The book The Roots of Obama's Rage by Dinesh D'Souza sent shockwaves across the political landscape in the fall of 2010.

The Deeper Root

of Raging


By Gavin Finley MD - Oct. 2010

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The landmark book by Dinesh D'Souza The Roots of Obama's Rage made a lot of people suddenly sit up and listen. The author, Indian-born professor of King's College Dinesh D'Souza raised the issue of Anti-Colonialism or Anti-Imperialism. He looked into its role in the character development of President Obama. He traced the early life and upbringing of the president and came to enlightening conclusions based upon certain facts that have not been revealed before. The book and the discussions being generated are now beginning to shed some light on how deeply held beliefs determine a person's world view and their politics. This in turn will give some clues as to how a politician will behave when they take office and how they will address the big issues of our time. This information about our political leaders is important to know. We need to discern the character of our elected leaders and know what the agenda they will advance upon the nation when they come into power. Unfortunately we cannot depend on the secular media to bring us this extra information. There is no surprise as to why this is so. It is because much of what is going on is spiritually discerned and the radar screens of the secular media moguls are not set up to see these things. Now Dinesh D'Souza has followed up on a movie named "2016".

Dinesh D'Souza's movie, 2016, looks at the life of President Obama and points to a very telling element that lurks in varying degrees among certain family members and in also in the realms of politics. So what is this anti-colonialism all about?

In the former British era "colonialism" was being reviled in the native lands and also by concerned Europeans back in the West. In many cases this revulsion at imperial excesses was quite understandable. Anti-colonialism typically rose up among the native people groups being colonized. Some of this anti-colonialism was quite warranted, as we shall discuss. So this native resentment against imperial rule is what we might call "mild anti-colonialism". People with the mild or nationalistic form of anti-colonialism did rise up and they did fight against the European imperial powers. Then when the conflict ended and peace came to the nation. In most cases peace came to these people too. Yes, they were angry anti-colonialists, - for a time. In the case of the exploited nationals they fought against the European powers. They had some hard feelings against the white race occupying their land. These Western ex-pats had developed their country, and yes, in many cases they had exploited their people. Then the wars of independence came. And when those wars ended peace came. Many of these the people who had been angry anti-colonialists changed with the times. As the wars of independence ended and as they saw their own native leaders corrupted they remembered the good things about their former European expat colonial rulers. And in most cases their wrath slowly abated. They "got over it!" This was the case for many, - but not all.

It seems that there are some political radicals, (and these can be people of any race, color, or nationality), who go "over the top" with this malice. And they never let it go. These unhappy people never change. Their angry disposition tears at them throughout their lifetime. They are forever raging against the evils of "colonialism" or "imperialism". For them the West is where they place all the blame for economic and political shortcomings , and the place where they vent all their anger. We might call this sad condition of the heart "malignant anti-colonialism".

Here in the movie clip below we see an example of this deeper anti-Western spirit, a raging hard-line form of anti-colonialism that will not relent. It is taken from the movie 'Beyond the Next Mountain'. Note that the menacing attitude here is directed at native people, Indian nationals. But not just any Indian nationals. These are native people who have been affected by something in the West that these angry anti-colonialists do not like. Here we see that the anger is directed against the Hma tribal people of Northern India who as the result of one Welsh missionary in 1904 turned to Christianity en-mass and became evangelical in their Christian faith. They were hated by many in India for this. Of course this persecution of Christians is an old story going back to the first Century and the Roman era. And it shows very clearly that this raging form of anti-colonialism may seem to be a political phenomenon. But hidden beneath it there are some deeper spiritual underpinnings of a distinctly sinister nature. This is well demonstrated in the video clip from the movie, "Beyond the Next Mountain" in the video box above.

So here is a very interesting thing to take note of. Some of these raging anti-colonialist people are not necessarily natives who had been exploited. These people can be Europeans themselves! And yet they nurse in their heart a very deeply held hatred and a malignant animosity against the West, or a deep hidden resentment against something or Someone who is being lifted up in the West. What is going on here?

