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Kingdom Now
Movement and
Deny the Future
70th Week

    by Gavin Finley MD



1. Introduction
2. Sir Robert
3. Nehemiah
and the Edict
of Artaxerxes
4. Biblical Time
5. Lunar Cycles
and the
Hebrew Calendar
6. 'Until Messiah
the Prince'
= 173,880 Days
7. The Gap
between the
69th and the
70th Week.
8. Lunar Cycles
measure out
the 69 Weeks
9. A Future
70th Week
10. A Word of
11. 32 A.D. was
the Year of
the Cross
12. Chart of
the 70th Week
13. Metonic
Cycles and the
70th Week

Daniel's 70th Week, the final seven years of this age, lies up there ahead in our future. The 'Kingdom Now Movement' or 'Latter Rain Movement' realize that evangelicals know too much scripture to swallow the full Preterism (which denies that there will be any future dramas to worry about). So they are using Partial Preterism in a fairly successful attempt to "cloak" the Apostasy (2Thes.2:3) associated with 7 years peace treaty of Daniel 9:27 and the first half of the 70th Week, which is indeed up there in our future. These first 3.5 years will be a time in which the Harlot Religious System will assume global rule in consort with the False Messiah in his early peacemaking role. Of course this new upwelling Dominion Theology does not want this fact of Bible prophecy to be known. It does not want anything "negative", (such as Bible Prophecy), to cast a shadow across its fanciful false dream of a triumphant global Church wrapping up history before the Second Coming of Messiah.

The Kingdom Now movement is gathering a following very quickly now. And Dominion Theology is conscripting an army of Utopian Christians, many of whom are quite sincere but do not know the Holy Scriptures and live on the carnal side of their nature. In all their political busy-ness and their running after charismatic religious personalities and men they are willing to call 'apostles' and 'prophets' they are just not reading their Bibles. They do not check up on what they are hearing as the noble Bereans did in times past. Nor are they embracing the Way of the cross or making the necessary spiritual preparation in the Holy Spirit against the coming night. Jesus brought a very solemn warning about this reckless and careless attitude. The Bridegroom is coming. But Christians are not preparing for the end time witness to which they were called. Jesus taught the parable of the ten virgins to warn us and to energize us to make personal preparation to go out and meet the Bridegroom, even in the black hours after midnight. This parable tells what happened to those who were careless. The five foolish virgins did not prepare themselves in the Spirit against the coming night. And so when the hour of trial came they were not ready. They came to the time of personal burnout. There was no oil supply or oil of anointing outside of themselves. So that was the end of their witness. They had previously rated the true and genuine oil of the Holy Spirit as unimportant. And so when the Bridegroom came they were not equipped to go out to meet Him. And it was too late to go back and make amends.

This is the most haunting parable Jesus ever told. Even now, the still small voice of the Holy Spirit is going out in a day of great deception and disinformation. The woman of wisdom is crying out in the streets. (Prov. 1) But many Western Christians today are just not listening. They are, however, listening to 'Kingdom Now' and 'Reconstructionist' preaching. They are responding to this unscriptural Utopian triumphalism, this dream of Dominion by the present day church-state system. They rather fancy this idea of a unified World Church taking over the world. The thought has apparently not occurred to them that the World Religion they have bought into will bring in a World government. And they have not considered that it's establishment will eventually mean the loss of their freedom.

John was absolutely astounded to see the Harlot trying to ride the Beastly World government system. It is quite obvious that her position is untenable. The time will inevitably come when this woman of compromise will be unable to control the Beast. John saw the Beast turn on the woman. He saw the beast destroy her with fire. (Rev.17:15-17) Are we reading our Bibles? Are we listening to what God is telling us here? Are we connecting the dots?

This deep Biblical ignorance in the Church regarding the end-time is so very unfortunate. Many Christians are rejecting the way of the cross. Dominionist Kingdom Now preachers reject this old fashioned Christian willingness to face the certainty of future trials of our faith. They consider any thought of future Christian witness under duress or grace under fire as "negative thinking".

This is most unfortunate. The saints are not being properly prepared by Christian leaders for their essential role of witness in the latter days. Blood covenant Christianity is clearly an embarrassment to Dominion Theology. The Way of the cross to these people of the Kingdom Now is a shameful thing to be avoided at all costs. Suffering for Christ is a reproach to their triumphalist notion of religious "dominion in our time". So what we are really looking at here is a case of unbridled religious pride. This religious humanism is far more deadly to real and genuine Christianity than secular humanism ever was.

Quite clearly they have departed from true Christianity here. The Jesus they claim as their own had quite a different view of witness in tribulation. In His sufferings for us He despised the shame of the cross. He considered it as amounting to nothing. His eyes were on something fare more wonderful, even the glory of God.

Hebrews 12:1-3 (The Race of Faith)
1 Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses,
let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us,
and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,
2 looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith,
who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame,
and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.
The sheep of God's pasture are being poorly served here. They are not being fed the proper spiritual food. And so it comes as no surprise that they are spiritually sick and malnourished. This is why Christian morale is deteriorating so badly today. Misinformed, unprepared, and surrounded by many unfounded fears of the things to come many carnal Christians are confused and bewildered. Worse still, they are being helped to entertain thoughts of desertion. Others are seeking their full and total spiritual covering in their national flags or are beginning to fondle their swords (or guns). In the absence of proper guidance religious opportunists are rising up to speak. They are playing upon the sum of all these fears.

This ecclessiastical jingoism has been seen before. 900 years ago Pope Urban preached the first crusade. This was in France. Similarly Dominionist christian leaders today are neglecting the Gospel of Grace and overseas missions and considering forceful takeover as their main "mission". Right here in our pulpits they are out there preaching the wrath of God on Islam with no call to repentance at home in Christendom. Event will take on some interesting twists and turns in times to come. And there will be the 'last crusade' involving the Antichrist. But sadly for many Dominionists their final crusade will fail. It will be a complete and total disaster. See Daniel 7 & 12 and Revelation 13.

