end-time drama.

The Restoration of Israel.
Is this the salvation of the Jewish family at the end of the age? Quite so. But there is more. And born-again Christians, (who consider themselves "gentiles", a name which means "heathen"), are in for a big surprise. Are they part of this great end-time restoration of Israel? Oh yes.

Desert of the Nations;
Wilderness of the Peoples
A special destination and gathering place for the saints during the Great Tribulation which is during the latter half of the 70th Week of Daniel, (the final 3.5 years of this age), is described in Ezekiel 20:33,34,35,36,37,&38. What will go on there? And do we know where this place might be?

Who Will Be Left To
Populate The Millennium?

This question is often asked of those who believe there will be a Post-Tribulation Rapture. If the Elect are glorified and the wicked damned then who will be left at the end of the age to populate the earth during the ensuing Millennium? Is there a third group of mortals left? The answer is 'yes'. The key issue here is a third party or "second order covenant". We see this showcased very dramatically in the Sheep-Goat Judgment.

The Sabbath Rest
The Sabbath is the fourth commandment. We correctly see it as a law for Israel in the Old Covenant. But could the Sabbath also be a New Covenant experience to be entered into by God's grace? Might it also be a personal invitation to draw aside from the labors and cares of this world and to enjoy a time of rest and fellowship with God?

The Rapture of the Church
When Christ our Messiah glorifies His covenant people into new spiritual bodies at the end of this age the righteous dead will come out of their graves. Then we who are alive and remain will be "caught up" with them in an event of great wonder called the Rapture. When is this Rapture event? The answer is easy. It can be tagged from the well documented timing of the Resurrection of the righteous dead.

The 24 Elders
In Revelation chapter 4 John is transported in vision to the Lord's day, or the Day of the Lord. John sees wonders related to the events attendant to the unzipping of the Newtonian space-time cosmos as Messiah returns. There he sees the 24 elders. Who are these? Are they "The Church" as we have been told? Or are they 24 elders as the Bible states them to be. So just who are these 24 men?

Israel and the Church.
Restored as One!

Dispensationalist (splitters) are keen to separate off Israel from the Church. Their end-time fantasies are of a Jewish nation 'Left Behind' even as they, the established evangelical church, misbehaves like a Runaway Bride, baulks at the blood covenant commitment, and raptures themselves out seven years before the end of this age. Reformed Theology (lumpers) are quite correct in their insistence upon a single Covenant. But unfortunately in the absence of a viable Scripturally based Israelology in their seminaries they are often inclined to slip-slide into Augustine and Origen's Replacement Theology which says that the Church has replaced (and displaced) Israel. This Replacement Theology is bad news. It has thrown up bloody anti-Semitic histories over the past 1700 years. It is also linked to Dominion Theology, crusades, church sponsored inquisitions, and helped foment a reactionary secularism in the political parties of both nationalist and international socialism. Replacement Theology is still nestled in many of the older denominations. It needs to be renounced ASAP! But throughout the Holy Scriptures the God of Israel always speaks of one Elect. He draws one Chosen People to Himself. The Seed of Abraham flows above the DNA and it comes in by faith and not by race. So at the end of the age we see a remnant Israel including a saved remnant of the the royal Jewish House of Judah, and a remnant church drawn from all nations, races and tribes. This final remnant Elect will be reunited as a restored and fully regathered Commonwealth of Israel. The Breach of Jeroboam will be healed. And Israel's family feud will end. The Jews will be saved, the lost ten tribes found, and the two estranged houses of Israel will be cross-linked together as a single Elect, even the "royal priesthood and holy nation" Moses and the Apostle Peter both spoke about. (Exodus 19:6, 1Peter 2:9) All these mysteries will unfold in the future end-time drama as the Fall Feasts of Israel erupt into their New Covenant fulfillment and into world history.

Who Are The Chosen People?
Who are God's Chosen People? Are they the Jews? The Church? Does YHVH-God have two Chosen Peoples? Does He have an 'apartheid policy' for His Elect? The Holy Scriptures, as usual, give us the answer. Because from cover to cover the Bible only speaks of one Elect, one Chosen People. So if all of God's covenant people are destined to become a single Congregation/Church/Synagogue and a single nation then how will this great and epic re-union and restoration occur? And when? And by whom?