Our first clue is simply this. These people are forever restless. They are inconsolable on this matter of Western influence upon native people in native lands. Their anger extends into many other areas as well, as we shall discuss. They have not found peace in themselves, peace with God, or peace with their fellow man. Angry people like this do not play well with others. They are unhappy with the world they live in and there remains this inner angst that tears at them on the inside. This raging anger drives them into extreme political views and activities that are subversive. Anti-colonialists of the radical kind are engaged in more than just party politics. As we shall discover, this anger is aimed directly at the Judeo-Christian hope that comes out of the West. They are in fact holding a party in their heart for some particularly virulent raging spirits, spirits that never let them go and never let them find peace. What is really going on here?

There is a militant agenda behind the raging sort of anti-colonialism. Of course the communists have used it to the full as they have rage against the Western powers. The animosity, the fear, the dread, and the resulting anger and the raging goes far beyond race and national politics. The hard-line attitude of these driven souls cannot be entreated by reasonable discussion. The raging is absolutely insatiable.

So raging anti-colonialism is not to be underestimated. It is insatiable in its appetite for dominion and in its lust for power over the masses. This extreme form of anti-colonialism is perfectly demonstrated in the case of President Obama's mother and his maternal grandfather, both of whom were white. They were not African or Indonesian as Obama's fathers were. They had not suffered under the colonial/imperial Western powers. No, not at all. But neither Obama's mother nor his maternal grandfather ever let go of their anti-colonialism. They took this driving hatred of the West with them to the grave. As far as we can determine they never stepped back from it. They never took the matter philosophically and found peace within them. They never moved on with their lives as Obama's step-father did.

This is a truly fascinating story and it is laid out beautifully in the movie, 2016. Obama's father had suffered much under the Western dominion of the Dutch in Indonesia. And yes, back during that time he had hated the Dutch powers. He had, in fact, taken radical and military action against the European imperialists. This is precisely what attracted Obama's mother to him. But the wars came to an end, native peoples put down their arms, and time passed. With the passage of years former foes worked together and oftentimes became friends. Obama's step-father is a fascinating case in point. His was a mild, nationalistic, self-limiting form of anti-colonialism. Apparently he found a place in his heart to forgive the Dutch and to forget the former animosity he held. In short, he "got over" his anti-colonialism. This is an extremely important point.

Anti-colonialists of the raging kind are quite different.
For them this "forgive and forget" and an inclination to say "let's make a new start" does not usually happen.

As we survey the situation in hindsight it seems that Obama's step-father's held the non-virulent form of anti-colonialism. His anti-colonialism had been based upon love of his country and an Indonesian nationalism of sorts. Wars are fought against common enemies that threaten and exploit. Men go to war for the love they have for their families and for their land. Wars come and go. They generally do not last a lifetime. They end up being won and coming to an end with some sort of peace and a new opportunity to make a fresh start. Under the administration of the victor, a new peace ensues. And with that come fresh new opportunities. People and nations have a chance to vent their anger in the war. Afterwards they are ready to settle down and move on with their lives. They marry, settle down, and live happily; . . . . . at least until the next big issue of contention comes to the fore.

So people and nations speak out in their politics. And occasionally they wage war against those that exploit them. If they can't beat the foe in the war they join them in the peace that they bring in afterwards. This is the normal pattern of events. It has been seen in history countless times since time immemorial. This was the case of Obama's step-dad. He had been a radical, a nationalist anti-colonialist. But after all the warring ended he got over his former hatred and anger and sought to begin a new life with the Western business that was now on the rise. He went on to work for an oil company under the administration of his former enemy, the Western powers. During the post World War 2 era the West was seeking to promote peaceful trade and prosperity throughout the world at that time. Obama's step-father took advantage of this. Apparently he did very well in the new business environment. Even people who have been brutally treated can get over their anti-colonialism and often appreciate the good things the imperial powers brought into the country such as the railroads, bridges, new trade opportunities. In the case of the British Empire some of the former colonies gained political independence and yet still enjoyed a measure of what was hopefully called a "common-wealth" of nations. After the colonial uprisings and the independence a new day dawns. The nationals often let go of the searing animosity they had formerly held. This is the normal pattern of events that is often seen. The animosity fades away. Unless, of course, there is something far deeper and more sinister is lurking in the depths.

And so we come to the next twist in the story of Obama's character development. His Indonesian step-father was getting over his mild form of anti-colonialism and moving on. He was becoming a successful businessman. But was his wife, Obama's mother, happy about this new prosperity under the Western powers? Not one bit!