Many who now call themselves Christians will fall away from the faith in the coming times of trial. Our Apostle Paul warns us about this coming "great falling away" or Great Apostasy. (2Thes.2:3) Jesus warned us about this in the parable of the sower. He spoke of the seed that sprang up in a shallow way on rocky ground. When the hot winds came they dried up and blew away like tumbleweed.

So this notion of a global Church takeover of the world may sound good and make the listener in the pew feel good for a time. But it is bogus. It is a false prophecy. Dominion Theology and its Replacememt Theology against Israel is built upon a profane mixture of nationalist jingoism and religious flim-flam. The notion is without any Biblical foundation whatsoever.

We have seen this in the Church many times before. Dominion theology and post-millennialism failed to deliver under the Spanish superpower in the 1500's, the Dutch superpower in the 1600's, the French Napoleonic superpower in the 1700's, the the British Empire in the 1800's, and the German Nazi play for superpower in the first half of the 20th Century. So why should the present day Dominionists under today's American superpower be any different? Quite clearly today's christian leaders of the "Kingdom Now" have not read their Bibles. Nor have they read their history books and learned about how superpowers come to their apex and then decline.

Of course Dominionists are jumping the gun here just as they usually do. Like all crusaders they are trying to storm the Holy Place using the arms of the flesh. This is not God's Way. Zechariah spoke of this in Zech 4:6. But yes, the true saints will indeed rule with Messiah. But all this will come to pass in the coming Kingdom of Messiah. The long awaited Millennium of Messiah will surely come. (Rev. 20, Dan. 12) But He is the One who will bring this to pass, not the Church. He Himself will establish His Millennial Kingdom!

Dear saints, for dominionists to imagine that they will conquer evil on earth through carnal means in the power of the flesh and before Messiah comes and sets things in order is religious hubris of the first order. It is pure presumption, just another one of those "wild imaginings". The very idea of the present church taking over the world is religious jingoism and an an impossible dream. Oh yes, the Church will get the political power all right. But an established World Church will depart even further from the Biblical truth and end up in an even worse state than we see today. A Church corrupted by power and pumped up by Mammon into a hierarchical pyramid scheme will compromise itself into the harlot system John saw. The compromised sector of the end-time church will stagger down the low road to the eventual destruction we see in Revelation 18.

Let us face the facts here. The organized established Church we see today will certainly not, (in its present unrefined state), deliver up a perfected world under church dominion to present to Christ when He comes. But as Dominionists see it they will! As they see it the returning Christ will not be doing too much when He returns. No real dramas. He will merely be strolling by for a short visit. So what is the point of Christ's return if the world has been all straightened out by the Church when He comes? Perhaps to give out the awards to Church dignitaries and five-fold ministry "apostles and prophets"?

Dear saints, the Holy Scriptures are quite clear. The Church will NOT have the world in its back pocket before Messiah comes. This is just not going to happen. Only the coming of Messiah will succeed in straightening out this mess here below. And HE will be The ONE who will be bringing in the Millennial Kingdom. A Christian Utopia on earth shoehorned in by the efforts of the present unrefined unholy Five-fold/Ecumenical Church system is just not going to happen. This is a a religious reverie gone wrong. It is product of vain imaginings. It is not written about in the Bible. It is a post-millennialist or Amillennialist religious fable concocted by religious dominionists with a shameful bloody track record through history. This doctrine of religious dominion bears a record of total and abject failure.

Of course the Kingdom Now and 'latter rain' preachers speak of this as a matter of "faith". According to them all those who disagree with them in their dreams of world dominion under their religious hierarchies lack "faith". But this is not a matter of true faith at all. Faith comes by hearing the true and genuine "Word of God". Faith does not come from the vain imaginings of churchmen or the proddings of the angelic princes and politicians of this world they are beholden to.

The real story here is simply this. The "Kingdom Now" movement and Dominion Theology is without Biblical foundation. It is being driven by fear and the skill of profane religious hypnotists to pump up a crowd in a false anointing. It is energized by the fears of Carnal Christians who have been ill prepared spiritually and in the prophetic Scriptures. Many Christians do not wish to have anything to do with the end-time witness. Their temporary religious "fix" comes from being pumped up in the religious hype coming out of the mouths of their religious champions.

Kingdom Now churchmen are often unaware that they have been diverted from the true call of Christ. Nor are they aware that they have been seduced by religious spirits. The result is what we are beginning to see today. "Strange fire" is being presented on the altar of God. These grand delusions of a global takeover are being shamelessly preached today. Regrettably the message they are bringing is not being questioned. The Dominionist dream is being believed by many church-going rank and file Christians. For many Christians their only information source is what they hear in the pew. And it is not just in the churches that we see Dominion Theology proclaimed. Spirits of presumption, selfism, and religious jingoism are thick on the religious airwaves. Dreams of a global religious Christian takeover are becoming very popular with the easily led, Biblically illiterate Christian masses.

Kingdom Now Dominionism is not just popular. It has become an extremely lucrative line of preaching as well. But there is a problem. It is false information. A global church takeover of the world before Messiah comes is not written about in the Bible. This present evil age will not bring in a perfected global Church dominion. Rather, a pathway of deeper and darker compromise will usher in the End Time Harlot System. John was absolutely amazed and flabbergasted at what he saw. He saw a Whore of compromised faith defiling the holy cup of Christ and riding a beast with ten horns. Yes, this is what John saw. (Rev. 17) An established yet compromised ecumenical harlot Christian Church will take over the New World Order.