The Woman of Revelation 12
& The Constellation Andromeda

"The woman" is showcased throughout Holy Scripture. We see her in the Garden of Eden and her Seed is prophesied to crush the head of the serpent. (Gen. 3:15) In the book of Hosea she is the wife of YHVH-God, and like Gomer, the wife of Hosea, she is inclined to forget her true Husband, the God of Israel and get into a world of trouble. But all is not lost. In the prophecy of Hosea she is eventually purchased in a slave market and wonderfully restored. In the book of Revelation John saw the woman in great travail and tribulation and yet entering into her glorious destiny at the climax of the age. He saw her in travail and delivering the man-child. She is clothed with the sun, the glory of her Father. The moon, with her reflected Light, is under her feet. She is crowned with a garland of 12 stars. John saw her under attack by the dragon but saved and delivered at the end. The heavens are telling this very same awesome end-time story in the constellation of Andromeda.

The Commonwealth of Israel.
Does it Include the True Church?

In Ephesian 2:12-13 our Apostle Paul states that Christians were once heathen, lost and without hope, and outside the Commonwealth of Israel. But now, in Christ, they have been brought nigh. Does this mean that true Christian believers are now inside the Commonwealth or citizenship of Israel? And if so, then what are our responsibilities in this citizenship? Are we to be witnesses to Messiah before kings and rulers as we come into the dramas at the end of the age? (Luke 21:12, Mark 13:9)

Biblical or Prophetic Time
Daniel's prophecy of the 70 weeks and other Bible prophecies sees God dispensing time to us from His heavenly throne in terms of 'years' and 'months'. How many days are in the "Biblical year"? And how many days in a "Biblical month"? The Bible gives us two Rosetta Stones, as it were, for Biblical or prophetic time. One is in Genesis 7 and the other in Revelation 12. When we answer these two questions correctly we find that this key Bible prophecy, Daniel's prophecy of the 70 Weeks, emerges from the fog and opens up to us.

A Response to Grant Jeffrey
Answering his recent challenge to the historic doctrine of the Post-Tribulation Resurrection-Rapture.

The Jewish New Year
and a False Messiah
It appears that a future Jewish New Year, a future Feast of Trumpets, will erupt into holy history in spectacular fashion. It will be the occasion of the confirmation of the seven year covenant or sovereignty sharing treaty of Daniel 9:27. Israel and the nations of western Christendom will sign on with a global peacemaker. He will turn out to be the false messiah. On that day the watchmen of Israel will be sounding the trumpets of alarm and calling all of God's covenant people to sacred assembly. The final seven years of this age will have just begun. The mirror article is Rosh Hashanah; Beyond the Traditions.

Who Are Daniel's People?
Daniel's Prophecy of the 70 weeks provides vital information concerning the end-time. The angel Gabriel said "Seventy Weeks are determined", (or cut out of time), "for your people". Since one week, (or seven), of Biblical years still remains then this is a key end-time prophecy. Who then, are Daniel's people? Are Christians in the loop here? Or should we consider "Daniel's people" to be "just the Jews" as we have been told? When we answer this question correctly and responsibly we enter into a dark night of the soul. We find ourselves face to face with the cross of Christ in a very personal way and wrestling with the Angel of God's Presence just as Jacob did. When we accept the Word of God and surrender ourselves to Him we find ourselves entering into a divine serendipity. And why? Because "the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy." (Rev. 19:10) And it is in this devotion that end time Bible prophecy opens up to us in all its wonder.

End-Time Preparation
Many are asking about preparation for the End-Time. Is there a physical preparation beyond our spiritual preparation? And might God have made His preparations to care for His Elect in the latter days? If so, how?

The End Time Discipline
at the Gate of Joseph.
"You are spies!
And You Will Be Tested!"

The bones of Joseph are still with us today, although disturbed of late. And the seemingly severe and yet nurturing character the God of Israel has molded in Joseph is a very present reality in the Gospel and New Covenant. The Gate of Joseph and all that this means is now opening wide before us. Our passage into the spirit, character, and discipline of Joseph and Benjamin will be very important as we come into the thresholds of end-time drama. The experiences of our patriarch Joseph before the harlot and in exile will be recapitulated in the history of the Church as we approach the climax of this present age.