This collusion with the enemy was the last straw for Obama's mother. She had married a person she thought would always be a revolutionary against the West. But now he was betraying the revolution and consorting with the enemy! Her husband was getting crosswise of her more malignant form of anti-colonialism, . She began to rage against her husband. Then she proceeded on to divorce him. Not long after this she left Indonesia taking the young Obama with her to Hawaii where he came under the influence of his maternal grandfather. He too was a hardliner, and a raging anti-colonialist of the more malignant unrelenting kind.

The passions, convictions, and drives that come out of the raging form of anti-colonialism have a powerful impact in the formation of human character. President Obama's mother and maternal grandfather greatly impacted the life of the young Obama. It now seems clear that the passionate hatred they both had for the West influenced the boy far more than than either his Kenyan father or his Indonesian step-father. In this short excursion we shall try to plumb the depths of this raging variety of Anti-Colonialism. And we shall make a very interesting discovery. There is indeed a root cause of raging anti-colonialism that fully explains it.


An old photo from the British Empire days.
Some level of Anti-Colonialism is understandable. This is especially true when a person is on the receiving end of some bad treatment at the hand of colonial/imperial powers that are becoming wealthy, powerful, and arrogant. But this is one of the strangest of human phenomena. Obama's mother and his grandfather, lifelong anti-Western, anti-colonialists, were never ever victims of colonial brutality or bad treatment. Obama's two fathers, his Kenyan biological father and his Indonesian step-father certainly could be excused for their anger against the Judeo-Christian West. But what about Obama's mother and maternal grandfather? They had never been mistreated or exploited by whites. They were whites themselves. And yet these two Western Anglo-Saxons, both of whom impacted Obama deeply reveled in their raging anti-colonialism. Obama's mother actually sought out and married two revolutionaries who had taken up arms against Europeans. What are the chances of that happening by mere chance? Both men had been victims of brutal excesses under Colonialism. Both of them had joined the revolution and become militant anti-Colonialists.

We can understand this. We would feel the same way if the land we loved was taken over by strangers who did not give the respect and consideration due to those of us who had lived in the land before they came. There is no doubt the Western powers demonstrated heavy-handedness as they colonized the third world. See this video trailer from the film "Ghandi".

There are no accidents of history. Titanic sailed out of Southampton in 1912. Colonial arrogance reached the heavens with the statement, "Not even God Himself could sink her!" Two years later British young men were in the trenches in France being shelled and machine gunned by the Germans. World War 1 was under way. The toll of lives killed in action during that terrible conflict was awful beyond telling. It signaled the beginning of the end of the colonial era. Was God correcting the great imperial Western powers and punishing them for their hubris? Why do wars typically come against nations when they reach the peak of their national pride? Did not the World Wars come to the West in some degree as a consequence of national hubris and insolent colonial pride? The "war to end all wars" took the West into the bloodiest history it had ever experienced. 20 million men died in that war. And neither side won. The war with Germany continued a generation later, this time taking 50 million lives.

The poetry of Rudyard Kipling became very well known and loved throughout the British Commonwealth during the late 19th Century. The indolence and lack of gumption among the British clergy at that time was legendary. They had become lapdogs to the British power elites and the aristocracy. In the gap God had chosen a coarse and yet incisive poet to say what needed to be said. His poem, "Lest we forget" had been written on the occasion of Queen Victoria's silver jubilee and was read by millions. It was a warning to Great Britain concerning her greed and the Godless hubris that was now evident in her Empire building. But there was no repentance. And then the war came and the loss of life among the young men of Great Britain and the British Commonwealth was staggering. After World War 1 the meaning of the phrase, "Lest we forget" was changed from the poet's original intent, It was effectively switched from "Lest we forget our God" to "Lest we forget our fallen soldiers". See this article. And that is the way it remains to this day.