Compromise of the holy things of YHVH-God is not anything to shrug off. This is a blood covenant matter and a grievous one at that. This failure of Christian witness by many Christians is going to play right into the raging of nations. King David wrote the song about this in Psalm 2. The resulting turmoil in Israel and in the world will lead into a time of unprecedented trials and after 3.5 years it will lead to a Great Tribulation for Israel and for the Church. All God's covenant people all across the world will be affected.

Moses prophesied this tribulation way back at the beginning in the Song of Moses. This is the time of "Jacob's trouble". The Great Tribulation is the travail of the true woman of Israel, which includes the Church. The Church will not bring deliverance from evil. No crusade could do that. Only the coming of Messiah will bring deliverance. Jesus laid this out very clearly to His trusted disciples in the Olivet Discourse. Have we heard what He said to us?

"I sit as a queen, ...
and will see no sorrow".

The Bible gives us the true and correct information as to how holy history will play out. And this dream of a global Christian Utopia is not going to happen. The Millennial Kingdom will be Messiah's Messianic Kingdom, not an Ecclesiastical Kingdom purchased by human blood shed by Christian crusaders. And the Millennial Kingdom will not be established before Messiah comes. But instead what do we see? The Apostle John shows us a Harlot riding a ten horned beast and reigning. We also see a false messiah and a False Prophet arising on the scene. These are the players in the end time drama. The Bible tells us clearly what each of them are up to and what drives them. Unfortunately the people in the pews know almost nothing about them.

So the New World Order will be the Last Crusade. It will be ecclesiastical in nature. It will not be a secular system like the former Communist or Nazi regimes. This is an important point. The harlot system that comes during those 3.5 years before the ensuing 3.5 years of the 666 system will be very much a religious order. It will be very materialistic as well, and very nice to all except certain "absolutist" people like Bible believing evangelicals and Israeli settlers and Israelis holding onto Jerusalem. John the Apostle was not mistaken here. He saw a compromised whoring church riding a ten horned end time beast. She was holding the reins and at the center of power. (Rev.17&18)

The timing of this is quite clear in Holy Scripture. With the covenant of Dan. 9:27 it is easy to see that compromised religion will again become the religious consort for the princes of this world, even for the Antichrist in his early global peacemaking role. The two will appear on the stage of history in the spirit of Beauty and the Beast. This is a classic theme that is endemic to western culture. The harlot religious system will be given the reins to rule at the beginning of the 70th Week of Daniel. She will start things off in the final seven years of this age. She will be given the reins of political global political power. She will head up the New World Order in its first 3.5 years. A unified ecumenical World Church, possibly allied with Islam and liberal Judaism, will be in the driver's seat. A defiled Christendom will have married herself off to a peacemaking false messiah. (John 5:43)

This will bring untold grief to Israel and the Church. This final "church-state system" will then be used by the Internationalists to establish World Government. The prophet Daniel and the Apostle John both saw this and both of them lay this out very clearly in the Apocalyptic scriptures of the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation.

The Holy Scriptures always warn about the mixing of the holy and the profane. And here will be seen the sad result. Gomer has sought her lovers many times before both in Israel's history and in Church history. But here we see her in her final fling, the most awful one of all. Compromise of the Christian faith will inevitably lead to apostasy. It is the same defilement and ritualizing of the Cup of Christ we saw in the earlier medieval Church history. John described the resulting paganized crusading pseudo Christianity. He saw the awful specter in graphic detail. (Rev. 17:4)

Many post-modern Christians hold out hopes of perfecting this world and bringing in the Kingdom Now. Today's Church leadership plans on using their current less than holy methods and worldly techniques to achieve this. But they will be sorely disappointed. Dominionists will achieve a measure of what they will be pleased to call "success". But as the Church takes up the sword she will stoop to conquer. And in this failed attempt she will fall from grace.

The 'Kingdom Now' movement sounds good in many ears. But it is a road to disaster for the Christian Church. Many Christians will be drunk on the pseudo Christian potion and stagger down a pathway that leads them to personal tragedy. There will be no glory here. The Apostle John did not see the woman with the starry crown riding the Beast. (Rev.12) He saw a Harlot. Oh yes, he saw her achieve the global dominion she sought, and named and claimed. And he also saw her 'riding' a Beast with ten horns. John was amazed and astounded at what he saw. (Rev. 17 & 18) This was a far cry from the other woman, the woman clothed with the sun. (Rev. 12) He just couldn't believe what he was seeing.

For a period of time this apostate "christian" religious system will have "success". She will apparently "take dominion". But this harlot religious system is a company of people who have left their first love. They have become worldly and abandoned their Betrothed. Their eyes are not on Christ/Meshiach. They are now lifting up their political savior, the peacemaking Antichrist. Apparently he will be happy for them to win him over. Because he has his agenda in all this as well.

John saw the harlot, the unfaithful woman of Revelation 17, in control of the global beast system. This bears repeating. Because this is something that western Bible prophecy teachers almost never bring out. Oh yes, they will admit to an Antichrist rule in the final seven years of this age. But they try to say the Beast will reign for the entire seven years of Daniel's 70th Week. This is not true. The Bible has him reigning for 3.5 years only, those being the final 3.5 years of the 70th Week. (Rev.13:5) The Harlot years will quite obviously be those first three and a half years of the final seven years of this present evil age.

So this harlot religious system will be very presumptuous. And she will rule and reign presumptuously along with a false messiah. She begins her reign seven years before the true Messiah comes at the end of this age. But her attempt to 'ride' the ten horned beast will only last for 3.5 years, the first half of the 70th week, the final 7 years of this age. Then comes an epic change in the political equation. The peacemaking Antichrist is possessed. He is no more Mr. Nice-guy. He undergoes a character change and will be "revealed" for the Beast that he is. The Beast will then take over and attempt to set up his 666 economical system. He will rise up and grasp the power for himself. (Dan.9:27b) The cessation of sacrifices and the Abomination of Desolation mark this transition. It comes midway through the final seven years of this age.