The Gate of Joseph
and the Evangelical Witness
Joseph was given a coat of many colors, persecuted by his brethren, thrown into the pit, and sold into slavery. There at the house of the Chief Executioner of the Egyptian World Order of that time he resisted the seductions of Potiphar's harlot wife. Thrown into prison he became the interpreter of dreams, even the king's nightmare of a looming reality, a seven year period of famine and great trial. Hiding his identity until the emergence of his brother Benjamin our Joseph fed the world the Bread of Life. Then when Benjamin came he fed his brothers portions from his table. The Evangelical family are a scattered persecuted people of many colors and flags. They too have been and will be persecuted unto the death. 500 Evangelical Christians die every day. And yet in spite of all this they feed the world the Gospel of the Living Christ, the sinless Unleavened Bread of Heaven, the Bread of Eternal Life. Biblical Christians also bring interpretation to the 70th Week of Daniel, those future seven lean years that bring us to the climax of this age. If Joseph's sons Ephraim and Manasseh are two prominent English speaking nations, recipients of the birthright of whom the patriarch Jacob said, "these two will be mine" who then is Joseph? Who is this Joseph company who are alienated and separate from their brethren? Who are these people who feed their brethren portions from a table set apart and consecrated? Who is this mysterious House of Joseph, this company with the bloodstained coat, (or covering), of many colors (or flags)?

A Parable of Ten Virgins
This parable carries an informative and inspiring message for pilgrim Christians. At some point the leading lights of western Christendom will begin to sputter and approach burnout. As Jesus tells the story the whole bridal company is slumbering in the deepening darkness. The hours drag on towards the midnight hour and their lamps are beginning to burn low and grow dim.
Suddenly, the midnight cry is heard.
The Bridegroom is approaching!
It is time to go out to meet Him.
Now the unfolding drama has become very very personal.
   .   .   .    .   .    .    Do you have the oil?

One Single Elect -
drawn from Israel and the Church

Are there two Elects? Does YHVH-God have an apartheid policy? And is Israel to forever to remain in her present broken divided state? The Holy Scriptures, as usual, provide us with answers to these crucial questions. And this and many other mysteries will surely unfold. They will become manifest in holy history in the crucible of the End Time. The mirror article is,
Who are the Chosen People?

The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel
In 722 B.C. the northern ten tribes of Israel were taken captive by the Assyrians. They were deliberately intermingled with the nations and disappeared into history. They are out there, the Notzrim, which means "watchers" or "a safekeep", to be revealed at the appointed time.

The Two Witnesses
John saw the two witnesses on earth during the final 3.5 years, 1260 days of this age. (Rev. 11:2) They were described to him as two olive trees. Are they just two men, say Elijah along with Moses or Enoch? Or is there more to the story? Might the two witnesses relate in a broader way to the climactic end time witness of the Kingdom of God on earth by the royal (Jewish), House of Judah in Eretz Israel and the priestly ministry of the Church, the wider Commonwealth of Israel throughout the world in the Gospel? Will the Two Witnesses bring in the promised Restoration of Israel? And how will they do this? Will it be done by means of the New Covenant spoken of by Jeremiah? (Jer.31:31-33)

The 'Left Behind Series'
Is it fostering a spirit of desertion in the Church? Why are we as Western evangelicals embracing a Disneyized or Hollywood style eschatology that has us skipping out 7 years before the climax of the age? Who dares change the awesome things of God into cheap melodrama for the masses? And why are we deserting on our Jewish brethren before they come into the New Covenant near the end of the age? (Zech. 12:7-13:1)

The Flight to Bozrah
The 'woman' of Revelation 12 is given the wings of a great eagle. And she flies to a place of safety. This is an awesome and yet untold prophecy of the end time. The mirror article is
The Bozrah Exile

The Resurrection of the Righteous Dead
When is the Resurrection of the righteous dead? Popular Bible prophecy teachers avoid the question like the plague. Because the Resurrection is securely nailed down to the "last day". (John 6:39, 6:40, 6:44 and 6:54) And the "First Resurrection" we see in Rev. 20:4, 20:5, and 20:6 includes the tribulation martyrs. The Resurrected saints are also part of the single Elect gathered by angels "after the tribulation" in the midst of the 6th seal cosmic signs of a darkened sun and bloody moon. So the Resurrection is clearly a post-tribulation event. Paul tells us that the Rapture is attached to the Resurrection. (1Thes.4:15, 4:16, & 4:17) So the Rapture must be a post-tribulation event as well.

The Breach of Jeroboam
In 922 B.C. after the death of King Solomon the great nation of Israel became a house divided. The breach of Jeroboam saw the ten northern tribes cut off their own sovereignty. They rebelled from the Throne of David in the Jewish house of Judah. Later they became the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel and were lost to history. Will all Israel be found and fully restored? Yes. This is just one of the many great mysteries that will be revealed in the end time drama.