Nations, (as well as people), reap what they sow. World War 1 was the great tragedy that came to the West at the peak of the colonial era. Did it come as a correction from above for all this colonial exploitation and excess? See this YouTube video

There was much pondering of the hearts in Western Christendom after World War 1. But there was very little in the way of national repentance. Man-centered Rationalism, the swelling pride of the machine age, and the hubris of the Western colonial powers still held sway. Very little national repentance was seen in the West after World War 1 and not much to be seen in the way of any significant spiritual awakening. All the West got from "The War to End All Wars" were crippling reparations levied upon Germany and tight British purse strings. The fading British superpower knew that another war with Germany was inevitable. So they were in no mood to go out and spend their British sterling on international development. They knew they had to save their money. They knew that they would have to finance the coming war. The British superpower tightened the purse strings. This caused a Great Depression. It was an economic disaster which deeply affected the West and went on to engulf the entire world.

As we know, the Great Depression ended when the Second World War with Germany began. During 1940 Hitler was proceeding to conquer practically all of Europe. The Brits were making their lone stand against him in the Battle of Britain. Churchill went on a shopping trip to the US to buy arms. "Give us the tools and we will do the job!" Churchill told the Americans. A torrent of British money rushed into the USA with "lend-lease". British gold was crossing the Atlantic on its way to America for the purchase of armaments. Fort Knox was being stacked with British gold. And as the Second World War came to its conclusion with the dropping of two atom bombs on Japan and the Breton-Woods agreement was signed the Pax Brittania gave way to the Pax Americana. The baton passed on from one great English-speaking nation to another. And the U.S. had now become the new superpower of Western Christendom.

America has been the superpower of the West ever since. It probably will remain so until some very climactic seven year covenant is signed at some point in the future. The Western nations in Europe are already sinking into financial insolvency. European nations are clutching hold of the strong nation of Germany. It seems that German standards may well save the Euro. Europe in turn is also being bailed out by America. There could well turn out to be an all-encompassing sovereign debt crisis engulfing all the Western nations. And the conclusion of an expensive future war involving Islam may see the West go O.B.E,. "overcome by events". Future times could see the U.S. along with Europe and the rest of the nations of the world sell off their wealth, their land, their flags, and eventually the servitude of their people. Did we not see this pattern play out way back at the beginning when the patriarchs of Israel came under the discipline of Joseph? In such a scenario the nations would dissolve into a New World Order.

The colonial powers were heavy handed and exploitative as history will attest. But the Western nations did much for India, Africa, and many other parts of the world. There was the trade, the railways, shipping, new and better ways of doing things. The largest English language speaking country is India with a billion people. English provides a basis for world trade and communication. Western ideals of freedom, both the good and the bad, are now being championed under the American superpower in the West. But the domination, the exploitation of the environment and the national hubris of Western colonialism are legendary. This was seen among all the western powers as they colonized in former times. And it goes on today under American Imperialism. The book 'Confessions of an economic hit-man' by Anthony Perkins tells the same sad story of Western greed and hubris. See also this YouTube video and this one.


President Obama as a young boy with his mother
and his Indonesian step-father.
As we investigate the hidden root of anti-colonialism we see that Obama's step-father is a very interesting case. He began as an anti-colonialist after suffering the tragic loss of his family at the hands of Dutch colonial soldiers in Indonesia. (Incidentally, Brother Andrew was a soldier in the service of the Dutch imperial powers there in Indonesia at the time). Obama's mother married this Indonesian nationalist radical because he had been a militant revolutionary fighting against the Western powers. Later he apparently got over all that. He joined the more enlightened spirit of the western commonwealths and became a happier man. That was when Obama's mother, a true lifelong anti-colonialist hit the roof. As described in Dinesh D'Souza's book, 'The Roots of Obama's Rage' Obama's mother had it out with her husband in a torrid scene. Obama's step-father, being a reasonable man asked, (paraphrasing),
"Why are you angry about me doing business with the West?
These are your people, aren't they?

Obama's mother answered in a very telling manner,
"NO. These are NOT my people!"

Why did Obama's mother divorce her second husband? It was because he had turned away from his anti-colonialism. What was worse he had adopted a pro-Western attitude. Apparently his anti-colonialism came from his nationalism and sparked in a time of war. But in the new peace that came after the war his hatred of the Dutch had faded away. But Obama's mother operated in a far more malignant form of anti-colonialism. She had left her own country and her own people. She would seek out and marry two radicals, men who were at war with the Western Imperial powers. Why did she do that? What was driving her to do this?