The end of the 70th week also sees the end of the Harlot . The ten horns, (ten global geopolitical powers), will turn on her. John saw the Harlot, (Mystery Babylon), come to a terrible fiery end. She will, in fact, be destroyed by fire. (Rev.17:16 & 18:8)

The jigsaw puzzle of these awsome end time events fall into place quite readily for those who love God. And the resulting picture is clear. The prophet Daniel said that the wise would understand. (Dan.12) Others will not. They will remain confused. There is a simple and elegant layout of the end time events. Devoted saints will see this and understand why this history must happen. This understanding only comes from knowing God personally in blood covenant devotion. And it comes from a plain reading of the Holy Scriptures. It comes from a willingness to take up our cross and follow Jesus, if necessary, even unto death. This is the faithfulness of the saints.

Daniel 9:27 is the key scripture in all this. Midway through the seven years there is a radical shift in the power structure. (Dan.9:27b) This is when the restrainer, (spoken of by the Apostle Paul), is taken out of the way. (2Thes.2:5) And the abominable Beast Demon of the Abyss, or bottomless pit, rises up. (Rev. 17:8) The Antichrist, in his early peacemaking mode has been the consort to the Harlot. But midway through the seven years all this changes. The Antichrist is possessed by this hideous demon. He then undergoes a character change and turns nasty. He is then "revealed" as "the Beast".

At the midpoint of the 70th Week sees this dramatic regime change take place. The Beast rises up. He breaks the seven year covenant (Dan.9:27) he made with Israel and the western ecclesiastical harlot power system. He causes the Temple sacrifices to cease. Then he commits the "abomination that makes desolate". Daniel spoke about this key waypoint in holy history. And Jesus made special reference to it. The false messiah seizes power and institutes his 666 economic system requiring all who engage in commerce to receive his mark. This is when the flight of the woman of Revelation 12 takes place. John tells us that this Antichrist, in his Beast role, will be be given power to reign for forty two weeks. This fits into the second half, (the final three and a half years), of Daniel's 70th Week. (Rev. 13:5) The Harlot, (of course), is out of the picture by then. She is no longer in control. But she awaits her final doom which will come at the end of the age.

So we are left to conclude that the Harlot system will continue to do what it is doing today. She will try to put a smokescreen of disinformation on Bible prophecy. This is already happening in the Kingdom Now Movement and among their Reconstructionist friends in the Reformed Churches. The ecumenical movement does not enter into Biblical discussions much at all. The old world established state churches never did pay much attention to Bible prophecy anyway. All these Dominionist movements have already set themselves against the Bible and escpecially Bible Prophecy. They discount what YHVH-God has clearly laid out in His Holy Word. In fact this Kingdom Now movement, like the harlot, says right now,

"I sit as a queen.
And will see no sorrow".
In her ecumenical politics this Harlot christian religion will finally achieve "success" in her endeavors. She will, in fact, get dominion. But only for three and a half years. The years of harlot rule will be the first half of the 70th Week of Daniel. See this chart.

And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.
And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.
DANIEL 9:27 (second half of the verse)
",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and when half this time is past, he will put an end to sacrifices and offerings. The Awful Horror will be placed on the highest point of the Temple and will remain there until the one who put it there meets the end which God has prepared for him."

Daniel's prophecy of the Seventy Weeks spotlights a future 70th week and a difficult final seven year period of God's determined dealings with His Judeo-Christian people. The Kingdom Now and much of the current "prophetic movement" is maneuvering to deny this scriptural truth. They prefer to believe that the present church systems is on the brink of a victorious establishment of Christ's Kingdom right now. This is the gist of the Kingdom Now movement and this popular new wave Christian Utopianism is gaining adherents rapidly. They see Christ's earthly Kingdom coming in the power of the sort of church revivalism we have been seeing lately. They also believe that with the aid of the political and merchant support they now have in this present world system they can go global and take over the world. The Kingdom Now movement is rising up with warrior praise to announce the coming of the Kingdom. Like Pope Urban in his famous sermon at Clermont in France in 1095 they are preaching a crusade. The movement is a partially holy and partially carnal. In this mixture the Holy Spirit is being grieved. We know from the book of Daniel that the the "Last Crusade" of Christendom will be her "last hurrah". (Dan.7:21, 8:24, 12:7) John the Beloved saw much the same. (Rev.13:7)

Many fine Christian saints have been caught up in the Kingdom Now movement. In most cases they are genuinely seeking God's best. But they should hold their leaders accountable to the Holy Scriptures. When a Kansas city prophet says,

"Don't pay any attention to this Book, Listen to me!"


"Don't get carried away with Bible prophecy!
The End Time events are none of your business!"

We know that deception and dissinformation is abroad. Saints in the pews should respond as any faithful saint is expected to respond. They should get up out of their seat, walk to the front of the church, mount the podium, and entreat the preacher right then and there according to Mathew 18. They should confront them person to person as a son to a father and with an open Bible in hand. If saints are not prepared to do that they should get up and walk out of the gathering right then and there. "To whom much is given much is expected".

Dear saints, we serve a God who has never kept His people in the dark. He always desires to tell His Elect what He is about to do. And the End time is a time of glory for God's covenant people. There are a lot of positive things about the End Time we are not hearing about. And there are many truly positive things for the church to become involved in. Many glorious truths remain untold concerning the end-time. We are not being served by pastors who fill our hearts with fear, then whip up the saints with tirades about "unity". We have been given the Great Commission. If we read the large print in our commissioning papers we see that our commission will not end until the last day at the "end of the age". We do not need to be side-tracked by religious politicians just to build up their religious pyramids to try to beat the Jesuits at their own game. There is much legitimate and holy activity for the church to be involved in. And the tithes are the responsibility of each individual saint. The tithes should be spread out into the global storehouse of God. They should be spread out to oversees missions by the individual Christian believers themselves. There are genuine Christian ministries in pastoring, teaching, and evangelism. But they are ministries of serving rather than domination, intimidation, and manipulation. Those latter three are witchcraft operations. They come out of the Spirit of Jezebel. The dangers of secular humanism have been laid out for us very clearly. But the dangers of religious humanism are more dangerous insofar as they are not recognized. A web of deception is being woven all around us. But we are scarcely aware of the bonds or of the strings that jerk us around.