A Runaway Bride:
The Western Church?

The Western Church is running away from her pre-nuptial responsibilities. She refuses to face her role as witness to her Bridegroom in the end time. The popular teaching of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture is a clear evidence of this. It is in fact a doctrine of desertion and of abandonment. Will the Western Church assume her true end time role of witness? Will she be dressed in white raiment, the righteousness of the saints, as the true Bride of Christ?

The Harlot of Revelation 17
The Book of Revelation can be read as a story of two women. One of them, the Woman of Revelation 12, is glorious. The other woman is not. She is the harlot of Revelation 17 & 18. Who is this harlot? What will she do when she takes dominion in the end time drama? And what will happen to her?

The Root Cause of Anti-Semitism
or The Origin of Anti-Semitism
Jesus Christ comes to minister and also to rule. Even now He is being enthroned in the hearts of His people in the gentle bonds of Agape love. After the Second Coming of Messiah the Throne of David will be established upon this earth. Messiah will both minister and reign in righteousness in the two offices of Melchizedek for a thousand years. This is the coming Millennium of Messiah. The spirit of Belial, or rebellion, hates and loathes His coming rule with a passion. (See King David's song in Psalm 2.) So a hidden spiritual war is being conducted against the Throne of David which is inside the Jewish House of Judah. Evil powers, angelic and human, are targeting Jews, Israelis, Evangelicals, and all who bear testimony to the future rule of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Yeshua Hamashiach our coming Jewish Messiah. This is the root cause and the essential essence of all anti-Semitism. It is a seething hatred against the rulership of the coming "Son of David". This is the real reason for the raging of the Gentiles, the (heathen), against Israel and Jews. This hostility against the Throne of David and the loathing of the message of Messiah's Second Coming is purveyed by wicked men agitated by their dark angels. Their hatred is quite understandable. These ruling powers are short timers. They are in stark terror of the pending judgment they are about to face with the coming of Messiah. This is the quintessential root of all Anti-Semitism whether it be the carefully cloaked acts of high government officials, high church dignitaries, or the more blatant and brutish outrages committed by skinheads and neo-Nazis. The word "Anti-Semitism" is clearly an obfuscation. It is a smokescreen hiding something else. The word is a misnomer designed to mislead the unwary. "Anti-Semitism", at its heart, is really "anti-Throne of David-ism" or "Anti-Messiah-ism". It is, in fact, the "anti-Jewish", "Anti-Judah" arm of the spirit of Anti-Christ.

Rebuilding the Jewish Temple
The Temple Mount Faithful are ready right now to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. But it will require a dramatic change of the political equation. 'Peace and security' must be fully assured for the Third Temple to be constructed on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This rebuilding is prophesied to go forward. So who will have guaranteed the peace? And how will it have come about?

Dominion Theology in Recent History
Dominionism, Post-Millennialism, the 'Kingdom Now' Movement, the 'Latter Rain Movement', and Reconstructionism. They are all coming together in America today. But have we seen them before? What has been their history? When the medieval Roman Church embraced Dominion Theology it eventually took us on into the Crusades. Later the Church in Spain embraced Dominion Theology and it brought us the Spanish Inquisition. Jesuit dominionists took over the Church in France during the 1500's. They were the ones who orchestrated the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre and "sanctified" the subsequent bloody persecutions against the Protestant Huguenots in France. Jesuit Cardinal Richelieu became prime minister of France and laid siege to the Huguenots at the siege at La Rochelle. The overly powerful French Church became spiritually compromised and debauched. This led on to the secularist backlash of the French Revolution. France then got the Reign of Terror, a police state, and the Napoleonic Wars. Even dear Great Britain embraced Dominion Theology in the late 19th and early 20th century. This was even as the proud British Empire covered one quarter of the globe. And what happened then? The Titanic struck an iceberg in an unusual way and sank. Two World Wars with Germany filled in by the Great Depression followed. The once Great Britain was brought down. Dear saints. Is there a lesson here for us here?

The Day of the Lord; It is NOT the Great Tribulation.
Evangelical are being told that the Day of the Lord is the Great Tribulation. Is this true? Or is it a falsehood? If it is a lie, then why is it been told?

The Beast Demon of the Abyss
"The beast that you saw was, and is not, and will ascend out of the bottomless pit and go to perdition". This sounds like a riddle. But the Bible has the answer.