In this history Obama's mother demonstrates very well the raging virulent form of anti-colonialism that goes beyond race and beyond nationalistic love of country. Her anti-colonialism did not come to her because she had suffered at the hands of the colonial powers. No, not at all. But she took up the cause of those who had. And then she took it over the top. She used the mistreatment of native populations by the colonial powers as a justification to promote her emotional and political agenda. Was this a counter crusade against the evils of Western imperialism? Or was she being used by the principalities and powers to conduct an even deeper mission, a raging spiritual agenda against the Judeo-Christian heart of the West? This is a fascinating question. She was, after all, the mother of a young boy who would later become the President of the United States. She appears to have nursed a deep and virulent hatred of the West. Clearly it did not come from nationalistic love of some native country. Nor did it spring from some racial bias since she was a white Caucasian of European descent. There is evidence of a grievous sense of disenfranchisement to be sure, and a deep bitterness of soul. Few Western young ladies leave their homeland to seek out radicals from another land and from another race. So the anger and angst had to have come from some other deeper hidden source. What might that be? And just where did all this inner raging come from?

So, the plot thickens. As we shall discover, this raging Anti-Colonialism goes far beyond politics. It is far more than just an expression of certain ideals or a "choice", (whatever that might mean). This malignant hatred of the West is far more sinister than that. And let us make no mistake here. The the raging seething anti-colonialism is squarely aimed at something, (or Someone), who is being lifted up in the West, Something, or Someone is at the center of all this raging.

So what is really going on with this militant anti-colonialism? What is anti-colonialism's hidden root? When we sit down in the Parisian coffee-houses or attend any radical meetings at any university in the West and listen to these agitators as they get up and rage against the West in general and at Israel and the USA in particular we soon begin to see that this rhetoric has gone beyond just "politics". And when Reverend Wriight gets up and screams "God ---- America" we know that down at the deeper spiritual levels something BIG is going on. We can soon begin to discern that at its root the raging anti-colonialism or anti-imperialism is hiding something far deeper than mere national politics, love of country, or race. Bundled in with anti-colonialism is a raging spirit that is pushing a rebellious anti-Judeo-Christian attitude. And beyond the politics of men the fog begins to clear and we begin to make out something very very profound. We begin to make out the latter day agenda of fallen angels. Oh yes, the virulent raging form of anti-colonialism is a seething pot of of discord with an agenda and a purpose. Angels of darkness are at work, stirring up hand-picked people who are bitterly anti-Christian, anti-Messianic, and Anti-Semitic at heart.

Israel dealt with such spiritual principalities in times past. Those with a Biblical world view will understand that this anti-colonialism is part of a long ongoing spiritual battle, even an information war. The battle involves political hierarchies, kingdoms, and fiefdoms down here on earth and dark angelic rulers above them up in the second heaven who pull the strings of their unwary human charges. As we come into the 21st Century that spiritual battle appears to be on approach to some sort of a climax. Rebels and enemies of the God of Israel will hide their real agenda under something that looks noble and upright. They will use the Fabian approach to quietly compromise and weaken the set-apart holy people. They will also seek to divide the land of Israel and carve up Jerusalem, the Holy City of God. But as reasonable as they appear to be they are not sincere in all their talk of a "Peace Process". It is not difficult to see that the real agenda is to divide and conquer the holy things of God, both the Holy City and both houses of the holy covenant people of God. Whenever the meetings are called for so-called "Peace Talks" terrible natural disasters occur. We have seen it happen repeatedly. Concurrent with these "Peace Talks" we have seen the Perfect Storm, Hurricane Katrina, numerous earthquakes, and swarms of deadly tornadoes unleashed in America. When politician dicker with Jerusalem they are touching the apple of God's eye. They deny the claims of the coming "Prince of Peace" to "His Land" and they continue to boldly presume upon the holy things of the God of Israel. They are foolish enough to rage against God's people and against all those who would bring their witness for Israel's coming Messiah. Worldly powers will come right out of the closet and rage against all things Godly when they are given power to do so.