The church needs to enter into the genuine holy flows of the Holy Spirit. We saw this back in the very beginnings of the Charismatic movement in the 70's. (We had such high hopes.) Alas, this wonderful Holy Spirit renewal was hijacked. It has now been taken over by the spirit of selfism and the monetary mores of Mammon. While we build our huge multi million dollar megachurches that stand idle most of the week Church giving to missions overseas is still a paltry 4%. We have been asked to take the Gospel to the nations. Is this the best we can do? Dear saints, this needs to be boosted to something worthy of our Lord Jesus. He has charged each one of us with the Great Commission.

The saints need to know and walk with their God, both in Spirit and in Truth. And they need to be led in praise and worship. But if the Holy Spirit is grieved and not as apparent as we would like Him to be then those who have gathered do not need to be "hyped up" in the soulish or fleshly realm. Nor does the Holy Spirit does not need to be "helped along" with vain repetition in endless choruses without lyrics and deafening loudspeakers. The Holy Spirit inhabits the praises of His people. The bride of Christ is being wooed by the Bridegroom, even as the Gomer was wooed by Hosea. He is there with her even in the midst of her tribulations the very afflictions she has brought upon herself. Even as we come into the end-times the saints will enter into the divine romance in unprecedented ways, They need to hear about these things.

Here is just one of many examples. The restrainer of the Antichrist is to be taken out of the way. (2Thes 2:6-7) But he is not the Holy Spirit. The teaching by evangelical prophecy teachers which says that the Holy Spirit is the "he" that will be "taken out of the way" during the final seven years of this age or Daniel's 70th Week is a grievous untruth. The Holy Spirit will not be taking a hike! He will not be going AWOL. He will be with us! He will be with us right through to the very end. In fact the scriptures clearly show us that there will be a blockbuster End-Time Revival of epic proportions. This will come upon "all flesh" for the testimony of Christ and the uplifting of the saints. And if we can believe the prophet Joel then this will be occurring right in the midst of the Great Tribulation! Genuine revival will be going on at the very same time as the Great Falling Away. This Holy Spirit outpouring will be powering up inside the 70th week to climax in a blaze of glory at the last day. This is precisely as Joel saw it. (Joel 2:28-32)

Unfortunately this Kingdom Now movement is not depending on God alone for His strengthening in holiness. The western church is backing up her connections to God with an array of other more earthy political connections. Her deals with Mammon are a real problem here. It is in this mixture that the Kingdom Now movement is taking the church into deeper compromise with the world. She is denying the clear warnings throughout all of the scriptures for the saints to lift up Jesus Christ in consecration and in holiness. She is not preparing the saints for the coming of Messiah and teaching us about His future Millennial Kingdom. She is bedding down with the world. There is a headstrong rush to compromise and covenant with world government and join the top ecumenical religious powerbrokers of this present world system.

There is a genuine unity in Christ. We have all seen this and we can rejoice in it. But when the church engages in back room "unity" dealings of a political nature we soon see the holy things of God being sold down the river. The basic tenets of the faith are also being badly compromised today. Holy things are being mixed in with the profane. This is precisely the same pattern of compromise we saw laid out for us 17 centuries ago at the Council of Nicea. God hates these sort of mixtures. He also says that He hates "the practices of the Nicolaitans" or the programs of those churchmen who set out like Balaam to "conquer the laity" for the rewards of Mammon.

Lust for power and money is a powerful force in religi-politics. This is driving much of the "unity" movement. The ones at the top of the hierarchical pyramid are like many of the rich and powerful wheeler-dealer CEO's of big business. In their worldly capacity they are assuming or usurping an authority over the Body of Christ that Christ Himself can only have. Only Jesus has authority over the Body of Christ. He and He alone is the Head of the Church.

History has seen this before on many occasions. Top operatives in the Kingdom Now movement are taking on the mantle of the Jesuits. They are preparing to assume a haughty rulership over Christians the likes of which have not seen since the Middle Ages. This can only lead to dark times and a new dark age up ahead. The apostle John saw in vision the specter of a bloody harlot system. It was not a pretty. (See John 17-18)

The Kingdom Now movement, (like the Pre-Trib Rapture doctrine), is failing to warn the saints. As in the parable of the ten virgins, many are failing to find the oil for the lamps. They are neglecting to prepare themselves spiritually in Christ for the coming darkness. They are saying that the church will take over the world without having to go through any refinings, trials, or testings. They are "cloaking" and "re-working" the Holy Scriptures concerning prophesied events of the End Time.

Of course they probably have the best of intentions. But the road to hell is strewn with the wreckage of what began as "good intentions". They want their people under them in their ecclessiastical pyramids to stay in the "positive" realm and maintain a "victory" mindset about the status quo. In short they do not want to hear anything about any Bible prophecy concerning any significant church trouble or church misbehavior up ahead. Repentance and soul seaching are too "old fashioned" or "negative". They have no place in a victory party, (or so they think). Since the future 70th week sounds like a whole lot of trouble and tribulation they don't want to hear about it. It puts a damper on their victory celebrations. So naturally they want to downplay End-Time Bible Prophecy as much as they possibly can. This is precisely what we are seeing in the Kingdom Now, Dominion Theology and Prophetic movements. They are deliberatly and actively disinterested in End-time Bible prophecy.

Here is where we come to the doctrine of partial preterism. Not surprisingly Kingdom Now Dominionists are keen to snap up any doctrine which would say that all or even half of the future 70th week has been fulfilled already. They would very much like to send all of it away, back into past Roman history. This is what Preterism is all about.