Isaiah's Prophecy of the
Coming Destruction of Damascus

Damascus today is a modern city in southwest Syria near the border of Israel. It has an ancient history going back 4,000 years to the time of Abraham. It has never been destroyed. But the prophet Isaiah (ch.17) declared that at some future time Damascus would become "a heap of rubble". What will have happened?

The Sheep Goat Judgement
There will be a judgment of surviving unsaved mortals at the end of this age. Messiah will judge the sheep from the goats. The sheep and the goats are unsaved. Perhaps over a billion of them are children. The living mortals are heathen gentiles. They are still outside the covenants of Israel. Judgment for Millennial entry is based on evidence of a second order blood covenant relationship with Messiah. Neither the sheep nor the goats are in direct covenant with Messiah. But the sheep are shown to be in an indirect covenant with Christ. And why? Because they ministered blood covenant lovingkindness to His friends, the saints in their time of tribulation. On this basis the returning Messiah selects them out as His sheep. They are issued a passport for entry into the Millennium of Messiah.

The Bozrah Deliverance
The Second Coming of Christ in the clouds is well known. So is His Second Coming on the Mount of Olives and His divine judgment on the armies of the nations threatening Jerusalem and mustering in the Valley of Armageddon. The Bible also speaks about the divine judgment on the wicked and a magnificent deliverance of God's covenant people at a place called Bozrah which in the latter days will be under Edomite, (bad guy) control. This is the spectacular and magnificent Bozrah Deliverance. - Mic.2:12-13 Do we know about this?

The Metonic Cycles and
the 70th Week of Daniel.

The metonic cycle in which an extra month of Adar is inserted before the month of Nisan 7 times every 19 years in a certain cadence is used in the Hebrew Calendar. This provides valuable information about an upcoming seven year time span known as the 7Oth Week of Daniel. The author noticed that for those future seven year spans with 86 moons the two Fall Feasts of Israel that are coming up for fulfillment happen to stake out with total precision the 2550 days encompassing the final seven years of this age. Is this a coincidence? Probably not. Is this info helpful to us? Yes it certainly is. We should keep a very close watch on events in Israel during the fall (autumn) season of each year. The epic future 7 year peace treaty, the future 7 year covenant of Dan.9:27, will involve the handover of God's sovereign territory in the Holy Land of Israel. The deal will probably be signed on a future dark and moonless night, the new moon of Tishrei, Rosh Hashanah, the Feast of Trumpets, and the Jewish New Year. A dreadful and yet awesome day will have dawned. The trumpets will be blowing in earnest. And the 70th week of Daniel, the final seven years of this age, will have just begun.

How close is the RAPTURE?
Many evangelicals are now asking themselves, 'How close is the Rapture?' Does the Bible tell us?

Information Warfare
and God's Holy Word
There is a spiritual war going on in the second heaven and here on earth. It involves an information war. The true Word of God is under attack by secular blocking spirits as well as deceptive spirits of religious disinformation. The Word of God, as usual, will prevail.

Pre-Trib to Post-Trib
The author's personal story of his pilgrimage and his gaining an understanding of the Post-Trib Resurrection-Rapture.

The Woman and the Dragon
of Revelation Chapter 12

John saw the deliverance of the end time Elect from the dragon in the last 3.5 years of this age. He saw the flight of the woman to a place of safety on the wings of a great eagle. Micah and the constellation of the Little Dipper or Lesser Sheepfold tell us the rest of the story.
and Who Shall Wear the Starry Crown?

Puritan History
Past, Present, and Future
Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 We trace the Puritans from the English Civil War to their passage to the New World and onwards to their role in the emerging New World Order and the end-time drama. See also
the Meaning of the Yellow Ribbons.

The French Revolution
compared with the
American Revolution
The 18th Century saw two revolutions against monarchies. The American Revolution embraced the Reformation, and honored the Holy Scriptures. A significant portion of America's citizenry was under the inner discipline of a personal faith in God. The French Revolution was quite different. Huguenot reformers in France had been exterminated and Biblical Christianity driven away leaving a debauched Roman Church in France with blood on its hands. When the French Revolution came it flat-out rejected the Christian faith in favor of a humanistic state secularism based on 'enlightenment" and "reason'. The American Revolution embracing Biblical Christianity and personal faith was characterized by peace and stability and spawned a great nation. The other Revolution over in France led to barbarism and the "Reign of Terror". Is this spiritual dimension to history being taught in our schools and colleges? And if not, why not?