Here in this YouTube video we get a glimpse of the Gaia spirit of the goddess. It was seen in Canaan in the worship of the Ashteroth pornographic idols. This is the pagan spirit that drives the people of Luciferian selfism, both the religious and the non-religious. These dark angels hover over their human underlings, seduce them, and then proceed to dominate their thoughts and emotions. Their human pawns are hoodwinked and led off by the nose without them even being aware of it. This narcissistic worship of self is the mainline Luciferian agenda. And it is the underlying spiritual drive behind militant paganism and the militant feminism that is closely interwoven with it.

So there is more to the story of anti-colonialism than meets the eye. The forces behind it are a mixed bag of the milder self-limiting nationalism and that mysterious deeper hideous spirit that hates the West and tears and rages continually. As we have seen, there is a mild form of anti-colonialism that is not a problem. The colonial powers did some awful things to the native peoples at times. Very often the perpetrators went unpunished. The people and nations involved need to repent and seek forgiveness for their wrongdoing and grievous actions committed against the native people they ruled over. So Anti-colonialism in its mild form may reflect a normal human and Christian reaction to the brutality and exploitation that was seen in the colonial era. Such a response is understandable and appropriate to bring up for discussion and correction. Many Christians today are similarly concerned about the rise of Dominionism and the Dominion Theology which is still endemic within the Christianity of the West.

Christian missionaries in India today are often embarrassed about their pith helmet days and the missionary activity that was carried out in the 19th Century under the rifles of the British Empire. But nevertheless, a lot of good and commendable things were done under Western Christian influence. The stopping of the burning of widows on the funeral pyres of their husbands by William Carey is one case that comes to mind. The British Empire oversaw the greatest missionary outreach the world had seen up until that time. Sometimes the relationship was quite chummy. On the other hand the relationship of the colonial powers with evangelical missionaries who actually wanted to get the Gospel out was often quite strained. Evangelical missionaries who did not "toe the line" had a very tough time dealing with the colonial dignitaries. Check out this classic opening scene from the movie, "Beyond the next Mountain.

So the matter of anti-colonialism is very interesting. It seems we must dig deeper to discover what the real spirit is that is at work in a given individual and decide on a case by case basis. The anti-colonialism in a certain person expressing certain convictions may be good. Then, they may be sorting through some of the harsh discipline they themselves underwent under strict parents and teachers with canes and straps. Anti-Colonialism may be expressing a true and valid Christian concern about militant bloody exploitation seen in some past history. History bears a sad record of the British concentration camps for women and children set up under Lord Kitchener during the Boer War. Or they may be expressing concern about a latter day crusade by militant 'Kingdom Now' or Dominionist Christians in the latter days. Discussions about anti-colonialism and anti-imperialism may mesh with the discussions we hear at the Pilgrim-Puritan interface. This will become a very important talking point as Anglo-American history comes into the arena in times to come.

Now let us dissect this malignant form of anti-colonialism further and see if we can identify the raging dragon at its heart. As we have seen, the virulent raging kind of anti-colonialism runs far deeper than just politics. A superpower must take responsibility and shoulder the expense to maintain and police the peaceful trade that is essential to creating wealth. So why would any normal person want to rage against such a policing authority. If they were not personally being grievously impacted by that rule of law why should they take exception to it? What is the source of this hideous rebellious spirit that rises up like the Kraken of legend, and then goes off into eternal torment, never to be able to settle down and find peace?

Today we are looking at hateful anti-Semitic regimes issuing murderous threats against Israel and the West. Rogue nations must be closely watched and their power checked when they become belligerent and begin to gather the terrible destructive weapons we have at our disposal today. Nowadays pipsqueak nations can shut themselves off from peaceful trade, abuse their people and go nuclear. Then they can threaten the world, the people, and the plant and animal life of this planet with utter destruction. North Korea is a case in point. Iran is also threatening to become such a regime and it is going nuclear right now. Greenies should be concerned about this. They should give some modicum of respect to the last remaining superpower in the West and support their efforts to keep the peace. But strangely, they are not doing this. They don't care about a billion deaths from nuclear war. In the minds of many Nature people and Malthusians, the planet needs a good bloodletting to bring the population down. Some say as much as 66% of the people of this earth need to be killed off. This is what they would call "population control"!

This is a very strange state of affairs. Do these people harbor a deep hatred for humanity? Of course they love whales. They are very interested in policing Japanese whaling fleets. But they are not too interested in discovering the true inner spiritual peace that will bring true "peace on earth". Only a spiritual revival changes the hearts of men. The indwelling Messiah sanctifies the souls of men, performing His marvelous work from the inside out. Only the coming of a Messiah offers any real hope of "saving the planet".