Full Preterists are extreme in this regard. They say that all 7 years of the 70th week of Daniel have been fulfilled back in the first century. They say that the 70 weeks prophecy was for the Jews only. They also say that all 70 weeks were wrapped up by 70 A.D., the time of the destruction of Jerusalem.

To many Christians, Full Preterism is heresy. But Partial Preterism? Now that is a sly little doctrine. It is exceedingly deceptive. It might possibly be able to sneak in to the evangelical camp and be received. Provided, of course, that the saints don't read their Bibles. Because if they did they would readily recognise it as error.

Many Christians know the scriptures concerning the coming tribulation. They also know that the Antichrist will rise up as the beast midway through the 70th week. (Dan.9:27b) He will establish his 666 system for the last half of the 70th week. (Rev.13:5,11:2) Dominionists have therefore had to be content with offering the saints just half a cup of the Preterist error instead of trying to sell them the full cup of preterism. They fall back to a second line of defense. They try to seel us the idea that half of the 70th week, (the first half), is past history. They can submerge and smokescreen the first half of the 70th Week. But most evangelicals know very well that the Antichrist will have power for three and a half years. They know that this period of holy history is up ahead. So partial preterists slip in their great lie. They say that the first half of the 70th week, (this is the part containing the Harlot), is not up ahead at all. They say that it was fulfilled in the 3.5 years of Jesus' ministry!

Why is this important? Both full preterism and partial preterism obliterate Dan.9:27. They both shut down the message of the future 7 year covenant with the Antichrist. This scripture is critically important. Dan.9:27 heralds the beginning of the 70th week. It is a critical signpost into those final 7 years of this age. This "cloaking" of Dan.9:27 also serves the forces of darkness in another way. Partial preterism blocks from view the emerging end-time harlot system!

A Harlot Church along with Israel will actually sign on with this false messiah. He will come on the scene as a successful global peacemaker and megadealer. He will broker an all-encompassing humanistic global "covenant with many" for a period of seven years. This is critically important information for the end-time Christian believers. We simply must get this right.

Dan.9:27 is a critical signpost set forth on the pathway of holy history. God put this marker there for the pilgrims. And God help any person who tries to obscure His signpost! The confirmation of the covenant will probably mark the transition out of the present Pax Americana. A day of blowing of trumpets will signal the entry of world history into the climactic 70th week of Daniel. Shades of this great future transition can be discerned in the "Battle Hymn of the Republic".

Jesus Himself said that He came in His Father's name but at a future time His people would refect Him in favor of someone who would come in his own name. (John 5:43) He is telling us here in this verss of a coming false messiah. The seven year covenant prophesied in Daniel 9:27 will involve surrender of sovereignty by the nation of Israel and the nations of Western Christendom we see in the G-8 group of leading nations. The key to it all will be the confirmation of a deal to establish a Middle East Peace Agreement. Will western armies go into the "West Bank" to ensure this "peace". Will their armoured divisions stand off to the north of Israel in the wide valley of Megiddo?

The deal will confirm a lasting Middle East Peace Treaty for seven years. The Middle East and Israel is quite rightly considered to be the key to world peace. But that peace can only come when the Prince of Peace comes into the hearts of men. And when the coming Messiah returns to rule He will establish His true Messianic Kingdom upon this earth for a literal one thousand years. The global peacemaker will promise to execute global disarmament of all nations. He will ask for a mandate to confiscate and destroy all nuclear and biological weapons of mass destruction. All citizens will be disarmed. World banking and world business and trade will be part of the covenant along with world labor. The global peacemaker and the harlot religious system will undertake the problem of world hunger, world health, and world eco-salvation in the rainforests. On the seas they will police world fisheries.

The involvement of the compromised church with the Daniel 9:27 seven year peace deal is an untold story. This scriptural truth will never make a popular sermon or sell on religious television. The established Christian church will be amalgamated as a generic "World Religion". Church workers will have to be licensed by the world church-state system before they are contracted and given a religious license to minister. The ecumenical roundtables will be busy. They will be writing out their policy and procedure manuals for submission to the various committees in their global sector. All of them, of course, must be approved by the World Leader.

In this heady power trip the church who makes the compromises called for will get the deals. The western church will be profoundly changed. There will be a return to a level of church power not seen since the middle ages. It will bring in a new dark age. The Holy Scriptures, (once again), will be outlawed. And those who bear testimony to the Word of God will be persecuted. But the lights will still shine in the darkness. (Isa.60)

The harlot church never did hold the scriptures dear. So she will not recognize the Antichrist as he comes on the scene as a global peacemaker. She will be blind to the fact that he is the prophesied false messiah. In this covenant she has entered into with her "prince" the harlot will become blind drunk with power. She will rise to dominate the New World Order during the first half of the 70th week. The untold story is that during the first 3.5 years of this final seven year period it will be the harlot religious system that actually begins the end-time persecutions against the saints.

As we have repeatedly seen in the history of Israel and in the history of the Church the true saints are the ones who are alienated and hated. So it will be at the climax of this age. Faithful evangelical Christians will be persecuted. Their persecutors will not be pagans, atheists, or New Agers. They will be persecuted by their fellow Christians. True saints will be persecuted by the end-time world Christian conglomerate.