Rogue people and rogue regimes want to do far worse than kill whales. They want to make nukes. And in their raging against Israel they don't care if they kill hundreds of millions of people in the process! And if the ecosystems of this creation are ruined they don't seem to care. These people are self-destructive, destructive of others, and destructive to the planet. Do we want to see these rogues stopped? Or not?

Islamic radicals like the color green as well. We see them dressed in green and carrying green flags. They too are not averse to great human death tolls. Many of the radicals are motivated to act as assassins and suicide bombers. They do not fear death. And we know that death will be the last enemy to be defeated. As we see in Revelation 6 the "pale" horse/green-(Gr. "chloros") horse or wild horse rider is trying to control a a people who behave like wild animals. The green horse rider rules over unruly people by martial law and arbitrary killing, just as we have seen through history and see demonstrated today inside many nations in Africa. John saw the green horse rider going forth and death following. Do we really want to allow such world ruler to come to the fore?

Bomb throwing radical nations that go nuclear are extremely dangerous to this world and to its people. They are insatiable in their hatred. And so they stand ready to launch an attack on that prime target of all raging radicals, the little nation of Israel. As soon as the bomb grade plutonium arrives from the "peaceful use only" nuclear reactor they are ready to arm their missiles and ready them for a launch against Israel. They do not care that they roast millions alive, including women and children. The pale horse or really green horse riders of death don't care about the fiery destruction they cause as long as their tenth Imam arrives. But they could ruin this earth in 24 hours. And they will do it if they are not reined in.

Some people seem to be strangely happy to go along with these rebels and are indifferent to the plan to destroy Israel. This is especially so after some immersion in eastern religion or a puff or two of Marijuana. But isn't the peace we have right now, imperialist and imperfect though it may be, worth keeping for a bit longer? And did not the God of Israel say that certain nations that were going to be blessed by Him and would "possess the gates of their enemies"? See this video of an interview with Yair Davidiy.

Lastly, anti-Western sentiment may go even deeper than anything we have spoken of so far. This raging of nations, races, and peoples against the West deep down may actually be the spirit of Antichrist. We are looking at a depraved, evil spirit driven, fury. And it happens to be directed specifically against the Judeo-Christian faith in the West. Are we getting the picture yet?

Think about it for a moment. Is this not the faith which is nestled and nurtured in the West? Europe was formerly known as Christendom was it not? And the West has also provided varying degrees of comfort and persecution for Jews in their migrations and throughout this long 2,000 year period of the Diaspora. So the target of the raging anti-Western spirit may be the Christ, Israel's Messiah, the "Anointed One" whose coming is spoken of from of old. His coming remains the hope of both the Christians and Jews in the West. Both of these companies of people, in their Spirit more than in race, have been the leading lights of the West and the world. If both these companies of people are as tricky Jacob then are they in need of refining? Oh yes. But that is another story we cannot go into here.

So now we get right down to the true roots of the raging anti-Colonialism. This raging Anti-Western spirit is really an old old story. History is not circular and meaningless cycle of ying and yang as the religions of the East would have it. Rather it is linear and teleological. Like all good stories holy history comes to a climax and then a final resolution. The powers of darkness know about this final showdown. They are in deathly fear and an agitated state of rage against Messiah's coming. And why is that? Because the judgment He brings on that final Day of Atonement will spell the termination of their earthly rule and seal their doom. And so in their vain hope of preventing the unfolding of the Apocalypse and Messiah's appearing at the Judgment they push their raging spirit onto their human underlings causing them to dance to their tune.

King David wrote a song about this latter day raging of the heathen some 3,000 years ago. In the song we see quite clearly that the anger is directed specifically against the Israel's Messiah. And why? Because at some point in holy history He is coming to judge the principalities and powers of this world. That, dear friends, is why the angels of darkness are raging and why they are stirring up the heathen to rage with them.

Will their rebellion succeed? No, it will be smashed. You can read the prophecy in the lyrics of King David's song. It is there in our Bibles in Psalm 2.

Grace and shalom to all,

Gavin Finley MD
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