This is a hard lesson to get across to Christians. True Christians will not compromise their holy faith!
Compromised Christians will. Compromised Christians have always persecuted uncompromised Christians. That pattern will continue right up to the end of this evil age. The Apostle John saw the end-time harlot very clearly.
What he saw was not a pretty sight.
She was "drunk with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus". (Rev.17:6)

Dear Saints,

The 70 weeks prophecy is absolutely critical information for us to understand. I realise that some are taking this hard but the intelligence data the scriptures give us as endtime pilgrims is of such importance that we dare not get it wrong. It is destined to become literally a matter of life and death for many since Dan. 9:27 is a signpost placed for us by God showing us the threshold into the 70th week. This is a yet future period of 7 prophetic years of 360 days each. We are also told in scripture that many will be deceived and many will fall away or apostasize from the faith. (2Thes. 2:2-3) It is appalling to see the rush of "victory" minded endtime saints scorning a careful study of Daniel's prophecy of the 70 weeks in order to embrace their dream of a world church going on to victory comfortably covered with the fouled coverings of the present world system. They see no threshold or passage into a higher level of holiness. They see no rough passage ahead. They see no refinement of the church nor national salvation for the Jews. According to the Kingdom Now movement the church has no need of any refinement. With a few more ecumenical mergings and a few more roundtable deals with the New World Order this "victorious" globally established christianity sees itself rising up to dominate the world. See They are not interested in Daniel's prophecy of the the 70th week and the Bible prophecy associated with it. This bible prophecy is a huge embarrassment to them. And it clearly gets in the way of their plans for global dominion. So they must write Dan.9:27 off into past history. Hence their embracing of partial preterism. Partial preterism/historicism says that the first half of the 70th week is "past history". Preterists and partial preterists say the 70th week was fulfilled either partially or back in Roman times. They consider that the first half of the 70th week was fulfilled by Jesus of all people! Does He fit the bill for the "prince" of Dan. 9:26-27, the earthy dealmaker, the abominator? Is Jesus the future leader who belongs to the anti-God people who destroyed the temple and Jerusalem back in 70 A.D. Is Jesus the "prince" who will commit the ultimate "abomination of desolation" in the future temple? Is Jesus the one who will make Jerusalem desolate? Hardly! The "prince" of Dan.9:26-27 is the false messiah who will do all these things.

So. What is the hidden agenda here in this partial preterism? Why do they say that the first half of the 70th week of God's determined dealings with His Judeo-Christian people has already been fulfilled two millennia ago in the life of Christ? Well this, dear saints, is where the plot thickens. Yes, some deep religious skullduggery is afoot in this shifty piece of work. Howso you ask? Well partial preterism effectively "cloaks" the first half of the future 70th week! It covers up the Dan.9:27 signpost on the pilgrim pathway. That signpost which the prophet Daniel secured for us will show us when we enter into the 70th week. This vital information is crucial. Yet even in this late hour it is being hidden by a thick smokescreen of unscriptural religious dissinformation. What else does this scripturally unfounded doctrine of partial preterism do? Well it covers up the nasty business of the emerging worldly harlot church. An all powerful global church will emerge in the endtime. She will dominate the first half of the final 7 years of this age. This doctrine also denies those scriptures attesting to the travail that will precede the birthing of coming Kingdom of Messiah. Obviously the harlot spirit wants to put a thick smokescreen of religious dissinformation over herself to cover her nefarious dealings. John the Divine, writer of the book of Revelation, heard the harlot system tell herself this lie saying,

"I sit as a queen,
... and will see no sorrow".-Rev.18:7

Like Gomer, the wayward wife of Hosea, the worldly church plans to charm her way into power. She will continue her practice of "sleeping with the enemy" just as she has done down through the past history of the congregation of Israel and also past history of the Christian congregation since Nicea. Oh yes. The damsel in distress has her way with her princes. Or so she thinks. But alas! This time she commits the ultimate compromise of holy things. John saw her defiling the holy cup of Christ.

Many christian agents are unwittingly being used by dark religious spirits to "cloak" the truths regarding the first half of the 70th week. It is truly amazing to see the harlot religious system even now, as a Trojan horse, establishing herself inside the politically unifying and compromising western church. But here she is, in all her endtime vainglory, the harlot, just as John saw her.

Jesus was NOT involved in the past with any earthy 7 year covenant. Nor will He or His holy people be involved in the 7 year deal as it opens up in the future. It will be a false messiah, an impostor, who will confirm this future 7 year masterpiece of compromise. The covenant of our Lord Jesus, who is the promised "Seed of Abraham" (-Gal.3:29) is an "everlasting covenant". -Gen 17:7, Gen.17:19, Isa.55:3, Ezek.37:26, Heb.13:20 Neither Jesus nor his true and uncompromising pilgrim church will have anything to do with this unholy, "down and dirty" 7 year deal of Dan.9:27. But the harlot church will.

So what is our conclusion? It is simply this. There is surely one "week" or seven year period of God's determined dealings with His Judeo-Christian people yet to run. It will begin when a future false messiah, a global megadealer, signs this 7 year covenant with "many". On that epic day Dan.9:27 will be fulfilled. And the covenant beginning the final drama of this age will pass into international law for its emergence into history.

The fact that there is a future 70th week and that there yet remains a climactic period of 7 prophetic years left to run seems beyond dispute. It is also clearly apparent that the 70th week of Daniel begins when God's covenant people, the Judeo-Christian people, make a 7 year deal. They will reject the eternal covenant. They will forget the holy covenant their fathers made with YHVH, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They will sit down at table and make an earthy 7 year covenant with a Luciferian selfist, a charismatic politico-relgious charmer and hypnotiser of the masses. Such a man will be the global peacemaking megadealer of Dan.9:27. This is an awful truth. But Jesus Himself said that this very thing would indeed occur. Here are His own words on the matter.

"I am come in my Father's name,
and you receive me not.
If another shall come in his own name,
him you will receive.
-John 5:43

This critical scriptural information however, is unacceptable to Kingdom Now/ Dominionist/Latter Rain endtime church jingoists. They see a "Kingdom Now"/Latter Rain/Dominionist/Ecumenical unified global church taking over the world. In spite of the enormous compromises to holiness involved here the elements of the church who are making this worldly power grab do not want to hear any talk about a compromise, an apostasy, or a harlot church. Incredibly they believe that the coming Kingdom of God will come out of the present church order and will be birthed without testings, trials and travail. In this they are deliberately ignoring a huge body of scripture which gives us an entirely different message.

The Messiah will return.
And yes, when He returns He will indeed find a radiant remnant church without spot, wrinkle or blemish. -Eph.5:27
And yes, all the jewels, including the "lost ten tribes" will be found. - Mal.3:16
After enduring much heat and pressure all of the "jewels" will be taken up and set in the heavenly ordained places where they belong. And yes the gold will be refined as well.
But all these wonders must come out of the crucible of a future 70th week.

The present western church does not want to hear of this. She plans to unify herself politically and negotiate her way painlessly into taking the reigns of history very soon in the coming crises. She sees herself as becoming a victorious church not just religiously but also economically, politically and militarily. In fact she intends to charm her way into taking over the New World Order. Huge stakes and huge amounts of money are involved here. The harlot church of the endtime will see her "victory" as being achieved politically. They do not see the necessity or the desirability of the church coming into victory spiritually by witness to Jesus or ("shudder") by martyrdom. With their "positive confession" mindset they of course do not see any tribulation for them! No sir! They are continuing to conduct their church business as usual by compromising the faith of Christ with the world and the powers abroad. Their position is popular with the carnal christian crowds.

Here is the link to the harlot church article.
This is information that the current "prophetic movement" apparently does not want you to "see". Have you ever heard the prophets warn about this endtime sellout by the established church? This is absolutely crucial biblical information on the endtime. Yet the "prophets" and "prophetesses" are strangely silent on this. And they censure people of the Book saying "don't get carried away with endtime Bible prophecy". Why are they saying this? What is it that they don't they want the endtime pilgrims to see? Are they cast from the same mold as the 400 prophets that Micaiah faced before King Ahab and Queen Jezebel 2800 years ago? -1Kings ch.22 Are these "prophets" more beholden to the kings and political rulers and to the pagan crowds and the world system than they are faithful to God and His Word?

Do todays prophets and prophetesses not fear God? Do they not read all the stern warnings from God in the OT concerning false prophets who have an inclination to tell the people what they want to hear? Do they twist and explain away the implications of the faithful rendering of Daniel's prophecy of the 70 weeks because they don't like what they read there? Do they dare declare to men and angels that they are standing as watchmen and yet fail to proclaim a faithful warning to the people regarding critical endtime events? Dear saints, this is extremely serious. The people of God must be warned!
God says,

"......if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity,
but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand."!!-Ezek.33:6

Are you sure you want to be a prophet or a prophetess in this day and age and be fast and loose with the prophetic truth which has already given in the holy Word of God? -1Kings 22:17
Are you sure?-1Kings 22:27
Are you sure?? -Jer.5:31
Are you sure??? -Isa.30:10
Are you sure? ???? -Ezek.13:1-6

This is absolutely amazing. Why the silence from the prophets and prophetesses on this life and death matter of the emerging harlot church? She is destined to get her share of temporal power in the harlot system reigning over the New World Order in the first half of the 70th week. This is the real and archtypical story of "Beauty and the Beast". Just like the compromised church in past church history she will make a deal with the emerging global political superpower. The pattern of "compromise in order to gain power" is unchanged. By comparison, his future deal of Dan.9:27 will make the Nicea sellout by the church with Roman Emperor Constantine back in 325 A.D. look like a Sunday school picnic. This time the church as the "damsel in distress" will engage in a total sellout of all her sacred things. She will open herself up to a handsome prince. Or so she thinks. But this false messiah will truly turn into a frog. In the same manner as she did in the past the compromised worldly church will then go right out and persecute the uncompromised pilgrim church. John saw her "drunk with the blood of the saints". -Rev.17:6. Just as the established church has done in past church history she will kill many faithful saints of God in the first half of the 70th week. This obviously is before the harlot is destroyed by the ten global rulers (Rev.17:16-17). And this persecution will come before the midweek abomination of desolation when the antichrist is revealed as the beast that he really is at the midpoint of the 7 years. -Dan.9:27

So much for "Beauty and the Beast". The endtime harlot church hand in hand with her champion, the Antichrist, will one day play out that epic story. Only it will not be as pretty as Disney studios have shown it.

Brothers and sisters, as we have seen above, Jesus Himself warned us about the endtime apostasy. - John 5:43 The Apostle Paul spoke of it in detail. -2Thes 2:3-12. God Almighty is a holy God. And He does not take lightly those who would dare to bring false information to His Elect people. The saints will at some future time go up to bring their testimony before the watching world during that final critical section of the pilgrim pathway, the 70th week. These are days of great deception, just as Jesus warned us they would be. -Mat.24:4-21 We MUST get the right intelligence data from the holy scriptures. We should not content ourselves with the "popular" spin on endtime matters. This leads us into religious dissinformation which snares us. Nor should we listen to "prophets" if what they are saying flies in the face of what the Holy Spirit has already spoken in holy scripture. Popular religion is almost never holy and is usually dead wrong. Information warfare inside the church is now well underway. Stay close to your Saviour and Friend and trust your Bible and the guidance of the Holy Spirit for the correct endtime Word from God. Awesome days are approaching. God needs His people to stand on His Word as given to us in the scriptures

Dear saints, please, please be careful!
The days are evil.
Now is the time to draw near to Jesus Christ in total devotion to Him.
The scriptures are our chart. Beware of the rhetoric of men. It is only by knowing the genuine that we shall recognise the counterfeit.
And God has given us His Holy Spirit to be our Comforter (Strengthener) and Guide.

"Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling,
And to present you faultless before the presence of His glory
with exceeding joy,
To God our Savior, who alone is wise,
Be glory and majesty, dominion and power,
Both now and forever.
- Amen." -Jude 24-25

Grace and peace to all,

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